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Number 623, June 12, 2011

"The State is Crumbling"

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Cancellation Day. Promote it!
by C. Jeffery Small

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Special to L. Neil Smith's The Libertarian Enterprise

Hey there folks!

If you're like me, then I suspect you are just plain sick of business as usual in Washington, D.C.

Are you disgusted with politicians who steal your hard earned cash and then squandering it on high priced hookers, mistresses, fleets of new limousines, the study of cow flatulence, and bridges to nowhere, while refusing to balance their own budget, leaving you on the hook for their 14 trillion dollar mess?

Are you weary of having to continually fight for your rights to life, liberty and property, while they are being violated by those very people who have been charged with protecting them?

Are you fed up with the totalitarian elites who believe that they can ram their policies down your throats without your consent or approval, and do so with a total disregard for the U.S. Constitution?

Does it fill you with rage to see your savings and investments dwindle away as the government prints its "funny money" and doles it out to favored friends with political pull, while at the same time using the tax laws to manipulate people into behavior that they would not choose, left to their own devices?

Have you had enough of the socialistic nationalization of our financial, energy, utility, automotive and medical industries?

Are you infuriated about being forced to use low-flow shower heads, non-flushing toilets and the coming loss of your incandescent light bulbs?

Do you reach for the pitch fork every time someone says that you are not paying your fair share of taxes?

If this sounds like you, then don't just stew about it. Instead, get up and take action! There are sixteen month between today and November 6th, 2012. That's 518 days available to effect real change. During that time there are many things needing to be accomplished, but here is a simple marketing effort in which we can all participate, hopefully resulting in some real impact.

Recently, I was reminded of the title of one of Steely Dan's albums:

Everything Must Go

This is the perfect anthem for the coming election! It is time to mount the Herculean effort to clear the political stables of all manner of human waste that has accumulated over time. We did a bit of housekeeping in 2010, which was a good start, but has proven to be inadequate in effecting any real change. So now, the philosophy must be that so far as Washington is concerned, "Everything Must Go!"

From that album, the song, "The Last Mall" opens with the stanza:

Attention all shoppers
It's Cancellation Day
Yes the Big Adios
Is just a few hours away

That sums it up for me!

Marketing teaches us that how we label a thing goes a long way in helping to to sell it. To get across the message that a real and substantial change is coming, I suggest that we make every effort to spread the message that we are not approaching November 6, 2012 as just another typical Election Day, but see it as:

Cancellation Day: The moment when all career politicians are summarily dismissed for past, unacceptably bad behavior.

So put this date on your calendars and then help spread the word. Let's do everything we can to inject "Cancellation Day" into the political dialog, promoting November 6, 2012 as our new national holiday honoring all patriots who fight on for renewed liberty, the restoration of individual rights, and a proper, constitutionally limited government in the tradition of a true republic!

Cancellation Day!

I encourage you to run with this idea, making it your own in any creative way you see fit. If you would like to use the above image for your own purpose, you can access the large version by clicking here, or a smaller version, seen in the upper right corner of this page, by clicking here.

If you are interested in adding the small image to your website, with a link back to this article, then all you need to do is include the following code in an appropriate location on your web page:

    <A HREF="">
    <IMG SRC=""
    ALT="Cancellation Day"
    TITLE="Cancellation Day"></A>

I hope you find this idea compelling, and I appreciate any effort you are willing to make promoting it to others. Now let's get out there and make sure that the shelves of liberty have been restocked come November 7th, 2012!

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