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Number 626, July 3, 2011

"All-day Field Fascist-Fest"

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Letters to the Editor

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Letter from Frank Ney

Letter from Richard Bartucci

Letter from A.X. Perez

Letter from Madison MacBear

Re: "Hang 'Em High" by L. Neil Smith

Hanging is too much of a kindness, in my opinion.

However, the 13th Amendment is not a prohibition against slavery. It merely forbids enslavement "except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted". So I say weld iron collars around their necks and sell them for whatever the slave auction will bring. And to make it perfectly clear for anyone else who has these bright ideas about government being master of us all, sell the spouses, crotchspawn, and all their descendants as well.

After spaying and neutering, of course. We should be responsible owners, just like the Humane Society tell us.

Frank Ney

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Re: "Letter from Bill Koehler"

Mr. Koehler:

In your letter to The Libertarian Enterprise, you had written:

Wouldn't it be great if we could get someone like Stossel to sponsor a debate ... with his audience as the jury (maybe nation wide text voting).

Topic: The war on drugs is unconstitutional, pro and con.

Ms. Coulter (and other neocons) cannot be permitted to select "the Libertarians" against whom she would be debating. One of the favorite tactics for the enemies of liberty is to choose as nominal opponents in such fora those supporters of the contrary position who are inept, ill-informed, or just plain crazy.

Now, if they can be obliged to confront people like Nick Gillespie or Walter Block or Walter Williams or even our Mr. Smith....

They're dead meat, and they know it. Then they most definitely will not participate.

Richard Bartucci

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Re my: "They Must Go"

Sometimes I am a bit obscure in how I express myself. So I will now strive for perfect clarity. I want all laws restricting private ownership of weapons (guns, knives, sprays, clubs, saps knuckles, shock devices, whatever) junked as not only unConstitutional but as the blatant acts of war and enslavement against the American people that they are. I will settle for legislation or court decisions to this end, but they must go.

Secondly I want the BATFE to be abolished. Thirdly I want Federal regulatory agencies (and state RA's) stripped of the power to make regulations with the power of law. When Federal agencies override the will of Congress and Court they have power they must be stripped of, for example, when the supreme Court says "fuck" and flashing teat protected by the First Amendment and the FCC says they're worth your license anyhow.

Fourthly, I want Eric Holder and everyone involved in managing Gunwalker rotting in a Mexican jail for waging private war against that nation.

There's a lot more I want but this ties into the article I submitted titled They Must Go.

If ever it seems I am advocating half measures to obtaining these goals it is because A: I feel a half measure is better than doing nothing and Gunwalker has created a shot to take a half measure and B: Who said anything about stopping at the half measure?

In the movie Spartacus there is a scene where the gladiators are shown where to strike for crippling blows, slow kill blows and fast kill blows. In a serious knife fight you want to make a fast kill to avoid getting killed. However you would be a fool not to take advantage of crippling blows and slow kill strikes, and even just relatively minor wounds to weaken your opponent by means of bleeding out until you can finally get the fast kill blow in if the openings present themselves.

Gunwalker is the opening and we have to try to get as much damage done to our enemies over it as possible. And if that isn't enough to destroy them, we tear in for more.

A.X. Perez

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Aftermath of Disestablishment

Re: "Letter from MamaLiberty (a.k.a. Susan Callaway)"

Ladies and Gentlemen, Sovereigns and Sentients!

Let us assume that all 535 plus 9 plus 2 (to include VP) were removed from power, branded with a scarlet P and set loose into the free market. That would not be the end. Because the government is made up of more than 535 plus 9 plus 2. There are also the bureaucrats, the lobbyists, the PACs (on down to the local level of women's groups sending Mr. Smith to Washington), the International Bankers (YMMV), George Soros And His Ilk, etc., plus all those dependent on the government Dole for food, shelter, medical services, etc. Merely removing the 535 plus 9 plus 2 would not solve the problem; indeed, it would only start a host of other problems.

For instance, what is to prevent the 535 plus 9 plus 2 from simply contacting the lobbyists, PACs, International Bankers, George Soros AHI and setting up NGOs designed to award contracts to developers, businesses, and plutocrats exactly as before? Although the developers, businesses and plutocrats would be unable to railroad their contracts through, they would still have entrenched channels for producing wasteful projects to foist upon their customers. True, in the long run, this wastefulness would work against them in the open market, but they would still have the connections to the International Bankers and George Soros AHI, who would be able to manipulate the money supply indirectly (and be thus even more motivated to do so, now that they've lost power) by systematically buying and dumping our presumably new, sound currency.

And what of the previous Dolists? Certainly some would be able to purchase better-quality goods at lower prices, but without the Dole payments, they would have no money with which to make such purchases. They would demand that someone pay for their lifestyle. Certainly, some would go to work, and an end to business licensing (a necessary policy, but one far outside the scope of merely disestablishing the 535 plus 9 plus 2) would make that possible, but after three and sometimes four generations of Dolist living, there would still be a huge mass of people unable to support themselves. Shall we have an Employment Training Administration? That would be a department of government. And who would fund it? Taxpayers? Or perhaps businesses investing in a future workforce? Unlikely, given the existence of any qualified alternative workforce.

Even if the Dolist problem could be taken care of, what is to prevent the rise of another Dolist welfare/warfare state? All they need do is secede from the new Confederation, form their own nation, and continue as before, with us as the Great Satan. Therefore, if we are to prevent the effective staying-in-power of the Old Order, let me suggest a possible plan of action, one I hope we will never need to use, but an alternative for which I do not see at the present time, unless it be summary execution for violators of the Fourteenth Amendment (pour l'encourager les autres):

First, disestablish the 535 plus 9 plus 2. Then, set up an organization designed to keep an eye on their activities, to make certain they won't engage in power-seeking activities. Next, set up official publications to educate the public that the Tree of Liberty must Periodically be Watered etc. and rail against the activities of the previous regime. Next, set up educational institutions whereby new generations can be made aware of the threat posed to our freedoms by the philosophy and activities of the 535 plus 9 plus 2; perhaps requiring graduates to swear an oath never to engage in such activities themselves. For younger kids, we could have organized group activities emphasizing "Freedom Good, Tyranny Bad," and in which they could practice the principles of enacting non-aggression and fighting against initiated aggression. Next, we could attempt to ensure that the US armed forces do not initiate aggression, nor attempt coups d'états to reinstate the Old Order, specifically by providing each platoon-sized organizational unit with an advisor to remind them when orders cross the line into initiated aggression. Finally, we could organize neighborhood-level confederations to ensure that our neighbors are not considering the initiation of aggression, and providing specially trained "neutral arbiters" to deal with any such. Funding for this program could be provided by putting the late Dolist class to work under Freedom Movement supervision, to provide goods and services which would be sold to cover costs of the program.

So there you have it. Secret police, controlled press, compulsory education, loyalty oaths, Young Pioneers, commissars, police, and conscript labor. Or (as El Neil suggests) extermination. Or some third option that I haven't thought of yet. The decision is yours, or rather ours, Sovereigns, Sentients, Comrades. Disestablishment won't just make the problems disappear magically. We must face the hard choices, or the inertia of history will decide for us.

Madison MacBear
Somewhere in the Agora

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