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Number 603, January 16, 2011

"Liberalism as it's currently practiced,
isn't so much another point of view as
it is a form of mental illness"

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A Letter to Australia
by L. Neil Smith

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Special to The Libertarian Enterprise

This weekend, the "humanitarians" who wish to suppress the right of self-defense were out in force in the wake of the shootings in Tucson.

Like the so-called mainstream media, who are striving to twist the event into an excuse to suppress free speech and force individuals who are critical of runaway government to shut up, members of advocates of "gun control"—more accurately known as victim disarmament—have been sitting impatiently like vultures on a saguaro cactus, awaiting their next bloodsoaked opportunity. In both instances, the "solution" is—as it has always been—to trash the Bill of Rights, because the "problem" is invariably defined by these creatures as too much freedom.

Of course the professional news media—about 89 percent of them registered Democrats somewhere to the left of Leon Trotsky, and often secretive contributors to various nasty collectivist causes—have gone absolutely bonkers. This is the very kind of thing they all live for.

They are incontinently eager to blame gun owners, talk radio, the Tea Parties, certain conservatives—I haven't heard anybody mention libertarians yet, although I'm sure they'll get to us eventually—for what took place in Tucson, even though the apparently crazed assassin is demonstrably one of their own, a man of the left, an avid reader of Karl Marx, Mao Tse Tung, and National Socialist Adolf Hitler.

"If it bleeds, it leads," runs the credo of what presently passes for journalism in this civilization. Merchants of fear that they are and always have been (and how they hate to hear it!), their preferred form of government might most accurately be termed "paranoiacracy"—as currently exemplified by the reign of thuggery in our nation's airports.

What's more, in a fit of suicidal imbecility—and because they stubbornly refuse to learn that the way Americans assimilate such occurrences has changed since the invention of the Internet—they have virtually guaranteed the election, in 2012, of Sarah Palin, whom they have energetically defamed, to the Presidency of the United States.

Left wing fascists who call themselves liberals or progressives don't solve problems. They can't solve problems. In the first place, unsolved problems are their very stock in trade; solved problems represent a threat to their way of life. And, too, the particular mental illness that they suffer—and fraudulently try to present to the world as a political philosophy—isolates them from the cold, hard facts of objective reality, rendering them incapable of solving problems.

Instead, given sufficient money and political power, they merely shuffle problems around, shifting the load, as it were, from one location to another, invariably making things vastly worse in the process. It's the sociopolitical equivalent of sweeping dirt under the rug.

For example, they erroneously believe that switching from internal combustion to electric cars will eliminate exhaust pipe emissions and somehow "save the Earth" (which, although they childishly refuse to acknowledge it, doesn't really need saving). What they don't see—because they won't look—is that generating enough electric current to operate the automobiles of a nation or the world will fill the air with a greater volume of smokestack emissions, made worse because of the inefficiencies involved in delivering energy from powerplants to garages.

Without question, firearms confer a kind of power once reserved to the ancient gods, the ability to kill with the pointing of a finger. Colonel Jeff Cooper, the "Yoda" of defensive pistolcraft, used to refer to the .45 automatic as "Jove's thunderbolt". And in individual private hands, at various times and places, this astonishing ability enabled Americans to kick a king to the curb, and has (despite what you may have heard to the contrary from the Old Media) rendered our unique society unprecedentedly peaceful, productive, prosperous, and progressive.

However nohing is perfect, especially in a culture almost totally ignorant of even the most rudimentary elements of the ethics of self-defense. The high rate of violent crime for which this country is so often ridiculed abroad, overwhelmingly occurs in those parts of it—inner cities or urban cores—that labor under the most stringent gun laws in America, and they have been controlled by the left for generations.

The "solution" offered by left wing fascists who call themselves liberals or progressives (although you would normally expect it from right wing fascists who call themselves conservatives) is to shift the power of Jove's thunderbolt out of the hands of individuals into those of increasingly brutal uniformed goons (the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives, for example, architects of the Waco Massacre, is known as the most violent, corrupt, and repressive of all government agencies) who make less and less distinction every day between genuine criminals and innocents whose only crime consists of paying their bloated salaries and foolishly looking to them for protection.

All of this comes to mind again because I happened to glance over my wife Cathy's shoulder this weekend and observed that she was in the middle of an online tussle with some Australians and Australianoids, hysterically desperate to confer the dubious blessings of their totalitarian brand of victim disarmament—which, since the Port Arthur Massacre in Tasmania, has left them with the highest rate of violent crime in Western Civilization—upon us ignorant, loutish Yanks.

For what it's worth, it always embarrasses and perplexes me to hear from Australians with these obsolete, retrograde—and to be perfectly frank, shockingly effete, pencil-necked—views. I know personally that their country if filled with much better people than that. They don't even have to live in the outback to practice rugged individualism and "don't ask, don't tell" with regard to weapons ownership.

Much the same is true, as well, in Scotland.

Take that, "King Sean".

One of Cathy's correspondents even argued that somehow the act of self-defense is impossible, unaware that you can draw and fire on an aggressor who "has the drop" on you (not alogether without risk, of course), because it's the last thing he ever expects. Another pointed to the "fact" that "everybody always freezes up" in an emergency, unwittingly revealing something about himself. He sneered that nobody used a weapon against the Tucson assassin, apparently unaware that the crowd that day was composed mostly of unarmed "liberals" who knew nothing—and probably wanted to know nothing—about personal self-defense.

Of course, the heaven-on-Earth they believe they can achieve through victim disarmament isn't entirely without its costs. As all would-be dictators know, you can't make an omelet without breaking eggs, can you? Eggs like Rodney Ansell, the real life individual on whom the world's most famous fictional Australian, Crocodile Dundee, was based, murdered by the police because he wouldn't give up his rights.

Or his guns.

Oh, sure, he was involved with drugs.

Like Julian Assange is a rapist.

Where in the hell do the left wing fascists who call themselves liberals or progressives think they get the right to limit my life or the lives of others? Probably not from some god. Maybe from the "Will of the People"—as interpreted, of course, by left wing fascists who call themselves liberals or progressives. (This is the way ex-Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi devined that the 75 percent of Americans who oppose Obamacare don't really know their own minds.) Yet democracy, even at its best, is nothing more that a crude process of counting noses. "Lookit here, buddy: there are more of us than there are of you, so do what we want or we'll kill you." That's all there is to democracy.

That's all there ever was and all there ever will be.

Democracy is naked force, deferred. Let's get a few things straight, Australia. (You all know who I'm talking to here, and who I'm not.) In the first place, "gun control"—and this is something you may not wish to understand—is the "philosophy" that it is better to see a woman raped in an alley and strangled with her own pantyhose, than to see her with a gun in her hand.

As I first observed categorically at WeaponsCon I in Atlanta, Georgia, in September of 1987, and later that same year at the Future of Freedom Conference in Culver City, California, it is the unalienable individual, civil, Constitutional, and human right of every man, woman, and responsible child in the world to obtain, own, and carry, openly or concealed, any weapon—rifle, shotgun, handgun, machinegun, anything—any time, any place, without asking anyone's permission.

Known as the Atlanta Declaration, this statement became a rallying point in the struggle here for individual rights, and has helped in a small way to turn American society away from its slavish "Greatest Generation" devotion to authority, toward a future of freedom and independence.

Here's the bottom line, Australia: no matter what you or your allies here say, no matter what you do, no matter what legislation, however unconstitutional illegal, you manage to ram through, or how many ignorant, corrupt judges you dig up to validate your particular sickness, I am not going to give up my rights—and you can't make me.

Or my weapons.

You can kill me, or try to, but that introduces complications. Gun laws—something else you may not wish to understand—are enforced at gun point. Exactly how many individuals like me are you lovely, warm, humane, and fuzzy people willing to have your thugs brutalize, torture, and murder (because you certainly don't have the spine, guts, or balls to try doing it yourself) in order to create this marvelous, pastel, pastoral, Utopia of yours, of universal peace, love, and understanding?

A Utopia resembling the Dark Ages, in which the biggest thug with the biggest club or the biggest gang tells everybody else what to do, what to say, where to live, what to eat, and to whom they must submit sexually.

Whenever they first hear of it, those who value their freedom, independence, personal sovereignty, self-determination, and individual dignity, who reject socialism's dark Draconian vision of the future, acknowledge the validity of the Atlanta Declaration and understand that they can rely on the philosophy it represents to preserve those values.

"Every man, woman, and responsible child has an unalienable individual, civil, Constitutional, and human right to obtain, own, and carry, openly or concealed, any weapon—rifle, shotgun, handgun, machinegun, anything—any time, any place, without asking anyone's permission."

Let's see if it can do the same for you, Australia.

First published at "L Neil Smith at Random" January 10, 2011

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