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"They all went to the theater expecting
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L. Neil Smith

One must of course be careful not to say or print anything that could be interpreted as suborning or inciting insurrection against the US Government. There are many reasons for this, however I think the main one is that he Double Top Secret (Animal House Reference) Bureau of Inciting Rebellion and Insurrection does not want us threatening their jobs security.

Also it is worth noting that the Government is not pleased by people posting certain formulae and processes. Please note that these formulae and processes are discussed in Verne's the Mysterious Islandand Piper's Lord Kalvan of Otherwhen. It is worth noting that these formulae and processes were taught in high school chemistry up into the 1970's.

Crazy Al
Somewhere in Far West Texas

The following points need to be made in our debates and discussions with liberals, progressives, and conservatives

Profit is not theft.

Taxation is theft.

"Gun control" is a cruel myth. It disarms honest people without preventing criminals from obtaining and misusing firearms.

Stop being in a rush to be so generous with my time and money.

Assigning people to the robot will not teach them civic virtue.

Using force in self defense is not morally or legally the same as initiating force.

Opinions based on facts are to be given more regard than those with no factual basis.

Always throw these points into any discussion as appropriate lest our opponents control the axioms of any debate.

A.X. Perez

In Rochester, a man I bought a truck cap from told me about his woes with neighbors. Rochester is second only to NYC in restrictive gun laws in New York. He greeted me at the door a'la Neil Smith -- meaning openly and heavilty armed. [There's some other way to open the door? -- Editor] A Kimber 1911 with 2 spare mags, and a Cold Steel Tanto on the off side. He is the only openly (and aggressively) TEA Party member in a 5 block radius that he knows of. Many of his neighbors would openly kick his signs supporting and espousing several of his pet (and despised) political views, including a near Smithian statement, bringing memories of discussing the Atlanta Declaration in Neil's living room back in 1989 or 1990. So, finally having been pushed too far, he posted the following sign in his front yard:

"My Neighbors all oppose private ownership of guns.
All MY guns are either carried by me at all times, or well secured in my bolted-in safe.
I WILL shoot, they CAN'T shoot. Rob whoever you want!"

The neighbors took him to court to try to force the removal of the sign. They lost.

Neale Osborn

In a previous missive I commented that a mountain lion, misidentified as a female, more correctly a young 125 pound male, was shot dead in downtown/central El Paso.

The cat in question was spotted at a parking garage in downtown and meandered north and east over the bridges across I-10. From there it sauntered past St Clement's Episcopal Primary School (panicking students in playground/ patio area). Finally it went into the H&H Carwash where it was caged. By this time El Paso Animal Control and the Texas Game and Wildlife Commision folk were there as well as El Paso PD and Texas Alcohol Beverage Commision (?) and a growing crowd of buystanders. Vet shot the cougar with a tranquilizer dart. Cat started acting sleepy. Cat given second trank and cage area unlocked and left improperly closed so people can go in and grab cat. Cat woke up, got out of caged in area of car wash, jumped the fence into the parking lot of a pawn shop/ coin store. Concerned that the cougar would get away and or harm one of the bystanders one of the cops and the TABC agent shot the critter dead.

A lot of people said the shooting was unnecessary. I myself am not sure, I'm willing to allow the gathering crowd could have panicked the cougar into attacking and injuring a bystander. I also know that there were "cops" from at least four different agencies were present, only two with expertise in handling wildlife. The officers who shot were not members of these agencies. I tell this tale to illustrate how abuse of police power against people arises sometimes.

Multiple agencies getting involved leaving agents tempted (correctly or not) to assert that they have higher authority than the others. At Ruby Ridge Deputy Marshals (who started the brannigan), BATF (who instigated the mess) and FBI HRT agents were involved. ATF, DEA, and FBI were also involved at Mount Carmel. If the Game and Wildlife and Animal Control bunch were the only agencies involved the critter might have been saved. Similarly if there had been fewer agencies involved at Ruby Ridge or Waco maybe a less lethal solution might have been achieved.

I keep seeing on Facebook where police agencies make mountains out of molehills. Even if you have only one agency involved the chances that someone may use unnecessary or excessive force rises. Some of the reasons are less honorable than others, nevertheless, the more cops involved, especially if they are from multiple units applying multiple protocols the chances of abuse rise.

On 10 May 2011 this got a mountain lion killed in El Paso. How many people has it gotten beaten, crippled and killed in other jurisdictions?

A.X. Perez


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