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Number 623, June 12, 2011
"The State is Crumbling"

by Rex May

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Letters to the Editor
from E.J. Totty, L. Neil Smith, A.X. Perez, Stephan Jerde, Sean Gabb, John Ringer, and The Editor

A Call to Action
by Shaun Lee and Jim Davidson
Individual Sovereign University is not part of any one movement, nor any one group of people. It is the ultimate open-source educational tool where you determine what you want to learn or teach and we will find you teachers, students, and as needed, sponsors. We see to pioneer networking being used not only as a social tool, an activists tool, but also as a way to connect learners with those that have knowledge they are seeking. Where appropriate, we also connect teachers and students with sources of funding, including businesses that want trained individuals for future jobs.

Identification and the Security State
by L. Neil Smith
Let me get this straight: America is based on the idea that an individual's fundamental rights are his or hers by virtue of having been born—the best evidence of which is that you're standing here, right now. So why, in order to exercise a good many of those rights, are you required to present government-issued credentials?

Should the State Decide What Clothes Children Are Allowed to Wear?
by Sean Gabb
In the past few days, I have made six appearances in the British media. Each one has been to argue against a proposal by the British Government to make an Act of Parliament to control the alleged sexualisation of children. This will involve trying to regulate the type of clothes worn by children, and trying to stop them from watching possibly indecent music videos. I have not been able to upload all the recordings of these media appearances. But you can—or will soon be able to—find them here.

Cancellation Day. Promote it!
by C. Jeffery Small
Hey there folks! If you're like me, then I suspect you are just plain sick of business as usual in Washington, D.C.

Arms Dealers
by Andrew G. Eggleston Sr.
Comic Super Hero "Hawk" from "Hawk and Dove" reacts to a suggestion about temperance when dealing with Arms Dealers.

The Key Task Of The Resistance
by Lucifer Geraldo
The success of the resistance will lie solely in the hands of the individual will to resist bandied together around a single rallying cause. Think about that. This one statement tells you exactly the construction of a successful resistance effort.

The Truth Behind Weinergate
by Conor MacCormack
A "hacked" Twitter account, shirtless photos and a bulging crotch shot were all that was needed to once again divert the attention of the American public away from the truly pressing matters that our nation is facing. While New York Representative Anthony Weiner joins the deviant ranks alongside former Republican Senator Larry "Wide Stance" Craig and on again/off again retired QB Brett Favre the ever reliable Propaganda, oops Press Corps, has been quick to remind us plebes that they are here to "expose the truth" regarding our elected representatives in Congress. For the past few weeks, with their relentless coverage of the so called Weinergate scandal, they have endeavored to show us how deep they are willing to dig to hold politicians accountable as the "watchdog of government". All of this would be utterly laughable, of course, if Americans didn't fall for the usual smoke and mirrors.

The Dog Pogrom
by Matt Bailey
I find myself increasingly disgusted with the calls to ban so-called "Pitbull" dogs, often coming from people who I would otherwise never have suspected of being crypto-fascist weenies. "Pitbull" seem to be the media's newest hysteric buzzword, akin to "assault weapon", upon which they pour their histrionics during the nightly "if it bleeds, it leads" sessions.

Being Bradley Manning
by Jim Davidson
[Below is my speech as presented at the rally and vigil to free Bradley Manning which I helped to organise in Leavenworth. About six weeks ago, I was informed by Brad Spangler about a rumour that Manning was to be moved to Leavenworth. He immediately launched a Facebook group, the MO KAN Bradley Manning Support Team. I immediately launched a Facebook event, the rally and vigil of 6 June. Several hundred people showed up. We're doing it again on Saturday 29 October.]

Atlantea The Beautiful No. 129
by L. Neil Smith and Rex May
Number 129 of a weekly cartoon series.

Agenda 21: The United Nations Programme of Action
UN Agenda 21
Planning for Your future, serf!


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