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The Phases of Resistance
by Lucifer Geraldo

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Special to L. Neil Smith's The Libertarian Enterprise

The resistance movement evolves along a three-phase continuum known, well, as the phases of resistance. Current SF field manuals still define the resistance in terms of three phases as does Mao's classic discussion of guerrilla warfare. Mao would consider the resistance as a sub-category of guerrilla warfare and Army Special Forces considers guerrilla warfare a phase that a resistance usually goes through. But not always.

For our purposes, our model parallels Special Forces doctrine but we are a little more anal about marking a separation between the phases with an event that is impossible to miss when it happens. Also understand that my lines in the sand here apply mostly to the example of the American continent. This is written for the real Americans left in America. I don't give a rat's ass about the resistance movement in third world Chupacabra where the national bird is a vampire bat.

I call my matrix the READY-SET-GO continuum of Re-Liberation Warfare (RELIBWAR).

PHASE ONE (READY PHASE) corresponds to the tactics of passive resistance. This is the kind of stuff that is considered non-violent and within the boundaries of the local legal system's method(s) for addressing the ruling structure for a redress of grievances. This method of revolution was used exclusively by Gandhi to bring the British Empire to its knees and kicking their pompous asses right out of India.

What kinds of things do you focus on in phase one? Organization. Grassroots communication, outreach and organization. Forming political organizations that attack the State with local ballot proposals. Moving into the political structure with resistance representation. The name of the game is changing the State from within using legal and peaceful means. I also emphasize the local scale as being the level for focusing all your efforts on. IGNORE manipulating or penetrating the CENTRAL FEDERAL STATE. Instead, focus on dividing and conquering the local political machinery and separating it from being influenced by the federal bully brigades in the District of Corruption.

At the same time, the resistance has to be organizing the infrastructure necessary to take the movement into phase two, if necessary. Don't make the mistake of thinking it won't go there. Because it will and you will be shit out of luck. So think in terms of organizing your political operations to become functional components of a phase two resistance organization should the need arise. Identify people and jobs and functions that will be able to become a cog in the machinery of one of the three components of a resistance movement: the auxiliary, the underground, and the G-force (guerrillas).

Every member of the resistance should be able to function as a guerrilla. This means that it is up to every member to actively practice tactical infantry battle drills with their fellow dissidents.

In the political climate of Amerika today, this means you will not go out and form out-in-the-open militas. Learn from the example of the Mutara militia. So, form paintball teams instead. And practice real shooting drills with real firearms from inside local gun clubs and competitions. If it comes to open warfare, every member of the resistance has the duty and responsibility to become a knife-edged blunt instrument in the prosecution of the guerrilla war. You must be able to hit your target and survive while doing it.

I advocate the de facto formation of local confederations. Banded together to form a web that spans the geographical turf known as the American continent. Thomas Jefferson believed that each generation should draft up a new Constitution to be the blueprint to steer government by. Lysander Spooner felt a handful of men had no business or legal authority to sign their posterity's loyalty to a document nobody else (but the "Founders") signed their consent to. How can I sign for generations ahead of me that have never been born yet? Think about it like that.

The answer is: you can't. But they DID. That fact alone, in my mind, makes the Constitution null and void.

My favorite model to answer this problem with is the reestablishment of a voluntary confederation that is anchored at the individual level, a fundamental level even more important than the county.

Every man, woman, and consenting age proto-adult must agree to the framework of overall jurisprudence. I see this blueprint as being mostly a document that can fit on one page, that every individual can sign and file with the local county records office.

This document is an enumeration of the most important list of Unalienable Human Rights that can NEVER be violated by anyone or any organization, that if these rights are violated, every sovereign individual has the right and duty to use as much force as is necessary to neutralize this threat(s).

There will be no more monopolies on the use of violence vested in a creature called "government" or "the State." Every individual has a personal monopoly on the use of violence only insofar as that use of violence is utilized to protect rights and is always exercised as a reaction to aggression. It would enumerate the principle of Non-Aggression as being the Prime Directive of the new confederation, and it would have a Universal Bill Of Rights that every signatory pledges their life and liberty to the defense of.

That's it. That's all you need. Let individual communities figure out ways that work within the confederate blueprint to settle disputes between individuals lawfully, that honor rights and property at every step.

All these sorts of issues need to be addressed during phase one activities. The resistance needs to cook up a unified vision of what all these things mean that can be articulated to the dummy on the streets, so that the dummy gets fired up with the vision and is able to spread that same thought virus among their own circles of influence. Your vision must be contagious. It has to spread like a cold.

Phase Two is the active phase.

PHASE TWO (SET PHASE). The State has just rendered peaceful revolution using the legal system null and void. The individuals in this situation now have no choice but to boldly meet State aggression with equally ferocious counter-aggression. We are now involved in a real war. A fight to the death. May the better, keener, more limber ideology prevail.

Now is the time that all that paintball practice comes into play. Now you have to trade the paintball weapons with M4s and Mini-14s. When the transition to guerrilla war takes place, in the beginning, the forces of the State will have firepower and technological superiority. The G's will have the will to resist and a growing boots-on-the-ground superiority. It will be a lopsided contest. That's why they call it asymmetric these days.

Let's talk about guerrilla warfare a moment. There seems to be some confusion amongst the majority as to what the term really denotes. Since it is unconventional warfare, it must somehow be more esoteric, mysterious, and covert, more luciferian even, than plain vanilla infantry combat.

Really? Is it?

Here's the best way to understand guerrilla warfare: small unit offensive operations. It is plain vanilla infantry shit.

But it is used in a way that benefits you, the underdog, vs. the State Goliath with all the cool toys. Let's break my definition apart. Small unit means just that: most guerrilla ops will be conducted with relatively small groups of force. Think along the line of fire teams and squads. What kind of offensive operation can you pull off with a fire team or a squad? Well, think raids and ambushes and attacks on enemy systems/infrastructure. Your targets will be carefully selected to take into consideration your limited firepower on the ground and the advantages of total surprise. You'll harass the enemy. Strike where he is weak, become invisible where he is strong.

Here's another thing to chew on: why do you think guerrilla war emphasizes the offensive?

Any answers? Beuller, Beuller?

Okay, if you are running around in squads and fire teams, maybe even platoons—to be on the defensive means that you are fixed in one location, the enemy knows where you are at and they're preparing to roll over you with everything they've got. Not a good position to be in for a G-force commander. If you get forced into the defensive too much, you probably won't make it to tomorrow's battlefield.

So guerrillas only fight when they have the ability to take the advantage swiftly, hit and get the hell out as fast as possible. Think about the American Revolution. The colonists didn't have any luck trying to fight the British toe-to-toe, force-on-force in the fields like they used to fight back then--lining up and shooting at each other across fifty meters. It wasn't until the colonists started ambushing and running away, acting like the Indians in combat, that the war started to turn in the colonies favor. We didn't make any headway against the British army until we started acting like guerrillas. A case could be made that the original American Revolution was as much a guerrilla conflict as it was a conventional one.

Rest assured that the next American revolution, the Second American Revolution, will largely be a guerrilla war as well. It's going to make the first one look like a square dance, trust me. We've got a lot better weapons systems today than cap-and-ball muskets. It will be a horrendous conflict, the group energy expended in its prosecution will be titanic, and if we can wrap these criminals up nice and tidy during phase one, I urge every swinging dick and lickity clit to do so.

We don't want to have to be forced to go into conducting phase two activities in order to win our freedoms back.

Remember all those grassroots political activities we were emphasizing in phase one? Well, now those rosters become the machinery of the resistance groupings known as the auxiliary and the underground.

To review, the resistance movement is constructed of three components. The G's, the auxiliary and the underground. The G's are the military arm of the resistance. The auxiliary acts as combat service and support for the guerrillas. The underground is the resistance black ops wing. The OSS corps of the resistance movement.

The fourth, and probably the most important, component in this picture--both for the State under seige and the resistance movement as well--is the general population.

The apathy or favoritism towards the resistance by the population, a large majority of the population, is absolutely essential to the survival of the resistance.

Okay, so that means that you better not conduct yourselves like terrorists, using the general population for bomb practice in order to terrorize them into cowing acceptance of your "legitimacy" to succeed the current State apparatus and replace it. Do these acts and you become the enemy. There is no justification, under any circumstances, to use terrorism against the same population you are supposedly fighting for the liberty of.

That's what the false flaggers do and that alerts us to the real pedigree of their goals and where their support comes from. The most shocking current example of the "artificial" resistance movement in action is what's going on in Libya. That resistance movement didn't spring up indigenously among the Libyan population. It was imported from Saudi Arabia using Al-CIAda mercenaries to populate the guerrilla force. A movement such as this is not a real resistance movement, rather—it is a terrorist movement. An artificially created one to boot.

So pay no attention to the reasons we are told as to why we must support Al-CIAda as our fellow warriors in Libya but fight and kill them as enemies in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Just more lies, lies, lies, and damned lies.

Now let's talk about Phase Three.

PHASE THREE (GO PHASE). The line between SET and GO is clearly marked by this event: 50%+ of the population is now in the streets actively rebelling against the State and fighting alongside the resistance. It's open civil insurrection. Now the State really is doomed because the majority of the ruled are outside their homes chasing the State through the streets and off the land with burning torches and pitchforks. Picture the scene in Frankenstein when the villagers storm Castle Frankenstein and burn it to the ground. That's a good motif to represent the activities of phase three.

If the resistance makes it through phase two and transitions to phase three, under the conditions I have outlined which mark the transitions between phases, then the resistance is assured a successful victory over the enemy State. You make it this far, kid, you will win.

The key, mentioned in the last article, to getting to phase three is that you've disseminated your message of liberty to the individuals in society successfully. The masses of individuals have owned up to the fact that the State only rules by their granting of the consent to be ruled. The masses have withdrawn their consent and are backing up their decision by the rampaging use of defensive force.

In the very beginning, the resistance will only represent a small percentage of the total number of the ruled. Like 5 to 10%. In the end, it will be almost everybody. A goodly number of almost everybody were groveling surrender monkeys in the beginning, figuring that if they licked boots and hid under their beds, the State wouldn't notice them and thus let them exist unmolested.

Who gave a flying fuck about all the other wives and daughters in society being raped in their homes by roving gangs of TSA body searchers. As long as these atrocities were happening to some other poor schmuck, not them, they were happy to grovel and report anything "suspicious" to the local State thugs.

It will only be when these cowards perceive that the majority tide is washing the State away do they come out in open support of the resistance and morph into diehard patriots when there is safety in numbers. It is a sad fact of humanity to acknowledge this characteristic of the species. But it will happen like this. It already is.

Leading into the final days of phase two and all the way through phase three, the guerrillas will transition in size and organization to bona fide conventional infantry units. The guerrilla numbers are numerically equal to or superior to the size of the State's military/police units. The guerrilla army is no longer hitting and getting. It is chasing, fixing, and destroying the enemy State all over the contested territory. The guerrillas are now focusing on the goal of all conventional warfare: taking ground and keeping it.

Okay, we've just spent a little bit of time discussing the three phases of the resistance and in broad brush strokes talked about what happens during each of these phases. Next time, I think we'll talk about the organization of the resistance itself and breaking it down into its three components. Libertas vel Oblivio
Res Ipsa Loquitor

Lucifer Geraldo is the pen name of a former Army green beret now off the reservation. His website is


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