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When Nitwits are in Charge
by A.X. Perez

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About a year ago a Border Patrol agent shot and killed a fifteen year old boy along the Rio Grande in the Downtown El Paso area. He was part of a group throwing rocks at the agent so that a comrade of theirs arrested across the river could escape. After all the political dust had settled the shooting was ruled justifiable homicide by an FBI investigation. The boy's (or young man's, depending on your point of view.) is still suing. A quick review of facts is in order.

For those of you who have not been to El Paso, Most of the water in the Rio Grande is diverted from its channel by a series of canals and before the Santa Fe Street Bridge not put back in the river until between the Cordova Free Bridge and the El Paso lower Valley. Along this section the "river" is a concrete lined trench with a trickle of water maybe a foot across and two inches deep. Visualize the race track for the race scene in Grease, only less water. This is the result of flood control measures to keep the river from changing its channel and thus making Mexican land American or vice versa (Google Chamizal).

For a long time American B order Patrol Agents rode their vehicles along the top of the concrete lined creek. They would observe juvenile delinquents from Mexico on the American side, get their attention and give them the high sign as if to say "Are you really going to make me chase you and arrest you?" The kids would then run back across the Rio and honor had been maintained on both sides. This keeps those who cross into the Us to engage in criminal mischief out, so arguably the BP is protecting the US from from criminals and thus completing its mission.

About a year ago El Paso got a new Border Patrol chief. He ordered his agents to patrol the River in downtown El Paso to patrol along the River, not on the bank on the American side. So a Border Patrol Agent was patrolling on the edge of the trickle on bicycle and came across some kids who crossed over. All but one got away and began stoning the Agent from the Mexican side while he handcuffed the one who didn't get away. At that range a group of kids could kill or injure a man by stoning him, so the Agent shot in self defense and a kid died.

If there is any blame for this death I have to lay it at the feet of the supervisor who changed the rules. the Agents had been keeping the majority of those sneaking across the Rio Grande into Downtown El Paso out without hurting anyone. Kids crossing the Border to get into mischief had enough of a lead to make it back to Juarez. Everyone did their thing, the integrity of America's border was defended (which the BP agents were and are sworn to do), the JD went back home to try again another day.

Then a new supervisor came in who needed to show everybody how serious he was about enforcing the Border and a lone Agent got into a situation where he had to shoot a kid dead. It wasn't the supervisor who had to deal with it, it was a lone Agent who would have been happy doing things under the old rules. Please note the old rules were working just fine, changing them was a way for the new boss to show off his testicularity.

Too much of tyranny is by men (and now more frequently women) trying to establish their ballsiness by inflicting their will on others. and in spring of 2010 it got a Mexican Juvenile delinquent killed. So how many somewhat older boys and men will die to prove the size of the balls of those who have been in charge since 2000?

I sent a version of this to a friend last year to make sure these facts (which I obtained from a reliable source, always have a bunch of friends all over the place) would get out. I'd like to thank this friend for keeping my secret.

[Mr. Perez sent this untitled, the title is mine—Editor]


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