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Number 546, November 29, 2009

"How times change."

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Going Straight to Christopher Street
by Justin Thyme

Attribute to The Libertarian Enterprise

In gay areas there are no straight answers. But there are straight men and straight lines and people in financial straits. And as one I knew them because there were so few of us in downtown Manhattan. It was quite amazing for me to deal pot in the ultra gay west village in Manhattan. Amid all that weirdness I knew that I would be considered almost normal and blend in.

It was a great place to deal in the 1980's-90's. These people had money, were libertarian, discreet when they had to. And all of them like me carried a shoulder bag where I carried my trade. So I blended into their passing parade of trolloppy, trendy black leather and boots procession with lumberjack lesbians but looking as menacing as a circus parade.

This strange new world was a little frightening and off-putting at first to a guy from suburban New Jersey. But I soon realized that they were friendly, maybe a little too friendly at times. But they seemed more afraid of me then I was of them. I had several gay, lesbian and transsexual clients and friends there as well as people into B&D, S&M body modifications such as tattoos, piercings and scarrings and even more weird proclivities. This was before the Internet and the recent boldness of the media.

So one day I call from my apartment in Hoboken, NJ my connection, Steve in NYC who was my pot dealer. I had found a home for a pound of pot he had. We had decided in our hippie capitalist way that it was better to find a home for pot than have it stay in a police pound. A sell is a better than a cell. Green herb made friends easily with the greens in our wallets. I asked him if I could see him to make this transaction for our mutual benefit. He said yes but that he was pressed for time so I suggested that we meet at the closest subway stop to me that connected Hoboken. Its called Christopher Street.

So I meet Steve in his car parked across from the subway entrance. It was a busy street as always. He had a bag for me, was nervous and wanted to get it done quickly. So I explained the situation to him to tell him what to do amid where we are.

Now this part of the city was where the Gay Revolution was born with the Stonewall riots. It has been gay for a long time but until 40 years ago it was illegal to serve gays alcohol. In 1969 the cops came to the Stonewall Bar to arrest the bar staff for serving homosexuals drinks and all the patrons as well. The gays especially the drag queens fought back by having a kick line as in a Broadway show. The end result was such an embarrassment for the city they repealed the law. The rest is endless celebrations, year after year of Stonewall Parades and other Gay Liberation events. This street is so flaming that a gay magazine is named Christopher Street. I then say to him:

"The important thing here is to blend in. So if you see a cop coming down the street just put your head on my lap."

Steve laughed and said no the situation did not call for that. I then explained that he wanted me to come to Christopher Street and I was the buyer and he was the seller. I wouldn't tell the cops but I might tell the Greenwich Village Chamber of Commerce for non-performance. After all he had a bag for me and after all didn't this type of situation require that he would have to in exchange for cash supply a bag to hold the goods for safety reasons?

The ball busting is endless in this line of work. Steve later gave up the business because of prostrate problems. In fact he died of prostrate cancer. If only he went to Christopher Street he would have easily gotten a free prostrate exam.


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