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Social Insurance in a World of Dangerous Uncertainties
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Number 631, August 7, 2011
"A vast paradigm shift is bringing the
8000-year Age of Authority to an end"

Eat Your Peas!
Eat Your Peas!
by Rex May

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Letters to the Editor
from A.X. Perez, Rich Matarese, Aden Freedman, L. Neil Smith, and Jim Davidson

Social Insurance in a World of Dangerous Uncertainties
by L. Neil Smith
It is said that in October of 1781, at the close of the American Revolution, when British General Charles Cornwallis sent a flunky to surrender his sword after losing the Battle of Yorktown, that the band he'd brought with him played a ditty called "The World Turned Upside Down".

Profit from Suffering
by Jim Davidson
Obviously the lamestream media, CNN, Fox corpse, the NBC networks, CBS network, ABC, Disney, TBS, and many others fawn on the injustice system, promote pig brutality with endless pig shows, endless "detective" shows, and endless shows about prosecutors violating their obligations to the constitutional rights of the people in order to brutalise people into some pretence of "solving" crimes. The people in charge of the major networks are evil, gutless cowards. So, who are these people, and where do they live? What are their home phone numbers, and how can you show them some justice?

Individual Sovereign University and University Association Project Florida
by Harry Felker
Individual Sovereign University has proposed to generate funds in order to open physical campuses; these would be small, decentralized units with an area to host classes which require physical presence to learn and allow for larger teaching and research projects. A new addition to the available services of Individual Sovereign University is Sovereign Mutual Aid Response Team (SMART) or University Association, which proposes to have safe houses and natural food stores available should the need arise. I have a proposal for one such campus in Florida, which I am pursuing personally not only as a campus, but also as a home for myself and a 'safe house' and natural food store location for the University Association.

Lafaye Glenn
by Jim Davidson
In 2003, Lafaye was sent to jail for allegedly pawning her brother's lawnmower. She had a dispute with him over money owed for her house cleaning services.

You, The Police, and Your Camera
by Sean N. Gruber
Kelly Thomas—Fullerton, California: beaten beyond recognition and ultimately too death, by at least six cops. Mitchell Crooks- Las Vegas, Nevada: assaulted on his OWN property for doing nothing more then record with his video camera, by Officer Derek Colling (read up on this Colling character, he's got quite a little history, and it ties into the Clark County Coroners inquest.) William Bartlett—Canton, Ohio: check out William Bartlett/ Officer Daniel Harless, on YouTube, its self-explanatory. Eric Scott—Las Vegas, Nevada: shot almost a dozen times for legally carrying a concealed handgun. The LVMPD and the Clark County Coroners office intentionally destroyed evidence and lied to cover up the murder of this pillar of our community. (I am a Las Vegas resident and believe this to be the case, check it yourself if you doubt me, or you can believe them, see where that gets us all.)

What is The Plan?
by Jim Davidson
What are the goals of Anonymous? What is the plan? The first goal is freedom of speech. Begin with yourself by speaking out to others you know. Get out into your community and encourage others to speak. Encourage free expression.

Let Me Be King For Just One Year
by Russell D. Longcore
Let's face it, my friends. The Federal Government in its present form is irretrievably broken. No tinkering, no new President, no new laws will fix the Federal Government of the United States of America. If the USA wants to avoid complete economic and monetary collapse, a radical change must be embraced right away. Congress just wasted a chance to turn America toward survival in the debt ceiling theatrical production. That was probably the last chance they will get. We need to go in a new direction. Actually, to be more accurate, in an old direction. Absolute Monarchy.

A Call to Action
by Jim Davidson
In a recent hit piece called "How to bootstrap a resilient mutual aid society," author and gadfly George Donnelly attempts once again to gainsay anything I've set about to do. In particular, by persistently deriding all uses of trade and commerce, Donnelly purports to have a better approach. No doubt the free market is going to have choices available to it.

Atlantea The Beautiful No. 137
by L. Neil Smith and Rex May
Number 137 of a weekly cartoon series.

Agenda 21: The United Nations Programme of Action
UN Agenda 21
Planning for Your future, serf!


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