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Number 575, June 20, 2010

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If a bio movie is ever made of Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State she should be played by Alicia Silverstone. Ms Silverstone should prepare for the job by viewing it as a reprise of her role as Cher Horowitz. I can think of no foreign policy success that can be laid at her feet. i can think of a few blunders, mostly using her post to pursue a domestic agenda.

The latest example is her announcement on Ecuadorian TV of plans by the Obama Administration to sue Arizona over SB1070 (Arizona's immigration law). Quite justly the Governor of Arizona complained about not being told about this suit before it was announced on foreign TV. My own discomfort with her action is admittedly an application of the adage about airing dirty laundry in public (don't!).

The federales are asking for trouble on this one. Whether one supports restricting immigration (other than health screening and identifying people entering the US specifically to rob, rape, kidnap and murder) which I don't, or wants open Borders and welcome for everyone coming into the US to try to earn an honest living (including amnesty for those already here who meet that description) which I do, the fact is Arizona is getting screwed, blued and tattooed, or at least its citizens feel they are. Failure by the US Government to enforce its Borders has led to incursion by people vandalizing property and engaging in various violations of the ZAP, often people who enter the US for the purpose of engaging in violent crime. the politicians responded to this perceived need (and admittedly many may have whipped up a greater than necessary frenzy over it) with SB1070.

Does the US Government really need to bring attention to the fact that it has failed to pass immigration laws protecting the rights of people who enter this country to peacefully earn an honest living while at the same time protecting the people of the US from foreigners who enter our borders to violate American rights? That the Republicans and Democrats in a true spirit of bipartisanship sunk Baby Bush's efforts to resolve the issue and that BO has pretty much failed to give it the attention it deserves?

The US Government passed unjust immigration laws. When this led to violent criminals getting a free pass to invade Arizona (or at least so the people of that state perceive the issue) the politicians of that state passed another unjust law to try to protect their constituents. Rather than taking the appropriate action to defend the people of Arizona from invasion by foreign criminals(which is what many people consider to be the federal government's primary purpose and only excuse for existing) the Feds abandoned them and are now criminalizing their efforts at self defense.

You don't have to support SB1070, hell you can bluntly oppose it, to realize that the people of Arizona are getting a raw deal, have reached the limits of "while evils are sufferable."

Perhaps there is an element of racism in SB1070, but the Feds failure to defend Arizonans rights and then penalizing them for acting in self defense is flat out equal opportunity tyranny. And Hillary Clinton is their spokeswoman.

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