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"We don't need permission."

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Letter from Richard B.Boddie

Letter from Suarts Yerom

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Letter from A.X. Perez

Letter from Richard Bartucci

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Letter from Manuel Miles

Letter from Jim Davidson

Website established to help pay Michael Badnarik's medical bills

Please, check out this release and help if you can.

Richard B.Boddie

Dear Editor:

Time is short, so I will be brief. I am writing to ask your readers to come to the assistance of the Libertarian Party. Your readers may be aware that in recent conventions, the platform was breached, and we were subsequently raided by bobarrians. We have suffered many casualties, and even now, within our own bay, our ships are being boarded from the starboard side. The worst is now before us. As those of us who survived with principle intact prepare to deal head on with the root problem, we ask for your help. Our allies are meeting at where they will form a caravan to St. Louis. It is there that we will make our stand.


Suarts Yerom

Slate's version of Obama's Facebook page

It just keeps getting better and better.

My sides hurt from laughing. Which may say more about how easily I am amused than the humor found here, or not.

Chris Claypoole

Do it Right!

Mack Reynolds was a science fiction author and socialist. He loved freedom as he understood it. There are many self-proclaimed socialists of whom this is true, apparently it is socialists flying under false flags who are enemies of freedom, at least in the US, Perhaps it is the admitted socialists status as semi-outlaws that causes them to see a need to respect individual liberty. This does not apply on university and college campuses where support for socialism seems to be de rigueur, of course.

In the late Sixties and Seventies Mack Reynolds collated some earlier short stories to create his Black Man's Burden series. One of the activities in which his UN supported characters are engaged is a project to reforest the Sahara desert. I say that this sounds like a good idea. If the transnationalists and AGW sycophants need a project to keep them entertained why don't they build a series of nuclear powered desalinization and pumping stations to irrigate the Sahara and plant trees. This will sequester a lot of carbon dioxide and change weather patterns in a manner that can't be predicted but should make life interesting.

While private money may be spent on this the transnationalist distaste for other people making a profit dictates that this be paid for by government funds. Of course this will create thousands of jobs and investment opportunities but careful manipulation can prevent private individuals from benefiting and concentrate the profits in the hands of a few corporations selected by the Security Council. Or not, what the hell.

Hey if you're going to engage in socialism do it up right and big scale!

A.X. Perez

Might the U.N. be leaving these United States?

The owner of Dubai has invited the United Nations to move its headquarters from New York City to the Emirate, and this has been widely received in the Big Apple as a major good idea.

See: [LINK] among other sources online.

I've communicated this information to L. Neil Smith, and he may be bringing you notice thereof. I thought you might like to see the Forbes article in addition. Thank you.

Richard Bartucci

I kid thee not

So I read on the web today that some poor Brit got busted for getting too loud when she and her old man got busy (the article does not say if he got busted too but apparently he was quite vocal also). She is on an eight week suspended sentence for a year if she shares her experience with the neighborhood again. That is if she gets too loud in the next year she spends eight weeks in jail.

This is not a woman living in an apartment, but one who is living in her own house. According to the report it recordings made during the investigation sound as if she and her husband are in great pain (The beautiful pain of Stranger in a Strange Land perhaps).

A while back I was trying to write a story about an ethical cop forced into the secret police because he kept getting into scrapes with the party apartchiki. A scut work job he gets stuck with is investigating a similar complaint in an apartment. Instead of busting the lovers in question he forces the contractor to properly insulate the rooms in that building. Of course I was being silly and describing the stupidest situation I could think of, something that could never be topped in the real world.

I never realized the nadir the urge to butt into other people's affairs could reach. Perhaps the people of the town of Washington in England can be persuaded to help this couple sound proof their house better. Meanwhile I think I shall try to imagine a greater depth of the folly of tyrants, but I doubt I will succeed in imagining something they won't do.

A.X. Perez

Attention: Jana McGuinness
Vancouver Police Department

I just read about your latest bit of community relations, to wit:

Vancouver police apologize after man beaten
Thu Jan 21, 10:13 PM

VANCOUVER (CBC)—The Vancouver Police Department has issued an apology after a man said he was beaten by officers who knocked on the wrong door while investigating a report of a vuuuiolent domestic dispute.

Plainclothes officers arrived at the right house at 2 a.m. PT Wednesday near Knight and 49th Street in East Vancouver, but they were at the wrong suite, police admitted in a news release Thursday.

Speaking through a translator, Yao Wei Wu told CBC News that as soon as he opened the door the officers pulled him out of the house and beat him.

He was hit multiple times on the back, head and face, said Yao, 44.

He said he did not resist because the men had guns.

It was only after they handcuffed him and asked his name that they appeared to realize they had the wrong man, Yao said.

The officers then called for an ambulance and a Chinese-speaking police officer.

Yao was taken to hospital where he said doctors found fractured bones around his eye and multiple bruises on his back.

"A full and thorough internal investigation has been launched into the case of an eastside resident who was injured and arrested in a case of mistaken identity," Const. Jana McGuinness said in a news release.

The officers didn't realize there were two separate residences in the house, McGuinness said.

"The man resisted by striking out at the police and trying to slam the door, but the officers persisted in the belief that there may be a woman and child inside who could be in danger."

The man the police were looking for who lived in the other suite in the house was later found and arrested on suspicion of assault, McGuinness said.

Your thugs have really helped to put Vancouver on the map, right in time for the Winter Olympics. Of course, it's okay because you "apologised". I noticed that you only apologised because your goons attacked the "wrong" suspect. I was just wondering if such criminal assaults are standard department policy or just common practice. The fact that the "right" suspect was arrested "on suspicion of assault" is hilarious. How badly was he assaulted for being suspected of assault, by the way?

You people should apply with the RCMP; they need more psychopaths to murder immigrants at the airport.

Let me know how your "thorough investigation" comes out, eh? I'll hold my breath until your bully boys receive a slap on the wrist and two days off with pay. I notice from the news report, by the way, that you have already begun blaming the victim. (No doubt he was wielding a stapler or stick of bubble gum...) Is that also official department policy or just more informal modus operandus?)

I await your replies to my questions.

Very sincerely indeed,

Manuel Miles
1225 Styles Street [It's around in the back in case you send some Vic cops to attack me; leave the other residents alone, okay?]
Victoria, B.C. V9A 3Z6
(250) 381 - 4338

Dear Editor,

For those of your readers who share my interest in Sun spots, here is the site to check for current events.

My friend Carl Helmers sent me there from his site today.

Or you can make a pinhole in a piece of cardboard and project an image of the Sun on a clean white sheet of paper, if the Sun is out.

Looks not quite spotless tonight, two spot clusters in evidence. YMMV.

Jim Davidson


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