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Number 602, January 9, 2011

"The right to buy weapons is the right to be free."
—A.E. van Vogt (1951)

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The State as Vampire
by Bob Wallace

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Exclusive to The Libertarian Enterprise

The "State," strictly speaking, does not exist. The word is a short-hand, a convenient fiction. What does exist are several groups of people, the "elites" (I use the term neutrally) who have gained political power over everyone else, and use that power to economically exploit everyone.

You can, for all practical purposes, call the Elites "the non-producers" and everyone else "producers." So, then, the State is a vampire, feeding upon the producers. This is how the United States has ended up with one percent of the people owning 40% of the wealth.

It is impossible for one percent to own 40% of the wealth under the free market. Therefore, the United States is not a free market anymore. We do have enough of it, however, for the vampirish State to grow and thrive. While everyone else gets poorer and poorer, of course.

Many people have noticed what's going on for a long time. Andrew Jackson zeroed in on the problem close to 200 years ago—he saw the attempt by banksters to found a central bank so they could control the money supply and fleece the citizens. He put a stop to it.

The poet Ezra Pound saw the problem, too. (Parenthetically, I am amused that a poet understood political economy, something that Ph.D.s from Harvard and Yale do not). "History, as seen by a Monetary Economist," Pound wrote, "is a continuous struggle between producers and non-producers, and those who try to make a living by inserting a false system of book-keeping between the producers and their just recompense." What he meant by "a false system of book-keeping" is the central bank in any country, because the owners (counterfeiters) control the money supply to benefit themselves at the expense of everyone else. "The usurers act through fraud, falsification, superstitions, habits and, when these methods do not function, they let loose a war," Pound continued. "Everything hinges on monopoly, and the particular monopolies hinge around the great illusionistic monetary monopoly."

One of the most immoral things about international bankers is that they fund both sides in a war—they can make billions of dollars off of mass murder and massive destruction.

"In the case of war," writes Carolina Hartley. "it was an easy task for a private bank with seats in several different national banks to calculate the deposits and income of the contesting states and the loans they secured to raise their armies, thus allowing the privileged few to bet on the probable winner."

If the above quote does not describe a vampire, then I don't know what does.

Jesus saw through these people too—the only people beat he beat (with a whip) were the money-changers in the temple, who were the banksters of that era.

Vilfredo Pareto, who is an essential read, formulated the concept of "the Circulation of the Elites." Elites are always replaced. This is why we will never have a New World Order or One World Government or an Orwellian jackpot stamping on our heads for the rest of time. The Elites always end up being guillotined or shot or hung upside down by their heels from a lamppost.

They are replaced by other Elites, who sooner or later turn into the people they displaced. Then they get displaced. And so it goes, on and on, ad infinitum, ad nauseum.

Vampires cannot stand the light of day. In fact, it destroys them. The same thing is true of the State, or the Elites, or the non-producers, or however you want to refer to them. The one thing that will destroy them is the light, because evil cannot stand being exposed.


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