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How To Defeat Clipboard Collectivists with Grassroots Counter-Propaganda Teams
Another Good Phase One Tactic
by Lucifer Geraldo

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Special to L. Neil Smith's The Libertarian Enterprise

God, Lew Rockwell posts some good stuff on an almost daily basis. Today, Butler Shaffer's piece called "Conversation at a Grocery Store" adds another great Phase One (READY!) technique, tactic and procedure (TTP) I'll label "Grassroots counter-propaganda teams" (GCPT). (Nice acronym there—G Captain.)

When the college age collectivists are out bleeding for the environment collecting ballot signatures, pull up in three to four-wo/man activist teams and begin engaging in some guerrilla marketing.

Here's Butler thinking out loud: "As an aside, I've thought of the benefits of having three or four libertarians visit a grocery store on a day when statist proselytizers stand outside to promote some piece of legislation. Each of these libertarians would separately leave the store - perhaps five minutes apart - stopping to argue with or question these clip-board collectivists. What impact might this have on the statists' assessments of public opinion?"

Excellent idea. To adapt this to a task of the resistance, the confrontation must be aimed at the people that are stopping to let these brainwashers fill their xombie minds with easily remembered slogans. I worked one summer during my short-lived college years for one of these outfits. It was called, of course, CLEAN WATER ACTION. Boy, they were gonna put it to some stinking corporate polluters. That's all the "education" portion of the training emphasized: easily remembered retorts and slogans to counter rejection/objection with. Everything else was about the money. As much as you could get people to let go of. The money, like 50% of it, was going to the support of "overhead"... you know. Management salaries. And the new management positions that were springing up as the extortion loot accumulated. The rest of it went into the buying of political currency.

Let's define the mission of all grassroots counter-propaganda teams: to exploit every interaction with the general population as an opportunity to propagate the message of unconditional Liberty. When properly articulated, this message provides the listener with the most compelling reason to cooperate with Rule #1 of the resistance.

The siren song of hardcore freedom is a tough one to ignore once it gets its hooks into you.

The methods of the grassroots counter-propaganda teams must always aim to expose the true purpose behind the existence of the State in the eyes and minds of the target listeners. Your street opponents will be arguing from the position that it is good to have the State force people to behave responsibly. Like make them stop polluting. You'll soon be able to readily expose that these do-gooders goals aren't just tailored to reign in the "corporations", no. They're out to make everybody do it. The goal of any of these dynamic communications on the street is to enlighten the listener to the reality that the State is not legitimate, that it is an engine of criminal monopoly aimed against the population that is really no different than la cosa nostra.

You, as a team leader of a hypothetical grassroots counter-propaganda team, will constantly be looking at what your opponents are giving you in the exchange that you can reframe for the listener to prove that the State is a murder machine of slavery and the enemy of all humanity. With the caliber of cannon fodder the collectivists are fielding, you shouldn't have any problem using what they're saying to prove beyond all doubt in a listeners mind that the State is an immediate threat to everything human and decent and worth living for.

Then once you have them in this space, immediately show them that the State can be defeated without violence simply by each of them individually making the decision to immediately withdraw their consent to be ruled by the State. Demonstrate that important political theorists agree: a State or government rules only by the majority ceding their consent to be ruled by such organization.

Here's what General Patraeus has to say about it: "Victory is achieved when the populace consents to the government's legitimacy and stops actively and passively supporting the insurgency."

That's from the Counterinsurgency Field Manual. See, they know that the consent of the population is the key to their defeating the resistance. Likewise, it is the key to victory for the resistance as well. That contested consent cuts both ways. You, as a resistance activist, want to engineer the cutting of consent to fortify the goals of the resistance and the struggle for unconditional Liberty.

I also recommend reading and adapting the field manuals of the opposition to serve the purposes of infecting the general population with the Liberty meme. Such as Rules For Radicals. An excellent set of TTPs for managing a grassroots political effort. Just strip these techniques of all collectivist agenda and employ the stripped bare tactic in your grassroots counter-propaganda operations.

I'm reading Barruel's expose on the original Illuminati written in 1798 to glean detailed information on how Weishaupt infiltrated society to its highest levels with his agenda. Again, these very same tactics and techniques can be absconded with and turned into the service of the conspiracy for global Liberty.

This is how you think outside the box.

Presentation is also a wavelength you need to pay attention to. The State and their media minions will be trying to sell members of the resistance off as being wild-eyed militia types, running around in fatigues practicing to shoot it out with the Feds. So don't look like that. It will scramble the listeners pre-conceived expectations of what libertarian-types are suppose to "look like."

Avoid quasi-military or any type of "uniform" look. That is everything we are struggling against. The hive mentality. I like the REI look. It's outdoorsy, so you are already telling the environmentally-concerned that you like the outdoors as much as the next guy. You sweat and interact with that environment... like they do. You're already building rapport with just the choice of what you wear to present in. You can't beat the REI look. It fits in anywhere congruently in America.

Alright, there's the soul of this particular technique. I leave it to the field offices to find the approach that's just right for their localities.

Go forth and be fruitful. Libertas vel Oblivio
Res ipsa loquitor

Lucifer Geraldo is the pen name of a former Army green beret now off the reservation. His website is

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