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Number 590, October 3, 2010

"Americans hold Congress members in lower esteem than
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Notes From the Border
by A.X. Perez

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El Paso is all the way up to three murders for 2010. Latest one happened on Ft. Bliss, so some would claim doesn't count against Chucostlan's tally, but shooter and victims (one wounded, one killed) were civilians who live in El Paso and work on base. "Military Law Enforcement Personnel" killed shooter (Query, are we talking MP's, CIS, Contract Security cops?)

So three murders, two civilian self defense killings, two righteous killings by cops (mas o menos, lost count). One weekend's count in Juarez and a slow weekend at that.

El Paso is a gun friendly town. Not my opinion, passed on to me by person comparing to Dallas and a couple of other Texas cities. Texas law allows you to carry pistol concealed in car without CCL. State legislature had to pass laws specifically spelling this out because Some Texas DA's were going for cheap convictions for illegal carry under less explicit laws.

Cold War Shooters temporarily closed due to personal problems. Hope they reopen. Close enough to house that even walking up hill could tote rifle home before old biddies could call cops and cops stop me before I got home. Like I said El Paso is gun friendly town, but maybeso refugee from Big D get job with local PD. Currently EP cops assigned one M4 per car due to danger of drug war spilling over from Juarez so have no desire to make unduly nervous.

That remains big rabid wolf walking through village. One side of Rio Grande Shiny Happy Pachucos (Anglo, Black, Latino, Asian or registered member of tribe, one definition of Pachuco is a guy from EL Paso. Plenty of Pachucas also) live in larcenous amity. On the other, a war zone where guys take dates to hits as cover ( meal, murder and movie) and comely female assassins are being recruited (whole new meaning to saying a girl is to die for gorgeous).

Two kidnappers were beaten to death by mob of fed up civilians and a mutilated corpse was discovered with a sign saying that was the fate of those who continue to murder innocent women. I agree with the sentiment but there is something wrong with a society where lynch law is the only justice available.

Maybe legislature will give Border counties a break and adopt Vermont carry for counties and cities on Rio Grande. Get old biddies in Dallas and Austin off our backs.

Silver Linings and all that.

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