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Number 611, March 20, 2011

"They are deliberately destroying America"

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When Politicians Play Ghod

by Ulrich Biele

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The latest earthquake in Japan was a terrific disaster which concerns every Japanese—and with but slight delay—every living creature on this planet.

One of the major consequences which cannot be confined to one country is the massive release of radioactivity from one of the affected nuclear power plants.

As usual, official voices try to appease, to mollify and—cosmetically evacuate. Everything is under control, ain't-that-bad, consequences can be coped with and what the fantasy more.

But what is it what fascinates those bureauc—rats in the nuclear power thing?

Basically it is the illusion to have such a tremendous force under control. Control means power and that is the main key. The power to "Protect and serve" a great collective—and to educate it.

Without being asked, the state gives itself the task to provide essential commodities for the collective as a monopolist and to claim values in return. The claim is that private entrepreneurs would either be too small, not powerful enough—or too greedy. Anyway, the supply for "the masses" and great industries could not be provided in any other way than by a government monopoly. A peep under the blanket shows that big industry and government are in cahoots with each other and totally addicted to each other.

The essential reason for the founding of the Montan-Union in post-war Europe was to reestablish a war economy in Germany and France in order to proceed against the Soviet Union as an extension of WWII. Fortunately, Cold War froze that.

The Montan-Union mutated into the ECC, then into the EC and finally, but not terminally into nowadays' EU(SSR).

In that time, the U. S. A. founded NATO; SEATO as military and political leagues against the Red Empire, which answered with ComEcon as an economical counterpart with even stricter control and central planning and the Warsaw League as a military branch.

The outspoken goal of all these leagues right from the start was global domination. Total power, total control of both populations and resources. That the intended war did not break out is no point which I regret. The collapse of the USSR and her allies preceded this event, because people were just no longer willing to bear the yoke.

But I digress.

A major symptom of governmental omnipotence fantasies is control of resources. One of the most essential resources is energy, especially as electricity.

This is the point where government defends its claims fiercest, bar only the military- any attempt to gain grid independence will be nipped in the bud by fees, ridiculous infringements and regulations and priced up by subsidies as a means of corruption.

What does "control" mean?

The final stage of any form of government is a completely controlled society, socialism. The state is the sole ruler about life and death, the Individual[1] has no right whatsoever to decide for himself, oppose to or even criticize government. Government decides about medical care, education, health, career—the long arm of government reaches deep into your private life until the last remainder of privacy perishes in the swamp of laws and regulations.

Who thinks all this would only concern your power line and -bill thinks a trifle too short. Control means to have the power to switch you off the line, the decision about who might be worthy to receive the blessings of electricity—and who won't. The central switch by which the entire grid can be cut gives tremendous power to kill, to let live, to ration life.

Who ever holds this power can rule a country. The less switches, the less units are to control, the larger is the power that can be exerted over the collective.

The most powerful means to produce electricity are nuclear power plants. Their Gigawatt[2] performance outplays all other power generators which makes them the ideal means to keep large masses in total dependency and—if necessary to switch them off.

There is hardly a household in the EUSSR or anywhere else in industrialized countries, which is not dependent on grid electricity and therefore unable to supply itself autonomously. Especially in the cities dependency is absolute. There, only few have ovens which do not rely on electrical control, often even teleheating provides convenient but centrally-controlled warm feet. Here, collectivism shows its true face: Be quiet, sheeple or else...

Nuclear power has another convenient side effect: It provides material which is suitable for the construction of nuclear bombs. A weapon which can wipe out an entire city by click of a mouse is the ultimate wet dream of any collectivist. The possibility to wipe out masses fast and reliable is an instrument of power which renders entire populations prone to black mail.

The question is not: Nuclear power or government owned wind parks. A state monopoly is a state monopoly, even in green disguise.

The question is: how much monopoly is healthy for a society?

You can ask as well: how much cancer is good for you. I think, the limits can't be set deep enough. The broader the latitude the individual has to make decisions, the healthier a society is as a whole. Even when the decision means, not to be part of this society. If opt-out is no option, something's wrong anyway.

Options for decentralized and private production of energy—among other things—call for competition for ideas, clients, markets and solutions. Wherever this is achieved, Individuals pile up fortunes, progress and prosperity—serving their clientele. If they wouldn't—they'd perish from the market.

A government Leviathan, defending its monopoly claim with claws and teeth, sees no need to serve its clients, as these have no choice to opt out. In fact, service to the client is not even part of the concept. These institutions can afford to empoison the environment, fail to meet the requirements of the market, expose the neighbors to whatever hazard or jeopardy, all this without having to fear the slightest reprimands or even real consequences.

The lack of any external control is a birth mark they share with government. Reality contact is increasingly volatile and vanishes eventually in the Wandlitz[3] haze, and then bureauc—rats muse why the people might be disamused by the state, i. e. "staatsverdrossen".

The introduction of a fiat central currency, the €uro, base on faith and illusions, monopolization of health care, energy production, central planning in economy, all these are symptoms of governmental omnipotence fantasies which are in the process of suffocating an entire continent.

Who still wants to breathe must face the options: either leave the country, where places to emigrate to are increasingly scarce; or, like in '89 in the East or right now in the Maghreb Countries, stand up and put a question mark on your government. This can be causing violence, but it may be even more efficient to opt out of the system, disappear from the RADAR and try to gain as much autonomy as possible in an increasingly centralized environment—pull a John Galt.

In order to starve Moloch it is a good way to pay less taxes, waste less money into bankrupt and bottomless social welfare or healthcare systems.

This Moloch grows into society exactly like a cancer into your body. At first, only a few entities with an excuse of necessities, then growth of bureaucrazy which claims more and more space and resources, invading private lives deeper and deeper, and then a total invasion of everyone's privacy until it vanishes completely and total dependency is achieved.

Another way is to initiate grassroots groups which provide a little independence for individuals. As long as these groups are small and keep a low profile, they can escape state scrutiny for quite a while. In most cases, like Eastern Germany, these groups can grow in full vision—and supervision—until Leviathan realizes that something is wrong. In most cases, it is too late for Leviathan, then.

One basic principle is a constant and rich exchange of ideas and information, which, in its multitude, is neither monitorable nor controllable, in other words, destructible.

Grass is too precious to just walk on it :-).


1. I am capitalizing the word Individual as I think this expression should have the same respect as "I"

2. GW = one billion Watt = ten million 100W bulbs

3. Wandlitz in the vicinity of Berlin was the hamlet where the leaders of the German Democratic republic used to spend their leisure time. Equipped with West TV, West food, West porn, thus being able to forget the reality of their nation.

Ulrich Biele, TANSTAAFL Consulting, Frankenberg 6c, Deutschland


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