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Relative Fecundity
by L. Neil Smith

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A fair number of individuals I know and correspond with—some good friends among them—are deeply concerned, if not confessedly terrified, by a phenomenon they see going on around them. Their fears are shared—and amplified—by many a columnist and radio talk show personality.

But whenever I look where they happen to be pointing, all I can see is people. And I reflect that it was a socialist—and therefore, in theory, anyway—a great lover of the masses, Jean Paul Sartre, who opined that "Hell is other people". And again, I'm pretty sure it was Lucy van Pelt who said, "I love humanity—it's people I can't stand."

The phenomenon, the problem that troubles my friends, appears to be twofold on the surface, but it actually boils down to a single thing.

Relative fecundity.

There's a local radio talk show host in my part of the country, Peter Boyles, who has made himself mildly famous for resignedly saying, about the struggle in the Middle East and the other struggle on our southern border—"You can't fight a birth rate". And to back up his position with regard to the latter, he often plays a recorded speech by a founder of _La Raza Unida_, gloating over the same simple fact.

Both agree Western Civilization is dying because black and brown folks continue to have more babies than white folks. Blacks and browns will win in the end—whatever winning is supposed to mean in this context. Hispanics will take over and run everything in the Southwest, and possibly most of North America. And Muslims will end up running Europe.

Another host, Ken Hamblin, an African-American conservative who advertised himself as the "Black Avenger", covered the other side of the problem, accusing white liberals (this was before they'd started calling themselves "progressives", having dirtied the word "liberal" beyond restoration) of using black and brown ghettoes as breeding grounds for voters, a "thought-crime" for which he got driven off the air.

I used to get impatient with those who want to close the border to protect "our jobs" and keep our culture from being diluted. I wanted to grab them by the lapels, stand on their toes, and scream up their nostrils, "So if minorities are outbreeding you, have more frigging babies!" I still disagree with them, but after long consideration, I understand them, and the plight they feel they're suffering, much better.

The salient fact, by design or not, is that minorities and the poor are being paid to have babies, through various government welfare programs, while the Productive Class is punished for having babies (or doing much of anything else) through taxes, which, not so ironically, become the very means by which the minority breeding population gets subsidized.

Unpleasant, but undeniably true.

There are a great many dire consequences associated with this, and they have already begun to manifest themselves, terrifyingly sooner than anyone might have reasonably expected. Most people seem unaware that certain species of ants keep slaves. (Other kinds of ants herd aphids, but that's another story.) Apparently slavery has physical, evolutionary results. After a while, the master ants become completely dependent on the slave ants and they can no longer do anything for themselves. They even have to be carried around by slaves because they can't walk. I suspect that this may be one reason the Roman Empire collapsed.

I worry about the welfare state's effect on human evolution. On the one hand, you have a non-productive group of creatures totally dependent on the government to obtain food, clothing, and shelter for them—among them, not just the poor (although not excluding them, either), but bureaucrats and politicians grown rich on what they steal from us and fat on the flesh of children we will never have—who are completely free to spawn as much and as many of their own as they desire.

On the other hand, you have a group of people, spectacularly competent and accomplished, who are drained of their resources to support the first group, and as a consequence can barely afford to reproduce.

I wonder what those grand old evolutionary speculators Olaf Stapledon or H.G. Wells would have thought of that. Are we to become two species, some of us the slandered and reviled Morlocks who labor underground, while above us, the Eloi dance—and vote reliably for Democrats?

Now, as I write these words, I can already hear my less-enchanted readers open their metaphorical yaps to call me a racist for having written them. But it's the situation—this despicable arrangement of taxing and subsidizing in order to mold the nation's demographics— that is racist in nature, not this correspondent for having described it. Simply identifying what's going on does not make me a racist, any more than pointing eastward over the Berlin Wall and saying "Look at all them commies over there" would have made yours truly a communist, himself.

I know that it will seem to readers who don't know me that I am conflating two entirely different groups, thoroughly American welfare recipients, and illegal aliens. But while they differ in important ways—their willingness and ability to work, for example. Together with a third group, politicians and and bureaucrats, they respresent three aspects of the same problem: money and other resources being stolen at gunpoint from the Productive Class to benefit somebody else, anybody who will help to keep the politicians and bureaucrats in office.

Operant conditioning is a process, discovered by the behaviorist B.F. Skinner, in which a laboratory rat can be trained to perform for a reward. In fact, a rat will teach himself, in about 20 minutes. Flip a lever, get a food pellet. Don't flip the lever, don't get a pellet. Much the same process can be made to apply to psychology undergrads. For the average welfare recipient, a voting booth becomes a Skinner Box.

The problem here, of course, is that both talk show hosts, Peter Boyles and Ken Hamblin, are former left-wingers, "liberals who got mugged". They do possess the rough beginnings of a decent moral philosophy, but it is disorganized, frequently self-contradictory, and often irrational. They and their loyal listeners are incapable of thinking their way out of this mess, any more, I imagine, than any run-of-the-mill conservative, frightened by his own political shadow could.

But it's really quite simple: stop the punishment (taxation) and the reward (subsidization). Stop them both together. Stop them at once. The Productive Class benefits by not being taxed, by being able to keep "the fruits of their labor". Much of it will be spent or saved in ways that will expand the economy through commerce and investment, meaning more jobs for everyone who wants them. The current Welfare Class benefits by becoming a new segment of the Productive Class themselves.

The first time I ever ran into any white supremist propaganda (very badly printed, crookedly, on cheap paper) was late in grade school. What struck me at once—laid a two-by-four right between my eyes, in fact—was, whether the propaganda came from wannabe Nazis or from down-home Southern Klansmen (mostly from states like Ohio and Indiana), the one thing that they all believed in most fervently was the fragility, in their view, of the blood and culture of the Master Race.

If an individual had inherited as much as one-sixteenth of his genes from a black mother or father, he was beyond redemption. If he practiced any religion other than USDA Grade A Protestantism—or none at all—he was a fiend of some kind, and totally beyond the pale.

No pun intended.

Now if I chose to believe that I belonged to any kind of Master Race, it would be the smartest, toughest gaggle of chromosomes around. Dilute it all you like, feed it terrible ideas, and this kind of Master Race would shrug it all off and keep moving forward in spite of anything.

That's what I call a Master frigging Race.

And that's what I belong to—the _human_ race. I don't give a flying fig for the color of a person's skin, the place where he was born, or whatever line of superstitious guff his parents fed him with as he was growing up. All I care about is what he thinks of the Zero Aggression Principle and the Bill of Rights. If they are as important to him as they are to me, I'll help him swim across the Rio Grand myself.

Which brings me to the solution to this problem. You tell me we have a permanent underclass who see themselves without a future, and who have been taught by left-wing demagogues like Al Sharpton, Charles Schumer and Barak Obama to hate, and want to kill and cook and eat, the Productive Class? You tell me we have individuals entering this country illegally, who are basically ignorant of our culture and thereby threaten—by voting consistently for socialists—to damage it?

Fine. Then _teach_ then the culture, beginning with the highest achievement of Western Civilization, the Bill of Rights. Make sure they know that it's for them as well as for anybody else. Make sure they know it's for everybody. Make sure they know, above all, that whether they realize it or not, it's why they came to this country in the first place, and that America's relative affluence is a direct result of this document, written and signed by dead white European males.

Start, if you have to, by hiring "street teams"—generally unpaid kids who put up thousands of posters every day, in every city across this country, advertising rap musicians—to wield their staple-guns in the cause of freedom, by posting copies of the Bill of Rights, in Spanish, Vietnamese, and a dozen other languages, everywhere.

Transform "them" into "us" and the "problem" begins to solve itself. Bluejeans, text and e-mail, rock'n'roll, hot tubs, and fast cars will do the rest.

They'll be our BFs 4FR

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