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Dollar DVD's* Part 4—Government May Be Hazardous To Health
Conspiracy Movie Reviews for the week of April 18, 2010
by Roy L. Fox

Attribute to The Libertarian Enterprise

Rating Scale
5 Stars—Outstanding
4 Stars—Very Good
3 Stars—Fair To Midland
2 Stars—Mediocre
1 Star—Time Waster

(* These selections from are available for as low as one dollar each if bought in bulk.)

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Codex Alimentarius     Time 2:09
Codex is the food and supplement guidelines being promulgated by the World Trade and World Health Organizations under the false pretense of protecting the public from tainted or otherwise unhealthy food, but in reality promote toxic GMO foods and unhealthy chemical additives while effectively banning many vitamins and herbal supplements. This agenda is being driven by Big Pharma and Big Agra to "harmonize" North America with draconian European guidelines and to do an "end around" America's 1994 Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act (DSHEA) consumer protection legislation. DSHEA classifies nutrients and herbs as foods, sets no dosage limits, and permits the sale of all dietary supplements unless expressly proved unsafe. Codex rules will reverse things by prohibiting everything NOT proved safe, including high potency, therapeutically effective nutrients and supplements. Common foods, herbs, nutrients, amino acids, homeopathic and other natural remedies would be called drugs. Potencies would be limited, and prescriptions would be required for their use. Some would be banned altogether. This disk contains two presentations in lecture format, both of which provide interesting details on the Codex issue. The first lecture is given by Ian Crane and lasts about 90 minutes. He discusses the threats posed by Codex and how it fits hand in glove with the New World Order agenda. The second presentation is given by Dr. Rima Laibow, who goes into more detail on Codex and where they are heading. Her speaking style is somewhat distracting when she tries to be "too cute" to create emphasis on certain concepts, but there is substantial reason to share her grave concerns. Recently Congress shot down attempted legislation by John McCain that would have gutted DSHEA. But without a doubt they'll be back as many times as it takes to force their agenda through, just as they rammed through the recent Obamacare (Anti-)Health Bill. This DVD is a good introduction to this vital topic.
Rating: ***

Injecting Pandemic   Time 3:38
Dr. True Ott discusses the evidence which proves the elitists are engaging in a massive depopulation conspiracy through development of deadly flu strains. Dr. Ott shows how the people and companies responsible for these genocidal plans are connected to the malevolent eugenics policies of many governments in the last century. The recent "Model Health Emergency Laws" that have been passed in most states have set up the framework for totalitarian mandatory mass vaccinations, arrests and quarantines. Dr. Ott shows how these laws will actually spread the pandemic and how China may be involved in promoting biological war on the American population. The presentation appears to have been filmed in a home study or living room and the production quality is strictly amateur. There are several audio and video glitches. Nevertheless, the information is compelling and contains information everyone needs to be familiar with. The second documentary on the DVD by Dr. Ott is entitled "Trial of the Century". This is an earlier documentary by Dr. Ott which discusses the history of medicine. It begins as far back as the Thirty Years War in western Europe and shows the occult/secret society influences in medicine for centuries. The allopathic model for medicine dominated in the United States due to Rockefeller interests working to promote its petrochemical pharmaceutical industry over natural and nutrition based therapies. The central premise of the documentary is that there are real cures for cancer being suppressed in order to promote the elite's agenda. Despite the poor production quality, there is a great deal of thought provoking material in the two presentations. You'll never want your family anywhere near a flu vaccine after seeing this DVD!
Rating: ***

Alex Jones: Dr Laibow MD and Maj General Stubblebine Time 1:45
Radio talk show host Alex Jones from Austin, Texas conducts a credible interview of Dr Rima Laibow on the issue of Codex Alimentarius and how it relates to the elitist's agenda for world depopulation. Dr. Laibow is Medical Director for the Natural Solutions Foundation and has been on the forefront of fighting the threat posed by Codex. Her husband, retired Major General Stubblebine, adds perspective as previous head of Air Force Special Weapons Research. Video footage is primarily Alex speaking into his broadcast mike from the studio, interspersed with still pictures of his guests or an occasional still picture. Since the video doesn't really add much, the interview should have been presented in an audio CD format. I recommend dubbing the audio in MP3 format, then sharing copies with friends and relatives who can play them in their car's CD players. The information in the interview is powerful and the delivery a little smoother than her lecture mentioned earlier. If this DVD doesn't wake people up to how deadly serious this food issue is, then people are just too stupid to live. And that's exactly what the Illuminati and their globalist minions are counting on.
Rating: **

WHO Flu Scam     Time  2:49
This DVD is a sensational exposé on the central role of the World Health Organization (WHO) in creating the global flu pandemic hysteria and conspiring with the pharmaceutical corporations to push untested and unsafe vaccines on the public. The film is divided into six chapters. The first chapter is a Project Camelot interview of Jane Bürgermeister, who filed criminal charges with the FBI alleging conspiracy to commit mass murder against Baxter International and their accomplices at WHO and the United Nations. Additional bits from the interview are also found in other chapters of the film. There is also discussion of the massive purchases of coffins by FEMA and US programs for mass fatality management. Video segments from Max Igan's excellent website lays out the essentials of the New World Order conspiracy, but are a bit of overkill (pardon the pun) in this opening section of the film. Chapter 2 is entitled "Toxic Shots" and covers the sordid history of the smallpox vaccine and includes an interview with Dr. Len Horowitz. The next chapter, "Slow Kill" includes a "60 Minutes" piece CBS did on the 1976 Swine Flu vaccine fiasco. Also, Dr. Michael Hatwick talks about his warnings to the CDC about neurological complications from the flu vaccines and the subsequent lies and cover-up by the CDC. Chapter 4, "Fast Money" contains an interview with Wayne Madsen on the secret vaccines being given to US military personnel. Greg Everson discusses FEMA camps for vaccine refusniks, police checkpoints and the plan to require medical ID bracelets for travel. Part 5 is entitled "NWO Agenda" and features an excellent interview with David Icke on the role of vaccines in the world depopulation agenda. Another key feature in this section is the phone call by a citizen to the Arkansas Department of Health where the caller is told that forced vaccination by the state is "legal." When the state declares a "Health Emergency" you will either roll up your sleeve or face quarantine in a prison camp. Chapter 6 is entitled "Genocide" and features an interesting animation that originated on youtube which illustrates a hypothetical couple detailing their survival plans in the face of martial law and global pandemic. A segment from Fox News with Judge Andrew Napolitano discussing the Massachusetts Model Health Emergency Law which includes mandatory vaccines is amazing, especially coming from a mainstream media source. Overall, the DVD is a bit long and could have benefited from another trip to the editing room, but all the information is there. In fact, sections of the film are compromised by trying too hard to cram in every last fact. By frequently dubbing "factoids" on top of the audio portion of live interviews, the viewer must attempt to split their concentration between the interview and the texted information. That's awfully difficult for us older folks...and I suspect for most younger folks as well. Despite the production flaws, there are so many vital segments in this film that it rates a 'must see" in the conspiracy genre.
Rating: ****

(Error correction—In the review of Judge Andrew Napolitano posted previously, legal researcher Marc Stevens was mistakenly identified as an attorney. The Critic regrets the error!—DB)

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