The March of the Medical Morons
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Number 532, August 16, 2009
"Their real object is to control you and deny you joy."

Dear Friends and Readers,

I've said this before, in longer pieces. Doubtless I will again. There is one—and only one—solution to the mess our medical system presently finds itself in. That is to remove the real cause of the mess, not to drive the system even further into a state of medical Marxism.

America needs—meaning it cannot long survive without—a Constitutional amendment mandating total separation of medicine and state. "Mandating" means "making mandatory", giving it full force of law.

A Constitutional amendment mandating total separation of medicine and state.

Anything less, the tiniest bit of government interference with medicine at the national, state, or local level will simply end us up right back where we are, since that's what caused the mess to begin with.

A Constitutional amendment mandating total separation of medicine and state.

Along the way, we'll reinstate the confidentiality between doctors and patients that used to exist—a confidentiality as sacred and unshakable as that between a lawyer and his client or a priest and his parishoner.

A Constitutional amendment mandating total separation of medicine and state.

Write to congress. Write to newspapers. Write to every web and blogsite. Call radio talk shows. Go to townhalls. I ask for no credit, no acknowledgement of any kind. Just tell everyone you know, everyone within the reach of whatever kind of voice you command that America needs:

A Constitutional amendment mandating total separation of medicine and state.

Thanks for "listening",

L. Neil Smith

by Rex May (note new URL)
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I had fun with my computer this week. I got tired of that ol' "Windows Bit-Rot" in which the thing starts to run slower and slower and take longer and longer to do anything. Since I've got one of those "OEM Restore Disks" machines, I studied the "manual" (I weep to read these things) and discovered the possibility of a "Non-Destructive Recovery." Okay, I'll try it. And what do you know, it only wiped-out my C: partition instead of the entire first hard-drive and put in a fresh version of XP SP2. Of course I then spent about three days getting SP3 and lots of little updates and upgrades and security fixes and so on. And re-installing some programs, and re-creating the iconic links to others. I even remembered to make a copy of my fonts folder. However, while making some more free-space I went and deleted it after it was too late. Rats.And now it's ... well ... just a bit faster than before. Noticeably. And I only had to double my anti-anxiety meds!

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The March of the Medical Morons
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