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Again with the Dancing Mice
by Harry Felker

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Special to The Libertarian Enterprise

Well, well, well here we are again, it is May of 2011 and a whole new set of events are splattered before the populous. I think maybe it is time to look back on the weeks preceding the month of May and truly reflect on them, noting their significance and point and purpose. It is not like I am saying there cannot be a coincidence of events, but it seems to me that all of these events share some major outcome, lending to the idea that there is something more to the timing than mere coincidence.

Bradley Manning
It was announced that Private Manning was being moved from Langley to Leavenworth, apparently this is to be his home for the duration. It is not uncommon or irregular that a prisoner be moved between prisons depending upon his status, the same thing happens in state facilities all the time. It also is not irregular that someone who is in the military to not have an open trial or there to be a public record of said proceedings. Finally the nature of the case, the general support for Manning coming from a peculiar demographic and the results seen in so far with Assange in this regard spells a more deliberate reasoning for this announcement, that is bothering to make it at all.

As above, so below is the Gnostic parable. The state facilities will hold a criminal for up to a year in a facility local to them before moving him to a state prison of the authorities choosing, I have an understanding of this being in the state system of New York. A local (county) jail will hold prisoners for a year before transferring the prisoner to a long term prison facility. The transfer is not a surprise to me as he was brought into the US and sent to the Pentagon or CIA for questioning, Langley seems to me to be the most logical local facility for him. Leavenworth is as well a convenient long term facility being out in fly over country it just seems logical to stick your problems there.

Military tribunals are not public trials, they are not trials by jury and there is plenty of "Rule of Law" reasoning behind this. The primary thought is the soldier waives his individual rights when he signs up for the military, basically the 5th, 6th, and 7th are waived in regard to prosecution and proceedings. There could have been a trial in this sense which no one would necessarily know about, mainly because the trial is not public and by jury.

The politically charged nature of the case, the support coming from people loosely defined as members of a freedom movement and the obvious results of people doing more talking than doing with the Assange debacle make things even more convenient to the establishment to propagandize. The fact is it does not matter how disgruntled anyone is about Private Manning's situation, no one is going out on a wire to break this guy out of prison. Certainly there will be vigils and protests but mass defense for this pawn will not be realized, the propaganda machine works wonders on the mass mind. Private Manning will be seen as the criminal by the mass mind and this is not deniable, media and the political machine will not even present the option of innocence to the mass man. For the most part, people who are categorized as domestic terrorists by the NSA are even divided on this topic, lending to the meddlesome issue of opportunity cost of all possible courses of action.

The Royal Wedding
Some prince and a woman got married as well, seems to me that weddings happen all the time, even for people loosely defined as public figures (though a defunct monarchical entity hardly seems applicable). Why is this important? Culturally the human race seems to be trending to a deplorable mentality to which I take a term I first heard in a Nine Inch Nails song; Starfucker. I choose to define this term as an over abundance of attention to a public figure's life over one's own affairs, this is not a new occurrence in America as I am sure the same goes for the rest of the "western world". It was as if I could not be around any form of media, online or off without some mention of the damn wedding or the couple. Within the last week before the event I could not access my social networking without being inundated with all manner of posts about this and that in regard to the royal wedding. Everything from the date of the wedding being somehow symbolic to satanic ritual (eluding that someone would be sacrificed) to the disgruntlement over the arrest of Charlie Veitch (alluding to some foul play) has been presented, often.

It seems to me anywhere there is contemporary culture there is this starfucking going on, I am sure there is already a term but I rather enjoy using the word fuck and feel it is underrepresented in intellectual discussion. The starfucker phenomenon parades itself as a legitimate form of news; like it is really important that "Brangelina" adopted another brown child from a third world country or that a symbolic title holding douche bag got married to anyone, let alone someone who is not a symbolic title holder like himself. I won't even go into the fact that there were two wars fought between the people in America and the people who held these types of titles in the past.

I feel bad that Charlie was arrested, but to be surprised is to assume that the state follows this "rule of law" people keep talking about despite all the evidence to the contrary. I feel it should be recognized that well before the event there were videos where Charlie was declaring he had some special plans for the wedding. The tone of this video was not the type of plans which include popcorn and football, he was quite clear without stating it he intended to make a nuisance of himself, I question the intelligence of anyone who was not expecting him to be arrested.

The Obama Birth Certificate
Barack Obama managed to decide to release his birth certificate as well in this time, as unimportant as it really is, and this too erupts into a war of words. People line up trying to find faults in this piece of paper, consuming countless hours trying to report the "truth" as they decided it was in 2008 when this topic first came up. Not to mention that people standing by these arguments seem to have some silly notion that everything Obama did while presiding over the government in America would be nullified if he were found to not be an American. I am not saying this man was or was not born in the "United States" I am saying that it is irrelevant, as it was decided and as the standard for the American public, no one is going to "do" anything.

I see a lot of scrutinizing of names and dates all over the fucking piece of paper, apparently without regard that it is inherently pointless, if there was some sort of point to these complaints, if they were to translate to any meaningful action, do you think the paper would have been released in the first place? First of all, regardless if he is or not, flaws in "official" paperwork is commonplace to say the least, wrong addresses are written on warrants leading to the violation of people on the regular, I too have a piece of paper, the documentation of my divorce which claims I am a year older than I actually am. So am I not divorced, or is it that the records are wrong and it is understood that the divorce happened and that is that?

The second point before I leave this topic in the dust is that it does not matter; nothing people assume will occur is going to occur. I remember in 2009 people were claiming there would be another "emergency" election or the contest would have to be granted to McCain since he was the 'runner up'. I do not know where people came up with this hogwash, but I think maybe they need to understand the reality of the situation. If Obama 'defrauded" his position he would have been impeached, this would mean the VP steps into the position held by Obama and so on and so forth. Is there some understanding that Biden would dismiss all of the actions of Obama, that he is the champion of liberty for the 'birthers'? I think Biden's record alone belies his intention to be all the shill to the powers that be that Obama ever was, with his all too common embarrassing sound bytes he may be more reminiscent of Bush. I mean not for nothing, Obama did not change shit from when Bush was in the position, what kind of fucked in the head logic leads one to believe Biden is different?

Bin Laden Dead, really?
And to top it all off, the news is sure to be celebratory of the demise of Osama Bin Laden, at tremendous costs in life, individual liberty and capital (mind you financed to the future generations) all for the death of one guy. Already people are pouring over the case, like they are some investigative reporter and expert on Photoshop.

Much like I said in the original article with the similar title about Wikileaks, this is nothing new, the people predisposed to believe the government is full of shit have already known of bin Laden's death well before May 1st. Sidestepping the people who think soldiers from America killed him, Benazir Bhutto claimed his death prior to December of 2007 on BBC at the hands of people looking to assassinate her in Pakistan. I personally find it very telling that she managed to get booted back to Pakistan and assassinated weeks after the interview. The only people the demise of this man is news for is the deliberately ignorant, even bothering with this nonissue again is irrelevant.

In the end what does the admission of his death really mean anyway, the troops are not coming home, the U.S.A.P.A.T.R.I.O.T. Act is not being repealed, the Department of Homeland Scrutiny is not being disbanded and the TSA is still kid touching for national security. Statist quo is very much status quo, the war against the middle east will continue, some other target will be painted in black and the excuse for murdering millions in the name of 'spreading democracy'. I am sure right now Kaddafi and Ahmadinejad are hoping it is the other who will be the government's next bogeyman; both have been obvious runner ups for the position for quite some time.

And So...
And so the song remains the same kids, nothing fucking changes. There is a shiny bauble and it demands your attention, you cannot resist it, don't get busy living, and get busy with these very convenient distractions which all magically take place around the same fucking time. It is nonsensical, like there is nothing better to do with our time than talk about the 'news' we all know deep in our minds is exactly bullshit. After all, isn't it much easier to complain on the internet than it is to actually do things like, work towards the goal of solving the problems?

The reason I call myself an Agorist is because of the inherently revolutionary nature of Agorism, this revolutionary nature is based on action. The premise of anarcho-capitalism is surrounded with talk and theorizing, this is the difference between an-caps and agorists, the agorist engages in the counter economy. The agorist brings the white market to the black, trades the goods and services which are taxed and regulated by fiat government in an environment which is unhampered by the fiat government and does so quietly or loudly. I personally do not see the profit of complaining and theorizing without bringing practice into the equation and I do not mean standing on a corner with a fucking sign. There are many things to do, there is a whole infrastructure which needs to be replaced, a world of alternatives needs to be explored and put into action, it seems to me if one is dedicated themselves to statelessness through agorism they may want to reconsider their actions.

Of course all are free to do as they wish I do not mean to coerce anyone to act as I would have them act, however, I am going to highlight the logically consistent point of view and encourage it as I choose. In my understanding of starfucker culture there is a very good barometer for what is worth spreading and what is not, if the media talks about it, it is not worth spreading.

I am looking for people to trade with, I am looking for professors for the Individual Sovereign University, and I am looking for authors who want books published through the University Press. I am looking to generate wealth with other people in a voluntary manner while simultaneously defunding the state as a secondary result of these actions.


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