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Some Thoughts on Bunker-Busting
by Michael Bradshaw

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Attribute to The Libertarian Enterprise

In a recent article by Marc Slavo at Lew Rockwell's web site Mr. Slavo wrote on the subject of government and non-governmental underground bunkers and what they might be used for. His emphasis was on the "continuity of government" uses for such facilities (he approved of such uses) and what it might mean for the common American.

I, too, have some thoughts on underground bunkers for the salvation of the government. On the other hand, I disapprove of the existence, let alone the salvation of government; and so, some thoughts on bunker-busting. These are based on the assumption that the military is no longer guarding the door and driveway.

Well, let's see here:

  • Scumbags are going to take their concubines, kiddies and slaves and dive down a hole in the ground to keep "safe" from the P. O.ed (Properly Outraged) Americans until the storm blows over.

  • They expect that they can give orders to the military and everybody else—and be obeyed—while they are safe and snug down that hole and the folks doing the obeying are up on the surface trying to stay alive while dodging military fire—or American fire—or combined crossfire, depending on which side the gentle reader is, or is not, on. Rule by phone and e-mail, so to speak.

While all that is going on, the loyal, royal military will sit tight in one place, guarding those bunkers (sacred holes in the ground, full of gods) with their lives while their paychecks don't arrive, their families starve and the Americans are sacking their supply lines.

  • "Paging the Lord of the Flies, paging the Lord of the Flies! You have obsequious obedience on line one!"

  • Then they expect to come out again after things cool down and the free folk are all dead (by starvation and military area weapons (see A-bombs, fire and plague)) and rule over the remaining slaves in the wreckage.

Yeah, right.

Politicians and their upper level servants are psychopaths, and therefor cannot be healed of their condition. Nor should they be, as their debts are un-payable. The only reasonable way to deal with them is the same as dealing with any other enemy (like a rabid dog or cancer) that you cannot make your friend. You must kill it.

If you are not a politician or his servant, you are his enemy. He wants to enslave or kill you. There is no third choice. So, if you don't want to be a slave or fertilizer, you need to defeat the politician in war. That requires you to formulate three things:

  • A goal or goals.
  • A strategy (an outline of general actions or types of actions designed to achieve the goal).
  • Tactics (specific actions that will work together to carry out the strategy to achieve the goal).

See the links below for strategy (5GW, or Fifth Generation War) to defeat the politicians above ground. this link, starting at this link or the archives of The Libertarian Enterprise.

Here are some thoughts, just off the cuff, so to speak, on holding an "underground election", which comes under the general category of tactics.

Underground bunkers don't move very fast, and neither does anyone in one. They just sit there, waiting for attack and hoping that a hard shell and loyal-royal troops on the doorstep will offer absolute protection for as long as needed.

That is the classic "shell defense" that all politicians rely on because they can't think of anything better. Well, eggs, snails and turtles are not the most secure things in the known universe. They base their success on numbers larger than attrition, not on individual impregnability. A hard shell helps; it does not guarantee.

Men and machines need air, water, fuel (food) and heat sinks to survive and operate. The above includes nuclear reactors. Especially heat sinks for the reactors or conventional power plants. Some of the above can be stored for a finite time to last for a finite time. After that, outside resources are needed.

It is the job of the patriot to cut off those resources, thereby killing the bunker and its inhabitants. In that way, the usable contents of the bunker may be salvaged later; instead of sacrificing the good things in order to achieve a quick kill. Of course, conditions on the battlefield may not permit this; but if it can be done without destroying the salvageable resources in the bunker, it should be.

Nuclear power does not need air to operate, although the men to run it do. Diesel power needs a great deal of air, much more than the people using it, so cutting off air to a fossil fueled bunker will defeat it very quickly. So let's start with air.

After the stored air is used up (assuming nuclear power on-site) the bunker folk must have a reliable air intake and exhaust system. A bit of A.N.F.O. (Ammonium-Nitrate and Fuel Oil) or other explosive will take care of the air intake and/or exhaust vents. One may also just dump dirt down them until they are full to ground level as well. Look around for large and "out-of-place" gravel or boulder beds that cover and filter air intakes and exhaust vents. Cover over with tarps for the intake side, or at least a foot of soil, or just divert a small stream or river onto them.

Water is needed not only for domestic use (cooking, washing and flushing the toilet), it is needed in larger amounts as a heat sink to carry away the waste heat of any power plant, either conventional (diesel) or nuclear. Waste heat dumping into the air requires much more volume than domestic air supply or heat dumping with water. See the cooling towers at a power plant sometime for large scale power generation, although a few hundred kilowatts-worth would be relatively small.

Water must be both taken in and discharged with its load of contaminants or waste heat (or both in one stream). The water cycle may be stopped by destroying either the intake, the discharge or both. Both should be taken care of in case of redundant backups.

Water intakes may be hidden at the bottoms of nearby rivers or lakes, as well as wells that are capped-off underground, and so would be very hard to find. Sewage and waste water or cooling water outlets are harder to conceal unless both intake and discharge of cooling water are in one body of water. That would heat the lake or river, and so would be measurable and findable. Look for "unattached" discharges into rivers or other bodies of water or unused mine shafts "near" the bunker. Also look for the results of sewage or hot water in a lake or downstream from the area of the bunker, and trace back upstream to find the vent or outflow pipe. Treat with gentleness, as in "air" above.

Look for "back doors" as well as utility vents to prevent either escape or re-supply. In the case of converted mines, look now for available maps of the mine operation so you will have a starting point after those information sources are cut off in the general conflict, if it occurs.

To get inside, either quickly to kill the bunker or slowly, later on, you will need to get past that pesky front door. Here, again the politician's "shell defense" mindset can be used to defeat him.

The front door will be very thick steel and probably a good, heat treated alloy too, set in very thick steel-reinforced concrete. So, instead of drilling a one-inch hole to pump gasoline or diesel fuel in and follow it with a "match" (which may kill the bunker fast with heat and lack of oxygen, but waste all the "goodies" inside with the above plus hydrocarbon contamination), let's go around it.

After the door section the tunnel will almost always be a concrete tube, reinforced with steel "rebar". It must hold up and out the surrounding soil or rock, but is not expected to repel an invasion. That is for the land above, the door and its adjacent tunnel section to do.

So, if you tunnel in or down through the surrounding earth alongside the tunnel wall (right on its surface) you will probably be able to blast through a relatively thin shell into the main tunnel. Perhaps you can then power the door and open it for convenient access to the interior.

If you are using low-velocity (such as ditching dynamite or ANFO) explosives for the side tunnel, you may find that they open the wall into the main tunnel after it gets thin beyond the door section. If not, you will need to blast a door in the side of the tunnel wall.

A simple shaped charge for that purpose is called the "ribbon charge" and is used to breach flat or nearly flat surfaces in metal or concrete. It should be about five times wider than it is thick and of any convenient length. It should be of higher velocity than that used for moving dirt or loose stone. Use a higher grade of dynamite or nitrocellulose. Four ribbon charges set in a rectangle forming the outline of a door on the outside surface of the tunnel wall and "tamped" with hard-packed dirt and rock to fill the access tunnel all or most of the way to the surface will have their explosive force confined to the tunnel wall and concentrated against it.

Double-up on your detonators (use at least two for each ribbon charge) as doing it over is a great pain in the back.

Then go in "shoulder to shoulder", just like Manny Davis and Finn Nielson at the Lunar Authority Complex! (Did I just say that? Well, apologies to Robert Heinlein, anyway.)

As with all "do it yourself" articles, I am not responsible for your results in any way. We are facing war and genocide. Folks die in those. So, make your choices, do what you must and may the Americans win and the politicians lose.

Good hunting and good luck! We are all going to need lots of it in the months and years ahead.

Michael Bradshaw is the Speaker (also the Lord-High Janitor) of the United States House of Repeals, 5GW strategy is outlined in the TLE archive at the above address. Copyright © 2011, Michael T. Bradshaw


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