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Number 611, March 20, 2011

"They are deliberately destroying America"

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Hip Deep in the Big Sandy
by L. Neil Smith

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I woke up one morning last week to discover that, thanks to a marriage of convenience between Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton and a number of Republicans—starting with Sarah Palin—President Barack Hussein Obama has authorized the American military to take part in establishing a "no fly zone" across Libya, ostensibly in support of individuals in rebellion against longtime dictator Moammar Gadhafi.

Now we hear that our Navy has launched 112 Tomahawk cruise missiles at Libya in what has been described as a "limited military action".

To say I was annoyed is the understatement of the century. I had to wait for a day or two before I was calm enough to write anything coherent about the matter. Even so, I'm not certain how well I have succeeded.

It's another of those "This is where I came in" moments, of which there have been far too many in my life. Like much of my generation, I was born nine months and thirty seconds after the end of World War II. I can actually, dimly, remember the Korean War. Then there was that suppurating lesion across the face of liberty called Vietnam. And after that, the First Gulf War, the Balkans, the Second Gulf War, Afghanistan, and now Libya. Sprinkled in and around them have been dozens of "minor" dust-ups" all over the world. We have bases in 160 countries.

Understand that I am in favor of most of the rebellions occuring in the middle east right now, where governments are either controlled by beribboned and bemedalled tinpots who make South American dictators look sane and statesmanlike, or by maliciously superstitious goatherds with delusions of grandeur. I celebrate these uprisings against both the Peronistas and Savonarolas of the Muslim sphere, and wish them well.

But our country—reeling from the deliberate demolition of its economy—is now involved in three separate senseless wars it can't win and can't afford to fight, and shouldn't, even if it could. This goes way beyond reinventing the wheel. It goes beyond reinventing the wheel square. This is reinventing the wheel inside-out, upside-down, and in another dimension—a dimension of absolute, murderous imbecility.

Or calculated evil.

Last time a basically dickless President—George "the Wimp" H.W. Bush—did something this self-evidently suicidal, the World Trade Center got levelled, and thousands of Americans died, here and later overseas. Of course it served its purpose, providing those in power with a decade, so far, of justifications for dismantlimg everything good that America ever stood for in the way of individual liberty, of peace, freedom, progress, and prosperity. Is that what Hillary Rodham Clinton—no less an Alinsky-style Marxist zealot than Barack Hussein Obama—really wants? The first time I ever laid eyes on the woman, I surprised myself, remarking that she had the reek of another Holocaust about her. Should I go back to calling her "Polly Pot, the Deathcamp Dolly?"

With an illegal blocade of Iraq, the American government allowed hundreds of thousands of children to die of malnuitrition and lack of medicine. When the surviving victims struck back, the then-President, Wimp Junior, asserted that "They hate our freedom", a lie as low and contemptible as that of former Secretary of State Madelyn Albright who, confronted by the deaths of those children quipped, "It was worth it."

(There is a great deal to be said for retaliation, and retribution has its religious advocates. There are even those who claim to speak for justice. But deny it though you will, however ardently, all of them are nothing more than revenge repackaged. The idea of revenge doesn't disturb me the way it seems to disturb others. Darwin would have thought well of it. It's what keeps the marauders from coming back for seconds—unless they're too stupid to live in the first place.)

Now the current Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, has taken the same path which, in the 1930s and 40s, culminated in what the Nazis called "the Final Solution". Hillary ought to be arrested, tried, and deported, since the policies she's consistently pursued have always been anti-American, in the sense that they are deliberately destroying America. No civilized country will take the woman, obviously, so we'll have to have her air-dropped into one of those Third World places she has "helped". If she's sincerely contrite, we might even give her a parachute.

Until that sunny day, permit me to introduce what I will modestly term the "Smith Doctrine". If other middle eastern satrapies—in particular the Saudis, who are incontinently terrified the revolution is headed their way—want America to mess around in Libya, it should cost them something. Start with all the military aircraft we ever gave them—apparently to no purpose (we'll take their pilots and their families and make them American citizens)—and all the oil we can consume, absolutely free, as long as we're fighting their battles for them.

I presume that since they'll find those terms unacceptable, we're out of there. "Peace with Honor", as that old douchebag Nixon used to say.

For some time, now, I have been assuming that most politicians in this country, not just Obama, not just the Democratic Party, but a great many others, as well—how else can you account for a drooling moron like John McCain or a cowardly moral cripple like John Boehner?—are grimly intent on crushing everything about America that was ever decent and admirable. Can I prove it? Very possibly, piece by little piece by little piece. But in the meantime, it explains the insanity that is our domestic and foreign policy better than any other theory.

England, deprived by two insanely unnecessary wars of most of two generations of men who might have prevented it, succumbed, in their fatal absence, to the feminized politics of detail we call socialism. And now the "flower" of American manhood—a reliable majority of whom vote consistently against socialism, or at least believe they do—have been taken away from us and sent to wander aimlessly in three different deserts, while at home, the forces of socialism race toward the historical finish line at the highest velocity they've ever achieved.

It's time to put a stop to that.

It's time to end these wars and call our warriors back.

Bring them home.

Bring them all home.

Bring them home now.

Note: Please read the following article. It is an amazing item, and could indicate a sea-change among conservatives.

"The Curious Case of Ron Paul"
by Andrew Foy, MD
(American Thinker, March 20, 2011)

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