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Letter from Rex May

Canadian and Hugo-nominated author Peter Watts was beaten and arrested by border patrol thugs while leaving the USA. has the story.

"Why am I supporting Dr. Watts against the United States Border Patrol on the small amount of information available so far? Dr. Watts was peacefully attempting to cross the border- leaving the country- and doing absolutely nothing to violate any other person's rights. The aggression was wholly initiated by the Border Patrol who wrongfully impeded his peaceful travel. I have strong suspicions about whose account of the incident will prove truthful, but the facts so far are sufficient in my view to size up the situation. Regardless of who was assaulted or not in the ensuing activity, the incident would never have happened at all if the United States Border Patrol had not been violating the rights of peaceful people to cross borders freely.

"Dr. Watt's belongings have been stolen by Border Patrol, and he reports that he has been severely physically assaulted by these thugs. Yet he is the one facing up to two years in jail if convicted, not to mention possible fines, essentially for the non-crime of not submissively acting as doormat for the Border Patrol but rather actively questioning their behavior."

No doubt the authoritarian types will think up reasons why he must have "provoked" the way he was treated. But I think it is all too clear. The border is the new Berlin Wall, the USA government is the Stasi, and if you want to get out, they'll hurt you, real bad.


Jim Davidson

[See additional links on the main page—Editor]

One of the "good" things about the Free State Project concentrating activists is that they are ganging up with cameras, so even if they get some cameras taken away the act is captured by someone else with a camera.

The thugs are getting caught red handed, and still getting away with it, but at least they're getting caught.

Just in case you haven't seen them,

It's sad that I'm no longer surprised by how brutal the badge-men are to people who are just standing there.

Curt Howland

The authoritative world factbook

Ken—One of my favorite bloggers is Marko Kloos, "the munchkin wrangler" at One of his recent posts notes that, as he was educated in his native Germany (he lives in New Hampshire now):

"Since I was raised and educated in Europe, my knowledge of world history and geography is far superior to that of even the most educated American. As a benevolent holiday gesture, however, I am willing to share my superior knowledge, to help my fellow Americans better understand the world outside the U.S. and A. (This information should be particularly helpful to college kids looking for an edge in their upcoming World History and Geography exams.)"

See the fascinating (and hilarious) fict oids, and the sometimes-as-funny comments, at:

Chris Claypoole

Cthulhu fhtagn!!

Re: "Atlantea The Beautiful Number 53" by L. Neil Smith and Rex May

Cthulhu for president!!!

For that matter, I propose Cthulhu for a Nobel Peace Prize as he will bring us the peace of utter madness before he feasts on our minds and souls.

And never forget

That cannot die
which can eternal dreaming lie
but you're dreaming if y' think
that in their sleep Congressmen don't lie.

A.X. "The Mad Texican" Perez

["Why vote for the LESSER of two evils?"—Editor]

I tell a lot of dog stories. Here's another one.

We used to have a pitbull, Petie, whom we kept penned in a lot to keep her from tearing up the other dogs. To make sure she didn't try to drag in another dog through the chain link (long story) we put chicken wire around the base of the fence. One time a pigeon got stuck between the two sets of fencing. Petie couldn't pull her into the pen to eat. One of our other mutts couldn't pull it out from between the fencing.

They ended up tearing the pigeon in half. Sharing is caring I guess.Enlightened self interest and all that. Didn't do the pigeon much good.

In the relation between terrorists and tyrants we are the pigeon, so it behooves us to keep out of the fencing.

A.X. Perez

Re: "A Tale of Two Frauds" by L. Neil Smith

Neil, Neil, Neil. As usual, fishing for a political solution, while still leaving today's student at risk of being "strangled with her own pantyhose".

The solution is not political. It is individual. In this case, each student gets to decide whether he or she will obey this dictate. Some will (and a fraction will pay the price with their life). Some won't, and the mugger will pay that price. And everyone gets a demonstration of natural selection, the efficacy of individual action, and the uselessness of government.

A shame you didn't mention that solution in your article.

Paul Bonneau

Christmas Decorations

This is hillarious!!!

Be sure to read the caption under the picture.

Dave Earnest

Forwarded Message:

Funny decoration

Good news is that I truly out did myself this year with my Christmas decorations. The bad news is that I had to take him down after two days. I had more people come screaming up to my house than ever. Great stories. But two things made me take it down.

First, the cops advised me that it would cause traffic accidents as they almost wrecked when they drove by.

Second, a 55 year old lady grabbed the 75 pound ladder almost killed herself putting it against my house and didn't realize that it was fake until she climbed to the top (she was not happy). By the way, she was one of the many people who attempted to do that. My yard couldn't take it either. I have more than a few tire tracks where people literally drove up my yard.

Ken R. Johnson
Frisco, TX

If somebody takes offense

The way Texas law is written, theoretically a woman can walk down the street wearing a thong and a smile and nothing else (I'd recommend sandals to avoid scorched or cut up tootsies also.). Unless someone takes offense. Someone can be counted on to take offense.

Imagine if you will a healthy, relatively comely woman with average sized mammary glands (Did you know the average American woman has a 40 inch chest? Playboy hires flat-chested models.) walking around attired as described above. Nice sunny spring day as she walks through her neighborhood where people understand she is a free spirit and is actually quite modest in her demeanor except for enjoying the sun and air on her skin.

Ms. Grundy taking a short cut to K-Mart through a strange neighborhood takes offense and calls 911 to complain. Dozens of "young men" have their relatively innocent floor show ruined and dozens of young girls are taught their bodies are "dirty."

I'm sure my friend Ann Morgan is not the only reader that finds this objectionable. Yet over and over again you hear people complaining that their free exercise of religion is under fire whether it is animal sacrifice by practitioners of Sanatoria and Vodou, the wearing of articles of clothing or ornamentation associated with various Abrahamist faiths, or public prayer at public events.

Many people would proclaim that busting (no pun intended) above described young lady is a sign of ignorance and intolerance to be deplored. The same people would see no problem with getting on a teacher in a predominantly Catholic community for visibly wearing a scapular or crucifix.

I say condemning both is wrong. There is a difference between someone flashing her teats (to be blunt) to show disrespect or contempt for another person and simply showing off her God (dess(es)) given gifts because it makes her happy. There is also a difference between forcing my religion on others and/or showing lack of respect for others beliefs on the one hand and freely expressing my beliefs on the other.

I would not condone showing deliberate disrespect for the sensibilities or religious beliefs of others either in the minority or majority opinion. Neither would I grant or claim the power to interfere with people exercising their discretion in matters of clothing or religion (OK, I will not go along with human sacrifice or the stealing and sacrificing of other persons' livestock or inanimate property. Excuse the inconsistency.)

Flashing someone as a sign of disrespect is wrong. Pushing a rood in an atheist's face while telling him he's going to hell for not believing is wrong. So is stopping people from enjoying the privilege of wearing as little clothing as the law and weather allows or making the sign of the cross in a classroom if they hear a tragedy announced over the intercom in a public school.

Yet all you need is one person saying "I take offense" and everyone else's rights just got tossed out the window.

I take offense at this.

A.X. Perez

To which Ann Morgan replied:

Dear TLE Editor (and everyone else):

I agree very strongly with what Albert Perez had to say. The use of such things as 'offense' or 'alarm' as criteria for determining the legality of an act is incompatible with freedom. Such terms are completely subjective, and impossible to define, much less define fairly. Furthermore, there is probably no human act or behavior that does NOT 'offend' or 'alarm' someone, somewhere, to some degree, however slight, rendering the use of such terminology in laws nothing more than a blatant 'blank check', allowing officials to proscribe any and every sort of behavior they happen not to like at the time.

Ann Morgan

To which L. Neil Smith replied:

Allow me to second Ann's motion. We now live in a world where certain individuals, Algore the Insane, for example, are offended if you exhale. And I have previously pointed out that antismokers are offended if they see you enjoying a cigarette 500 yards away through twelve panes of bulletproof glass.

We need to contemplate a general description of this phenomenon and possibly formulate a Constitutional amendment forbidding laws passed on such a basis.

Naked Neil from North of Niwot`

["Busybodies shall be shot on sight"?—Editor]

ObamaCare Would Not Be Improved By Including Alternative Health Care

We think that ObamaCare is currently an even greater threat to an unusually long healthy life than the FDA—and we have spent a large fortune of our own money suing the FDA on health freedom issues.

We are dismayed that some of those who believe they support freedom of choice in their health decisions would be willing to support ObamaCare—the exact opposite of freedom of choice—if it were altered to include (e.g., to pay for) alternative health care, including dietary supplements and herbal supplements.

What those folks don't realize is that adding alternative health care to the ObamaCare healthcare takeover would mean that alternative medicine would also be taken over. No more would there be a relatively free market in dietary and herbal supplements, where companies can offer a large diversity of different products, allowing even small groups of consumers to buy what they prefer. No more would there be frequent new life enhancing and life saving products and alternative medical procedures.

The government would decide on a one-size-fits-all basis what can be offered (e.g., what ObamaCare will pay for) and, thus, determine the contents and dosages of those relatively few supplements they would allow you to get under ObamaCare. This may benefit a few very large companies (such as those of Big Pharma) that will be delighted to take taxpayers' money from the government to supply government stipulated supplements. But to the vast majority of consumers of dietary and herbal supplements, as well as to most (perhaps all) small, medium, and even large sized supplement companies and alternative medical practices, it will spell the end of alternative medicine as we have known it.

Do not be fooled. ObamaCare is going to have a very negative impact on the development and availability of conventional medicines, and the same would be true for alternative medicine, including dietary and herbal supplements if they were to be included in ObamaCare. ObamaCare will make you an offer that you can't refuse...

If Obamacare includes alternative medicine and supplements, any alternative medical practice or product that does not obtain government approval will be deemed felony health care fraud.

Your fellow freedom fighters,
Durk Pearson & Sandy Shaw

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Life Enhancement Products
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