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You, The Police, and Your Camera
by Sean N. Gruber

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Kelly Thomas—Fullerton, California: beaten beyond recognition and ultimately to death, by at least six cops. Mitchell Crooks—Las Vegas, Nevada: assaulted on his own property for doing nothing more then record with his video camera, by Officer Derek Colling (read up on this Colling character, he's got quite a little history, and it ties into the Clark County Coroners inquest). William Bartlett—Canton, Ohio: check out William Bartlett/ Officer Daniel Harless, on YouTube, its self-explanatory. Eric Scott—Las Vegas, Nevada: shot almost a dozen times for legally carrying a concealed handgun. The LVMPD and the Clark County Coroners office intentionally destroyed evidence and lied to cover up the murder of this pillar of our community. (I am a Las Vegas resident and believe this to be the case, check it yourself if you doubt me, or you can believe them, see where that gets us all.)

What do these men have in common? Two of them were murdered by; and the other two had their constitutionally protected rights violated by; local "peace officers." All four were caught on video; three tapes have been allowed to be seen. And none of these recordings bode well for the officers. Poor Eric Scott must have just picked a bad time to get murdered.

The police in this country are as completely out of control as the rest of "our" Government! They violate the Bill of Rights on a daily basis! Many of them are so un-educated and poorly trained (because their superior-officers, now know no better either) that in this context, they don't even realize what they are doing is wrong! And in my experience they act like anything BUT public servants.

First to Kelly Thomas—this isn't a question of an illegal search. It isn't a case of a violation of the Second Amendment and pure procedural incompetence—to a mind-boggling degree—mind you, as in the Case of William Bartlett and officer Daniel Harless. This is a case of straight out murder! Six cops (at least) beat one man—beyond fucking recognition! This isn't a cop having a bad day and it didn't happen by accident.

Praise be to property rights, the free market and entrepreneurship that there are picture's and there is video. Hopefully the city government and now apparently the FBI won't be allowed to vanish the as yet un-released (and potentially conclusive) video like they did in the Eric Scott case.

It is this author's opinion that this case would NEVER have been known about by any significant amount of American's without the picture's of a beaten to death man and a blurry video on YouTube. It went from there to "Freedom Watch: with Judge Napolitano" it ended up on the NBC nightly news with Brian Williams. Now, maybe, "we the people" can hold these cops responsible. The police department and the courts certainly wouldn't have without the pictures and the video. Read up on Eric Scott if you doubt me.

Video and audio recordings maybe American's last chance (outside of the use of force) to hold the Government agents that act like thuggish murderers—and violate the Bill of Rights, that they took an oath to uphold and defend—accountable for their actions. We CANNOT allow them to confiscate our cameras and beat people up for recording their actions.

Good cops should WANT to be recorded. Aren't we constantly asked why we need Fourth Amendment protections if we have nothing to hide? And yes—this has become an US versus THEM situation. They live by and act by different standards then we the non-badge holding do. They are RAPIDLY—I mean faster then they can spell "Un-Constitutional"—becoming a privileged class with tasers, guns, a code of silence, and the legal systems sanction.

Take Rodney King.

Someone caught officers violating someone's rights. This is provable by objective reality, (i.e. the video) the public saw it. The public outcry forced the state to charge the abusive officers (my contention is that this will virtually NEVER happen without video of said offense.) The police went on trial—they were by some baffling confusion of principles—allowed for the most part, to walk.

The public reacted.

If only instead of destroying their own community—they would have destroyed the court house! Destroyed the police station! Destroyed the responsible officer's homes and property! Refused to pull over for the police or comply in anyway whatsoever until the L.A.P.D. changed its tyrannical and murderous policies!

Perhaps if the Government protects its power (the cops) at the expense of justice—mobs have to protect justice at the expense of the cops! Maybe, ultimately, that is all we are going to have left to us as an option.

But mobs suck—they don't do enough or they do too much or they do it to the wrong person or persons.

I don't want mob rule! I don't want a lawless society! I want a nation of laws and not men. But I'd rather a mob then a totalitarian police state run by ex-high school jocks, ex-military nimrods, and want to be tough chicks all armed with too much testosterone and no understanding of the foundation of this countries formation.

This is why it is so critically important that the Constitution of the United States of America and more specifically the Bill or Rights be rigidly enforced!

Video them America! Audio record them America! They don't care about our rights! They don't care about or understand their oaths! The District Attorney's won't prosecute—and the Jury's won't convict—unless we FORCE THEM TOO! Force them with a camera or we're going to have to force them with a gun!

Sean N. Gruber is a co-founder along with his sister and bro and friends of the "Las Vegas Liberty Club" ( or

He can be reached at

If you're a cop and want a peace of him, send him an e-mail—he'll give you his address.

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