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Number 634, August 28, 2011

"Casinos are like a neon-decorated IRS"

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With Congress having appointed a joint Committee (the soi disant Super Committee or Super Congress) to essentially draw up the budget and cut the deficit the other members have time to work on other projects. Some things you might want to bug your Congresscritter about if you are inclined to get involved in politics:

First and foremost a full press investigation of Operation Fast and Furious. I am talking forcing the justice department to turn in unredacted documents to the investigating committees, appointing a special prosecutor, looking for people to impeach, prosecute and extradite to Mexico. This attack on the people of Mexico and the rights of honest American gun owners and sellers has me infuriated beyond words. Serving these freebooters their own gonads in a dish of anthropophagic son of a bitch stew (select organ meats, bacon, frijoles, stewing and ground beef, garlic and onion powder, sliced chile of your choice, dried tomato, maybe some cheap whiskey or tequila. Should be tasty and hot enough to cause consumer to yell out "Son of a Bitch!" in delight.) is an easier fate than they deserve. However, I doubt we'll be able to do this and not get in trouble, so let's settle for what the law allows.

Cutting the funding of all agencies that were involved in Gunwalker, including the State Department and the CIA. Yeah, I'd love to eliminate them, but since that isn't happening, a bureaucratic slap on the wrist in the form of a ten percent budget cut for the next decade might encourage them to show more respect for the law and freedom until we can get rid of them.

End the "War on drugs" and all the violations of the Constitution and militarization of police forces it has led to.

Get rid of all unConstitutional weapons laws. Since we probably won't get that get rid of as many as possible. This I will not say anything more detailed on, my "at least fix this list" is likely different from yours.

Reform the Immigration System. A lot of us want open borders, others want somewhat more restrictive laws. Right now the law is so bad it is designed to be repressive and exploitative without protecting anybody, not the American citizen , not the immigrant.

There's more that needs to be done to bring our government less out of line with what's fit for free men until the day we get rid of it all together. For now just hammering at your Representative and Senators on these points (or just one or two of them) or points you might consider important is enough to keep those of us still playing the electoral politics game busy. Please note that except for immigration reform, we're talking getting rid of laws and going after the scalps of members of corrupt bureaucrats. Almost all the legislation you promote should be repeal or reducing the scope of existing laws.

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