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Number 615, April 17, 2011

"The state is a dead man walking"

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Letter from A.X. Perez

Letter from Renata Russell

Another Letter from A.X. Perez

Mordor on the Rio Grande

One of these days drive down Paisano street in El Paso Eastbound from the Sunland Park Exit from I-10 to downtown El Paso. You can tell where the Rio Grande becomes the border with Mexico instead of New Mexico because that is where the Border Fence starts. It is an extremely heavy gauge mesh fence, more like a sheet of thin steel pierced with hundreds and thousands of tiny holes. It is incredibly ugly.

It is especially ugly near Executive Center where it is overshadowed by the old ASARCO refinery to your left, and various quarries, cliffs and a railroad bridge that crosses from Mexico. Across the river cliffs loom, much of the soil is black, not the living rich black of loam, but the sterile lifeless black of clinkers, dumped tailings, and rock and soil discolored and burned by acidic air pollution. The fence gives it a look worthy of Mordor, I would recommend that people who need stock photos to illustrate dystopias, gates to Hell, and yes, Mordor, rush down and photograph the area.

It is the Border to America so many statists are creating. I am not saying they want to create it, nor will I get into the why's and wherefores. I am stating that this is what they are making on this little corner of the world. And if we give them their head, that is what they will make the whole country into.

A.X. Perez

"Dictators like it dry" is the title of an article in the Sunday, April 10, 2011 Orange County Register. Two profs named Stephen Haber and Victor Menaldo say temperate climes are best—no tyrant can control rain (yet). Deserts get dictators who can cut off the supply of H2O if folks get uppity, tropics have WAY too many problems with keeping food stored. (And Arctic—no king wannabe wants to wind up polar bear chow. My idea to add this.)

Thought you might like to know.

Renata Russell

It ain't your money

It ain't your money. This comment is addressed to everyone who is in favor of raising someone else's taxes. You did not create the wealth this money represents. Therefor I must ask, what is your claim on this wealth?

Did those you would tax steal from you? Then you are right to claim the sum they stole for you and no more. Do you claim to act for others that those you would tax robbed? Who appointed you their collection agent?

Do you offer some good service they have accepted and have not fully paid for? Did they ask for this service and agree to pay the bill? Is the bill fair or are you profiteering?

Please do not tell me the money is needed by those in whose name you steal. "Justifiable" theft is still theft. Start out from the assumption that you are stealing and convince me why it is right you do so. Perhaps you will be able to convince me. But be honest with yourself enough to admit you're a thief. Otherwise there is a lie in your heart and between us that will get one of us killed.

I would like to thank Jim Davidson for reminding me of the importance of self honesty in political debate and discussion. I would also like to warn y'all that in the fullness of time I will revisit this discussion.

A.X. Perez


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