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Number 635, September 4, 2011

"The people who benefit from the
system see reform efforts as attacks"

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Letters to the Editor

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Letter from A.X. Perez

Letter from the Alter Ego of Michael Bradshaw

Another Letter from A.X. Perez

Update on the Fast & Furious Fuckups™

The sacrificial lambs for Operation Fast and Furious are being sent to the altar, Melson is being transferred fron ATF to a different department in the Department of Justice and the Federal Attorney who should have been in control of things has resigned. This is a start, but we must make sure it is a wedge to rip open the dam, not a plug to stop the flood.

A.X. Perez

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After 65,000,000 years of government coverup the truth can finally be told!

How did the dinosaurs die and who is responsible???

Read it here first, and weep!

Paul A. Cantor finally reveals the awful truth, from an Austrian economic perspective, of course.

Lord Algore implicated in massive genocide!!!

All the Best,
Alter Ego*

*Alter Ego is the spiritual infestation of Michael Bradshaw.

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Meditations from watching Buffy reruns, with apologies to El Neil and Neale (spelled the right way)

You know it's not their fault.

Vampire become vampires because another vampire bit them. Werewolves become werewolves because a werewolf bit them. Zombies become zombies because a zombie bit them. (actually in real life zombies become zombies because they pissed off a Houngan or Mambo and they were drugged.) .

The point is that all these monsters are all victims. No one gives them a pass for being victims. We are expected to stake, stab with silver blades, shoot with siver bullets, and or behead these guys. They may be victims but if we don't put the whack on them we are the next victims. .

We don't give monsters a pass because they are victims. Yet this is exactly how we are expected by various right groups to treat people. Do not hold them accountable for their acts, they are the victims of poverty, racism, child abuse. They are victims and therefor not morally responsible for their acts. We will allow them tantrums, we will not allow them to take responsibility for their acts and thus gain power to control their destinies.

Victims they were, victims they shall remain. And when someone is finally forced to destroy them in self defense, it is the people acting to defend themselves, not the monsters who did wrong. At least according to the false liberal.

There is a fourth kind of monster, the Jeckyll and Hyde monster. He becoes a monster when he drinks the formula he created. If you will he drank the Koolaid.

Liberals drink a lot of Koolaid.

A.X. Perez

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