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Number 621, May 29, 2011

"Anything less than freedom is not freedom, but something else."

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Communism, and why it not only WON'T work but CAN'T work!
by Neale Osborn

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Special to The Libertarian Enterprise

Earlier today, on another of my articles comment section, a person I have fun with said she'd love to live in a communist society. Here's the relevant part of her comment.

"Well Neale, I would welcome communism. I think the state should own everything. If they did, it could distribute it fairly. There would be no rich people or poor people. All would be equal forever. All our rights would be intact except the right to "own" things. But I would settle for reasonable socialism."

Out of kindness, I will refrain from saying her name here unless she wants to come here and give it herself. So, let's start with a simple fact- Humans aren't ants. We do not, and never will, selflessly surrender all our rights to the state for "the good of all mankind". WHY? Because mankind isn't made up of mindless cogs, willing to slave away in at a task they have no say in. Slavery was outlawed in America in the 1860s. Remember the Civil war? Well, communism only needs slaves. It doesn't need brains, a drive to succeed, or any independent thinking. In point of fact- communism requires people NOT to think, or else people eventually revolt. Think that's not true? Then why did Communist Russia have to build walls and fences around their country? It sure wasn't to keep the capitalists out!

In a communist society, the state owns everything. So why should people try to invent a new widget? If they do, the state owns it, and the inventor gets nothing from his work. Why work harder on the job? It isn't going to get you a raise, or more pay, or a better house to live in. This is why the Soviet Union, despite it's vaunted "collectivs" that were to produce all the food the state needed to feed it's people, they regularly had to import as much as 50% of the wheat it needed to actually feed it's people.

Next—people aren't pieces of equipment. People like to work at things they find interesting. Now, we all lnow that many people do not actually bother to try to find a job they can enjoy, but that doesn't change the fact they CAN try. In a communist society, if they need more farmers, then THAT is what they will decide YOU are going to be. Need more people to assemble tractors? Then that's the job you are going to have. Like your children? Well they aren't YOUR responsibility, nor are you going to get to help them decide what they want to do in life. It's the state's decision what they will grow up to be. Remember- you are owned by the state, just like they own everything else!

Now, I am sure there are people out there who like the idea of never having to make a decision for themselves. But they aren't ever going to get off their asses and make the decision to create a truly communist society for themselves, so WHO, exactly, decides to become communists? Why, the people who want to BE the people in the state who make the decisions- the "Apparatchiks" or the "Nomeklatura". The people who sum up this phrase "All animals are created equal, but some animals are more equal than others." Don't recognize the phrase?? Go read George Orwell's "Animal Farm". I know it USED to be required reading. It should still be. The people who create communist society are those who want to tell others exactly how to live their lives, where to live, what they can eat, where they will work, and what they will work at. They are power hungry scumbags, who just need to fool enough people to get tehm to give the scumbags the power, then it's all over until the NEXT revolution. And if you don't start your communist society with un-educated peasants, that revolution will be coming pretty quickly.

So let me ask each of YOU if you are willing to surender all your rights (NO, it doesn't just take your right to property, it takes ALL your rights, since you no longer can OWN anything, and the most important thing you own IS YOUR RIGHTS!!!) I sure won't!!


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