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Number 611, March 20, 2011

"They are deliberately destroying America"

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Letter from E.J. Totty

Letter from L. Neil Smith

Another Letter from E.J. Totty

Letter from A.X. Perez

Yet Another Letter from E.J. Totty

Another Letter from A.X. Perez

Letter from Ookee Buddha

Yet Another Letter from A.X. Perez

Re: "Another Letter from Paul Bonneau"


Thank you for taking the time to reply!

I have not sufficiently elucidated the whole idea I put forth. There are other items which would prevent, if not completely eliminate the tyranny of the majority of the citizenry.

The 80% super majority is the litmus test as to whether a law is considered good by the whole of the People themselves. Think: If you might get a full 80% of the registered voters to agree on a measure, then it's quite likely that you'll get even more.

Remember here, this idea represents the thought 'two out of three.'

The first 'two' are:

1. The 80% super majority vote

2. All laws sunset at their third year of existence if they can't be reauthorized. And if they fail, it's another 20 years before they may again be suggested.

The third is this: Any appropriation legislation put before the people may not encumber a voter who objects to the tax. So then, the people are protected by the third prong of the '2 out of 3' such that even if a law gets the 80% approval, no one whom objects is made to pay for it, i.e., paying for the enforcement of the law. So, even if you were against the law, you'd be fully exempted from paying anything (whatever tax, fee, or other monetary encumbrance) in the way of helping enforcement. All of that goes without saying that anyone opting out could not take advantage of whatever benefit, unless they paid in-full with interest charges prior to receiving that benefit.

Now then, as we both know, man-made laws are concepts which are expressed in written form in/on some medium. They rely entirely upon the actions of men to enforce their true intent.

As L.Neil Smith has put forth, there needs to be a 'Bill of Rights' enforcement clause, possessing of certain complications for anyone whom deems it appropriate to ignore our rights.

It is my considered opinion that the only reason such a clause has not been put forth for ratification as an Article of Amendment, is simply because there are far too many equivocating dissemblers in elected and appointed office, who know for certain that they'd be standing at the front of the line for arrest, prosecution and conviction, some of whom would surely face the death penalty for their past acts.

Things work only when they are made to work properly. So again, if all suggested laws were to be placed before the people for their direct consideration, I would be willing to bet a handsome sum that most of them would never see the light of day. And the ones which did? They would thence encumber the citizens in a proper way, or they would be seen for what they are: A freaking nuisance needing eradication post haste. Three years of misery would be remembered come re-authorization time. All it would take is for some cop or prosecutor to misuse a law for ill intent and it would face sure nullification come time for re-authorization.

Finally, just as a reminder: The only laws remaining would be those which received the super majority vote. All of the others would be relegated to the trash heap of history. I can't think of the last time that a full 80% of the registered voters actually showed at the polls to enact an oppressive law.

When people finally got the message of what the law should be, they would be far happier. That message would be just this: If you harm the life, liberty and/or property of another, you shall be held to account accordingly. The 'accordingly' would take into consideration mere unintended happenstance, all the way to malicious intent. Further to that is this: All trials would be stand alone, and rely totally upon the mitigating circumstances of that particular incident. No precedents allowed. They could be referenced, but by no means could they be binding or be used in a predicating way. All a judge might say is: The instances are are identical, and the decision was '.....' So then, by that reasoning, I declare '.....'

It's eminently doable. The paradigm isn't so foreign, and most people would grasp the essence of the matter after a bit of thought, and many—if not most—would come to embrace the concept. Imagine: No more police and prosecutors conniving to entrap, or otherwise use bad law to justify their existence. If what you have done cannot be said to have harmed another person is a real and measurable way, then what harm could you have done?

I suppose I should at some point fully elucidate the idea and make a comparison to each section of the U.S. Constitution, pointing out how it wouldn't take much beyond a comprehensive article of amendment to cover the whole change.

Again, thank you for the reply.

Kindest regards,

E.J. Totty


A Denver talk show host, Peter Boyles, after covering a number of totally irrational "zero tolerance" incidents in the public schools, has caused to be generated the attached file which he instructs parents to print out as a card, laminate, and give to their children for use in such circumstances.

In its first application, I gather, when two kids we about to be given the Black Maria treatment for sparring and generally messing around like boys on the playground, once the card was flashed, all of the adult bullies went back inside and left the kids alone.

As badly-worded as the card may be, I think it has real potential. I suppose we could whomp one up of our own, and offer it in TLE.

Whaddya think?

BOR Card

L. Neil Smith

Absolutely freaking amazing!!!


E.J. Totty

Bill of Rights Union

A couple of years back L. Neil Smith proposed a Bill of Rights Union. Basically it would be a Union of nations that adopted the US Bill of rights as is. It would be a good thing if the US would remember we were under the Bill of Rights of course, but that being said, it's about time for us to insist that any supra national authority we sign on to bind itself to the Bill of Rights. Arguably we are headed towards a world state ( took a break to wash my mouth with lye soap) and we may even inflict an interplanetary state (interstellar, inter galactic, possibly interdimensional?) on ourselves. Now is the time to push for a Bill of Rights Union before we get stuck with a UN Statement of Rights or a Sharia Union instead.

A.X. Perez

New Theme Song

This is just to inform you that I've discovered the absolutely perfect theme song for the U.S. Congress.

Although I will suppose that it may well apply to legislatures everywhere, the background beat, which accompanies the 'message' is most fitting.

Most music follows a repetitive pattern, and this one is no different, save for the fact that it is most illustrative of our dilemma: All we really hear from that pack of bloody jerks are the very same excuses, over, and over, and over, and over...

Well, you get the idea. The video is humorous for the content. So, then, the next time you get a message from one or another of your congress critters regarding whatever matter, DO BE SURE to forward the following URL to them, remarking that it's the essence of 'their' message to you!!



E.J. Totty

Get Some Facts!

I have had it with people's deliberate ignorance!!

Very specifically I am referring to the panic buying of potassium iodide in areas where little if any radioactive material released from the Fukushima reactors in Japan will be wafted by winds. I am tired of people not getting it that as one moves away from the plants in question the radiation one is exposed to drops fairly rapidly until it reaches almost homeopathic levels of dilution, but almost taking an almost childish delight in the delusions they hold onto of the nuclear bogeyman (get connection between dilution and delusion? Stupid word game like that help me refocus how truly pissed I am into something useful). I am tired of people apparently not getting the warning that if you are not in immediate danger of absorbing radioactive iodine taking KI in pharmaceutical doses is a good way to poison yourself.

But most of all I am tired of so many political leaders, media commentators, and educators working so damn hard about not knowing facts about wind patterns, dispersal patterns, radiation concentrations, and dosage of prophylactic medicine any fourth grader could look up, even before we had the 'net that their only possible reaction to any real danger is to engage in hysterical panic and to incite the same in others. This lack of minimal knowledge is the kind of thing that leads to the rise in power of men on white horses come to save us from the crisis. And what truly infuriates me is that to be honest this usually about crises that we do not need saving from, or at least not in in the manner offered by the eques candidus in question.

I am fed up with deliberate ignorance.

A.X. Perez

People of Earth, greetings from Ookee Buddha, a living God...

I want you to visit my new website, which presents some very big news.

If you are doubtful of my claim that I am a God, I suggest that you ask a dead person. The dead are now cared for by J, a part of my mind, and should therefore be available to talk to you.

Among the features of the site are:

1) An introduction to J, who implements my ideas on a worldwide scale.

2) Exciting news: I have found solutions to the problems of aging, cancer, and viruses.

3) An explanation as to why I chose "Ookee Buddha" to be my name.

4) A list of the Buddhas I have been in the past.

5) Definitions of the letters of the alphabet.

Perhaps you know of children who were conceived by chocolate with "God" as their father ... if so you might be surprised to learn that the "God" picked by the cocoa beans is I myself. This is explained more on my web site.

Those of you who can help me: I humbly request your help. Once you and your loved ones have had your aging stopped, and are free of illness, I hope you will want to reward me with an alm. Money would be helpful at the present because of my current circumstances and low bank balance.

Also, I hope you will help this message get around the web, so that the abovementioned news will reach those to whom it will make a difference, which is pretty much everybody on our planet.

You can reach me at

please

Own Po Web Creations | 16575 Roosevelt | Goodyear | AZ | 85338 | US

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[The stuff that I find in the in-box, I tell ya.... Anyway, as my email software notes "This message may be a scam." Er... ya think? —Editor]

We don't belong in Lybia

A. It is none of our fucking business, it is none of our fucking business, and oh yeah, it is none of our fucking business. The Libyans are having a revolution/Civil War. It is their affair, not ours. The US does not get oil from Libya, so it doesn't matter to us who runs the place. And we have no strategic interests that give us a need to butt in on Libya's affairs. So when is its not our FB three times that's exactly what I mean.

B. The effort to overthrow Que Daffy (pardon spanglish rename) will help set the precedent that the UN has the "authority" to create and destroy governments, that sovereignty lies in the will of the Security Council, not God, not the will of the people, not some families' birthright, but the will of the appointees of kleptocrats hanging out in New York.

For some reasons I don't want to trust my freedom and dignity to this arrangement.

C. Did i mention it is none of our fucking business?

A.X. Perez


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