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Number 595, November 14, 2010

"The secession of the individual from the state"

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The TSA—A Modest Proposal
by Simon Jester

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I was reading some of the many stories about the TSA, and I came across—then I got an idea...

The TSA has a lot of power, because they can stop a person from traveling. If you're trying to get across the country in a reasonable amount of time, then here are your choices: You can be a doormat and probably be allowed to continue on, or you can stand up for yourself and probably miss your flight or worse.

What if you had no intention of flying anywhere?

What if you just booked the cheapest flight you could find (maybe one scheduled to depart on 11/24...) and showed up at the airport— maybe with one carryon, just to make it look good. But you're not there to travel—you're there to stand up to the TSA. Since you're not flying anywhere, their power is somewhat reduced. As I understand it, if you stay within certain boundaries then all they can do is have you escorted from the airport.

I'm not even sure if TSAites are authorized to handcuff or detain people, or lay hands on them other than in the case of someone consenting to a pat-down. Of course, a lot of them don't seem to know or care—I'm sure you've heard the stories. The training I received to get my CCW in my state indicated that if someone other than an LEO laid hands on me (or gave me reason to believe that they were going to do so) then I have a right to defend myself.




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