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"Casinos are like a neon-decorated IRS"

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New Book by Chris R. Tame
Revewed by Sean Gabb

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Books by Sean Gabb

Literary Essays
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The Churchill Memorandum
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Cultural Revolution,
Culture War
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Smoking, Class and the
Legitimation of Power
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War and the National
Interest: Arguments
for a British
Foreign Policy
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New Book by Chris R. Tame

From the Author's Introduction:

"The purpose of this Bibliography is manifold. It aims to provide a wide ranging guide to Henry George’s work, to that of Georgist writers in the English language (i.e., primarily American and British), to the “precursors” of Georgism, and to its principal critics. It also offers a selective listing of the competing Land Nationalisation school. In addition it provides an extensive listing of the broader literature on the land question, emanating from liberal, radical, conservative and socialist writers. The relatively small body of secondary scholarship regarding land issues is also featured."

From the Editor's Introduction:

"These bibliographies are the work of one of the most thorough and generally the most remarkable scholars of his age. No doubt, they would have been much improved had he lived to complete them. As they stand, they give valuable guidance to all who would go into any of the vast and labyrinthine areas of knowledge that he was the first fully to survey, and that he made his own.


 "This present volume contains his bibliography on the land question, which, in one form or another, was at the centre of English politics between about the middle of the eighteenth century and the Great War. If it has now been largely forgotten, no understanding of the period can approach completeness without some knowledge of how a man like Henry George could become the most controversial man of his age—more controversial, it may well be, even than Charles Darwin, and certainly more so than Karl Marx.

"Chris put this bibliography together in 2003, when he was hoping to become Director of Publicity for the Countryside Alliance. His argument was that this organization stood within a long tradition of debate, and that its present utterances would be much strengthened if they reflected an awareness of that debate. Sadly, the Countryside Alliance did not appoint Chris. However, if he was much cast down by this rejection, we can profit from his bibliography on the land question. So far as I can tell, nothing of its kind, not anything on its scale, had ever before been attempted. What we have here is a neat ordering—a neat ordering, and some description—of primary source material that possibly no one else had looked at together. Anyone who wants to write a biography of Henry George, or about the influence of the land question on English politics, is well-advised to start with this bibliography."

Ordering advice: If you are in charge of ordering for a university library, and are not spending your own money, please feel free to buy the hard copy edition. It has been produced with you and your sort in mind. If you are anyone else, the Kindle edition is much more reasonable.

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Sean Gabb
Director, The Libertarian Alliance (Carbon Positive since 1979) Tel: 07956 472 199
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Postal Address: Suite 35, 2 Lansdowne Row, London W1J 6HL, England

Wikipedia Entry:

What would England and the world have been like in 1959 if there had been no Second World War? For one possible answer, read Sean Gabb's new novel "The Churchill Memorandum". If you like Bulldog Drummond and Biggles and the early James Bond, this will be right up your street: Don't be frightened of the TinyURL - the original is just too long for a sig file.

Books by Chris R. Tame & Sean Gabb

The Land Question in
Classical Liberal Thought
and the "Georgist"
Contribution to
Classical Liberalism:
A Bibliography
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Novels by Richard Blake


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