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Number 639, October 2, 2011

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The Case for GOP presidential candidate Gary Johnson
by Ben F. Irvin

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Former Governor Gary Johnson is still the best candidate for libertarians to support for those that engage in real politics. Although I have long supported Ron Paul, Johnson makes a better libertarian candidate for the GOP presidential candidacy for the following reasons:

1. He was a two term governor of New Mexico. Ron Paul is a member of the House of Representatives, and no House member has been elected President in 120+-years. Since 1789 most presidents (90+%) have been either vice-presidents, governors, or military generals. In the past 100 years only two U.S. Senators have been elected (JFK and Obama) and no (ZERO) House members.

2. Gary Johnson is a great public speaker, whereas Ron Paul is about as bad as it gets. Indeed I can think of few public speakers worse that Dr. Paul. In the general election public speaking is important and Dr. Paul isn't the man.

3. Gary Johnson is more libertarian than Ron Paul in areas that appeal to today's voters: immigration, same sex marriage, open borders, gambling, and ending the war on all drugs. He equals Ron Paul in his 100% support of gun rights. Johnson often stresses strong libertarian positions when being interviewed; while, Paul usually remains silent when the press is around (drug war, same sex marriage, etc.).

4. Governor Johnson is a self-made millionaire, while Ron Paul has never operated and grown a business.

5. Gary Johnson has shown an ability to attract Hispanic, Native American, and Democratic voters in a state where minorities are the majority. New Mexico is 45% Hispanic, 8% Native American, 3% African American, and 1% East Asian. Two out of three New Mexicans are registered Democrats. His freedom message appeals to a diverse group; while Ron Paul's does not; for, he has maximized the support he will get (no one else to grow his base).

6. Gary Johnson is 58-years old while Ron Paul will be 77-years old in 2012. No one over the age of 73 has ever been elected President.

The MSM is doing all that it can do keep Johnson unknown to the masses; however, is is the best chance libertarianism has had in my lifetime to win the presidency. I am surprised at the lack of libertarian support for a real libertarian, Gary Johnson, who actually has a chance to win.


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