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Number 626, July 3, 2011

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Santa is Not Real
by Harry Felker

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I just figured that a little brash realism was in need here today, as we draw near the big show of the presidential election cycle, someone should be the Grinch and steal your Christmas. Please allow me to burst that bubble for you.

Santa is not real

I see the hubbub on the internet, again, like last time people are getting their feathers ruffled about who will win the election and how their guy (or girl) will promote Liberty. If they will, then it is guaranteed they will not win, if they win, it is guaranteed they will not deliver the goods. I would like to note that even if your candidate wins the presidential race, they are not in a position to really change anything; they require the full cooperation of at least Congress. So you are stuck in a catch 22, your person, even if they beat the odds and get into office has neither the authority nor ability to affect the changes you really want. The democratic process makes a person who does not want to steal from one group and give to another a hopeless candidate, and even if it were not hopeless it is impossible for him to make good on such promises.

There seems to be some massive disbelief that the president cannot do what the candidates claim, I suppose that just like I explained there is no Santa, there is no way a President can make, or unmake, laws. All the president can do is request the District Attorney to not prosecute certain crimes; he cannot even really stop those crimes from being prosecuted, let alone change the law and make them not crimes.

Historically there is no precedent to refer to in this regard, rather it is quite the opposite, Bush ran on a platform much to the opposite of his action as did Obama, seems to me the proof against electing a person is in the pudding. It would be wiser, with given information to elect a candidate who promises to be just like Mussolini, Hitler, Stalin or Mao, if he came through with his promise, then there would be a precedent of a candidate coming through with his promise, if not, then maybe you will have your "Liberty".

You cannot have a Unicorn which shits Rainbows

I am sorry to have to break this to you (no I am not), but you cannot control the state, nor can you and a group of your friends, not even you and a vast majority of the populace. Try as you may, try as you might, the state is a creature in and of itself with a will all its own, it is the embodiment of "society" it is a collectivist organization which exploits the individual for the benefit of the collective. There is no way to limit the state, the state cannot self limit, it is a creature of power, and it survives by taking power from individuals and transforming it into political power.

Tolkien's Lord of the Rings series is quite applicable in this regard, if you view the state as the ring, and Sauron as totalitarianism, the ring seeks to reach Sauron, it longs for absolute power and the destruction and domination of all mankind. Anyone who uses the ring is corrupted by its power, even if they attempt to use it for the purpose of good; it has a way to transform that to evil. So goes the state, people enter politics, well I am sure at least a couple, with the intent on helping mankind, but the problem with the state is all its solutions are a violation of others, so one ends up supporting one evil to quash another.

Again we are in a position where there is no precedent to support such a silly notion as the state "rolling back" to a less oppressive time. Every instance where the state has made a concession to one demographic another has had to pay the consequences. This is the reason violent revolutions end up happening, the state ends up screwing the wrong demographic and does a poor job estimating its complacency.

Stop asking for Permission

So then what is the answer, if you cannot vote your way to freedom, how can you seek to achieve it, which way to go? I refer to something ma Cherie always reminds me, "Freedom is a state of the being," I take this to mean stop begging someone else to allow you to do things. If you have "rights" then act like you do, stop asking for permission to act upon those rights, just act. Do not ask the government to not put you in jail for smoking pot, tell them to fuck themselves and smoke it anyway, do not ask for a permission slip to get married, just fucking do it, and demand they respect your choice. Stop begging to have the dignity of being human, for fuck's sake have fucking pride, act like you own yourself instead of being a slave.

You will never change anything by getting your guy in office, because it is not up to him to steer leviathan, it is up to him, 500+ legislators and thousands of bureaucrats. In order to affect any change through election is like the chances of finding a needle in a haystack without knowing there is a needle there. We would have to assume that an idea can gain a majority support everywhere at one time and then there be people willing to run for office that would be incorruptible by the power the state offers to maintain and grow. This would also have to assume that the same people you are relying on to vote to be equally incorruptible by the power of the state to offer them the benefit of other people's money.

This was the vision of Samuel Edward Konkin III, this is the lesson Agorism (the Idea) tries to teach people, this is the point and purpose of engaging in counter economics.

Santa is not real, neither is the tooth fairy, it is time to grow the fuck up people.

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