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Number 567, April 25, 2010

Authoritarian sycophants in the lamestream media

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"The Way it Ought to Be"
by Rob Sandwell

Attribute to The Libertarian Enterprise

I saw a church billboard today.

It read, "The Law is the way it ought to be. The Gospel is the way it will be!"

Church sign

I don't care here about the second part, if that's for you, well and good. It's the first bit which concerns me.

"The law is the way it ought to be." That really is a terrifying statement. At least it is to me. Maybe to some people that isn't so immediately obvious.

The law is people with guns telling you what to eat. The law is people with guns telling you what you can work at, and for how much. The law is people with guns telling you where you can live. The law is people with guns telling you what you can buy, and what you can sell, and for how much, and to whom, and where, and when.

Usually, when I point this out to someone, I get some variation of "well, you take the good with the bad," or "don't throw the baby out with the bathwater," or most worthless of all, "well it's a representative government, if you don't like it, change the law!" And of course, "sure there's problems, but we need government and the law. The alternative is death and predation."

The law is a gun jammed against the back of your neck telling you what you can put in your body and who you can make love to. And the alternative is death and predation?

I imagine that if you went into that church, and asked anyone there if they thought that goodness, and kindness, and peace, and love, and altruism, and patience, and compassion were virtues they'd say yes. I imagine if you asked them if they had those virtues they'd say yes. And yet they belong to an organization which believes that "the law" is the way it ought to be.

This isn't just a problem with churches. This is a problem with society. Public school teachers instruct their students to support the politicians who pass these laws. The news media holds up the police who enforce these laws as heroes. Television and movies portray law enforcement officers who use threats and intimidation against innocent civilians as "the good guys." Parents take their children to political rallies and even sports teams censure the players who refuse to show obeisance to the flag and anthem. Everyone in our society holds "the law" up as the last bastion of polite society, and refuses to see it as the gross destruction of human decency that it is.

This is how the masters veil their actions. Coercive taxation is so obviously theft, so obviously slavery, that it can never be examined lest their evils be revealed. So they drape layer upon layer of fine words and sweet sentiments across it to disguise it. But we are the princess and "the law" is the pea, and despite all their attempts to keep it from our notice, there can be no doubt that their actions are merely those of violent men. Men armed with guns and arrogance, and willing to extort unto death everyone within their purview. Make no mistake, they are limited in the extent of their evil only by the extent of their reach.

And it is organizations such as this church who aid them in their obfuscations. They have swallowed the lie themselves, and now foist it upon others. But it is not enough to simply preach this corruption to their own, they must shout it out for the world to see.

The law is the way it ought to be!

The very statement betrays either a profound ignorance or a disgusting moral turpitude. If the law is the way it ought to be, then what of laws which have changed? Hmmm? What of prohibition? Ought alcohol be legal, or illegal? Or are we to believe that when it was legal, that was how it ought to have been, then it ought to have been illegal, then legal once more? What of laws which vary from state to state? Are we to believe that homosexual marriage ought to be, but only in a half dozen or so states? What about marijuana in California? Ought it be legal for medicinal use, but only so long as a federal jackboot doesn't show up to assault, arrest, and indefinitely detain you?

Was waterboarding the way it ought not be, until the federal government changed their mind?

The whole concept is ridiculous. The law is nothing more than the whim of those with the greatest force to bear. It is might makes right. And that is certainly not "the way it ought to be."

So why do institutions such as this church continue to offer up such false teachings? Perhaps it is because they don't know any better. Most likely, the people in that church were raised to respect the state and its dictates, and are simply parroting that belief. Perhaps it is because they stand to gain from the system as it exists today. After all, they are tax exempt. Now, certainly I believe that all of us should be truly tax exempt, forever and ever amen, but in a system where some are being robbed and some are not, surely those who are not have a significant advantage in the marketplace. And perhaps it is because on some level, they really do understand they've been conned, and rather than stand up against it, which can be frightening and socially ostracizing, they would rather perpetuate the con so that at least they won't suffer alone.

Of course, maybe they're just straight up evil and complicit from the start.

Regardless, this is simply another idea which must be opposed. The law is not "the way it ought to be." The law is the shackles at your wrists and the yoke around your neck. Until the collapse, it will continue to pinion the potential of man. But never let them tell you it is "the way it ought to be."

Man ought to be free. And someday, he will be.

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