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Number 643, November 6, 2011

"My plan is to outlive my enemies.
How about you?"w

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Letter from L. Neil Smith

Letter from Robert Sheets

Letter from A.X. Perez

Another Letter from A.X. Perez

Friends and neighbors,

I've been offline for several days, due to the failure of my modem's power transformer. It feels like it's been a month. The one good thing about it is that, in the absence of sociable distractions, I've added six new chapters, full of sex, swordplay, libertarian ethics, and weird evolution, to Blade of p'Na, which brings me to Chapter 27. Looks like the book will run thirty-three chapters altogether.

This is a prequel to Forge of the Elders, one of five or six planned, in which Eichra Oren first meets Misterthoggosh. The story is told by Sam the dog. I'm contemplating serializing Blade of p'Na online, since that's done so well for Ceres and Down With Power. By the way, Sweeter Than Wine is unexpectedly in the process of being nominated for an unusual award; more details as they become available.

Now that I'm back online, I can resume some discussions I was having, and watch HULU and NetFlix again. First thing I did this morning was to catch up on Antiques Roadshow. No new Fringe yet, more's the pity. Warehouse 13 is in some kind of hiatus. Haven't checked Castle yet.

While I'm here, let me put in a good word for the Richard Castle novels about Nikki Heat. Those who watch the TV show will know what I mean. They're good adventures, fairly sexy, and extremely funny. I'm reading them on my Kindle.

Our good friend Kathryn Graham has passed away. No details yet on the cause or anything. Somebody said she'd been sick a while. Those who knew her will be as shocked and saddened—and grimly determined not to do the same thing—as I am. My plan is to outlive my enemies. How about you?

L. Neil Smith

[ Kathryn wrote many articles for the Enterprise: [list] She will be greately missed—Editor ]

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Starting my own movement

I have been walking the Camp and watching the participants in the Occupy San Francisco movement.

I must say, I am disappointed in many of the activists involved (not all). They are camped out in Justin Herman Plaza in deep downtown San Francisco. Many seem to get up and go to Starbucks for latte (instead of the local guy coffee shop a block away) then eat lunch at an adjacent Carls Jr, Taco Bell, etc. (instead of walking across the street to a local farmers market or over a block or two to the Mission street local food guys). Then they spend the day demanding justice from the same corporations they are funneling their $$ into... buying sweatshirts from the Gap instead of street vendors, who work right on the plaza. The attendant at the corporate parking lot says the lot is full of protesters Toyotas, SUVs, etc., day and night.

To me its like feeding a baby dragon and spending the rest of the day begging it not to grow up and eat me. However, I could have my head up my ass on the subject as I have been up since 4:30 (jury duty today)

I am starting my own grass roots movement: "Occupy Hanes." I have met with officials from Hanes, Fruit of the Loom, as well as Joe Boxer. They have agreed to work with me to occupy my own damn underwear. I have set up camp and—much like some in Occupy San Francisco—I am demanding that someone else wipe my ass... unless of course it becomes lucrative to wipe my ass, then I want sole intrest (Adbusters).

Robert Sheets

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On a Different Note

Of late I have been a bit of a one note musician, concentrating all most of my comments to Eric Holder and friends' genocidal racist war on the people of Mexico. However, other acts of tyranny and abuse of power do catch my attention.

I commend people's attention to this article. In case the link is dead by the time this is published the title is:

Student jailed for 2 nights when she can't show ID

Dealing with the Occupy Wall Street bunch, who are exercising their right to assemble to peaceably petition for the redress of grievances, having the real crimes of a megapolis to deal with, having scandals to clean up, in other words, having enough honest work to do, one of New York's finest had time to pull this crap and his brother and sister officers did not stop him even though they knew they were wrong.

I am especially impressed by the following:

"Early in the morning on Oct. 22, a Saturday, Ms. Zucker, 21, and her friend Alex Fischer, also 21, were stopped by the police in Riverside Park and given tickets for trespassing. Mr. Fischer was permitted to leave after he produced his driver's license. But Ms. Zucker, on a visit to New York City with a group of Carnegie Mellon University seniors looking for jobs in design industries, had left her wallet in a hotel two blocks away.

She was handcuffed. For the next 36 hours, she was moved from a cell in the 26th Precinct station house on West 126th Street to central booking in Lower Manhattan and then—because one of the officers was ending his shift before Ms. Zucker could be photographed for her court appearance, and you didn't think he was going to take the subway uptown while his partner stayed with her at booking, did you?—she was brought back to Harlem.

There she waited in a cell until a pair of fresh police officers were rustled up to bring her back downtown for booking, where she spent a second night in custody.

The judge proceeded to dismiss the ticket in less than a minute."

This is a classic example of unthinking abuse of power. To make it worse I must reiterate that the officer (identified in the article with the following styling "Police Officer Durrell of the 26th Precinct.") did this without any of his fellow police stopping him, even though they felt he was abusing his authority.

This is inexcusable.

A.X. Perez

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The Market has spoken

About a month ago Bank of America announced it was going to charge a five dollar monthly fee for using a debit card issued by them to make purcases. This led to an uproar. People closed their accounts with BofA and moved their money to credit unions and bank which did not charge this fee. Other people decided not to open accounts with BofA. Bank of America lost money.

Bank of America decided to not charge people for using their credit card. Congress passed no law. No one was sued. No injunctions were issued. No executive orders were given, no bureaucrats regulated. Free people simply applied the pressure of the market place and BofA changed its policy in response to their customers' needs.

The Market spoke and the government was not involved. Free market capitalism worked perfectly.

And the government wasn't involved.

A.X. Perez

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