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Bring out your Brain Dead
From someone who would pan/damn/ick(s)
by Justin Thyme
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A new and dangerous form of swine flu has erupted like a plague. Though its been growing for decades like a cancer it is even worse. It is more dangerous in that it disguises itself as a cure making it the most dangerous disease we face. It has now become a virulent epidemic resembling elephantiasis. Though elephants have been blamed for the outbreak of the disease there are other sources such as donkeys and pigs. This form comes from both elephants and donkeys but is called swinish flu for the buy-partisan reason that both elephants and donkeys can get pork from it. They sty-me attempts to pen it. Now everyone seems to be succumbing to it.

What I'm talking about is seen in the press release from our National Libertarian Party Headquarters. It calls for strong government measures on the swine flu. This is scary. No, not the swine flu, but the LP HQ response to it which is identified as swinish flu. This epidemic is so strong and pervasive even those who are libertarian and expected to have strong resistance are coming down with it. The symptoms are feverish calls for government action, ravenous hunger for power and later psychotic behavior, brain death and cannibalism.

In one area, Massachusetts, one can see it in its latter stages when it goes into its lethal state. As it states from droppings by its body politic that was passed through its bill. Swine flu, like the Senate, is seen as a terrible malady and is now called S.18. Here its legal system is in a virulent state. It martials law processes by commandeering all medical defenses. It could ban all assemblies of people and stop all forms of circulation. It also allows the now pervasive organism of the governing body to invade any home looking for whatever it wants to attack, consume and commandeer.

In order to save innocent lives this hostile state of tumorous growth must halt all activity. It must then stop its consumption and undergo amputation to save what is healthy. It may even be too late for that. The bills for this are so huge as to be unreadable.

Washington DC, the center of American pig breeding and trough feeding, is now being realized as the domestic source of this tragedy. The history of this disease is as old as man itself. It is present all over the world. Because of America's isolation we thought we could avoid this plague. While technology and immigration will be blamed it is a part of nature.

All is not lost however. While most of Washington is being written off as hopeless there is a small glimmer of hope. In this epicenter of the epidemic private initiative is doing research and building a defense. The swinish flu is being literally walled off for now. This small community of outsiders long fighting this plague is trying to protect itself from the fevers of statist sepsis.

Here a wall is being built around the Libertarian Party headquarters to protect its members from swinish flu. The wall is being built not to keep the swinish flu out but to keep the outbreak of swinish flu confined to the group's headquarters. It hasn't been easy since the entire city is infested and breeds the disease. For example, those trying to wall in the LP HQ in stasis have been approached by many governmental agencies efforts. The government does this in order to expand government efforts. All these offers of aid have been declined as a cure worse than the disease as this is how the disease works.

Libertarians working to contain swinish flu wonder how this new strain was first encountered. Did some LP official have some contact with government AIDS? Were the protective platforms designed to block this occurrence dismantled in such a way that infections became likely? Was the illness adopted in an attempt to disguise itself in that huge herd of sickness?

Here were the recent open symptoms. First a member of the national executive committee was being purged for paper irregularities with dues diligence. Since Washington DC is built over a swamp it was first diagnosed as a form of Potomac fever which is usual among life forms around here. But when the National Office actually came out for expanding governmental power in order to even more closely monitor our liberty something was seen as definitely wrong. Even the Democrats refused that option, probably because they didn't think of it first.

We then realized that we had to get the best doctor in Washington DC to deal with the situation. We keep one on call for just these sorts of outbreaks. Dr Ron Paul was brought in and is a House doctor and a well-known expert in dealing with herds of swine and their diseases. His remedy of driving them off or putting them on a strict diet to restore their constitution is widely acknowledged as the best and most natural remedy across the board.

He confirmed that most of the complaints from the national office about swine flu were that they were victims of hoaxes and hypochondriacs. These people refused to examine their toxic effluence and flatulence since it was so much like the other life forms in the area. So the staff continued on in their sick and communicable behavior. They were spreading the disease into what was considered an immune group. In the medical field this is called an iatragenic disease or hospital or physician caused health hazard. They were going to get more libertarians getting infected with swinish flu.

So construction on the wall began. Not so much for quarantine but to hold up this swinish flu to the light of day. This stops the mindless activity and paranoia that are its first stages. Also this way libertarians can stand on the wall and look down on the national office for a change. Observing this behavior from above and commenting on it to them can help immune defenses in both the patient and observer. Hopefully at some point the swinish characteristics drop off and healthy behaviors appear. Walls can then be lowered or removed.

The disease's advance at the National Office of the Libertarian Party is nowhere near as that in surrounding government offices and those who wish them. Swinish flu is really are a mild from of Washingtonitis. The problem here is more like a teenager who throws a wild party with alcohol while the adults are not present. They deserve a good tongue-lashing and being grounded. No real harm has yet been done besides displaying alarming symptoms of irresponsibility. This is quarantine for observation rather than culling.

For a libertarian, especially one who represents the movement to call for more government is a capitol offense. After all why should a libertarian act like someone who works for the capitol? This does not mean I'm calling for the death penalty. Far from it libertarians are an endangered species though they are growing. The penalty for a libertarian who calls for more government is capitalist punishment. This means that capitalists should boycott him.

Libertarians have had a high degree of resistance to Washingtonitis brought along by the Beltway Bacteria known as statist interfens known also in its virulent militant form as starsandstreptokaka, which now has bases all over the world. We can lose our resistance when in living in an environment of highly infected pests infested with Swinish flu. The extreme versions of this disease are horrifying. Carriers become this way because they live off their own excrement and pork and even kill each other in senseless combat and die from a wasting syndrome.

Until a cure can be found close observation, discipline and quarantine is necessary for those who are afflicted. People with a strong constitution and an awareness of this illness and its healthy alternatives should do this. Compassion for those who suffer from this and those who suffer from the actions of these addicts is necessary as well. Those suffering from swinish flu must be aware that is actually an addiction to power over others. This addiction is the most dangerous of all afflictions because it has killed and enslaved more people than all other addictions and diseases combined. This is why we describe some people as being drunk with power. Those afflicted spend all the family's money on wastrels who encourage them in bad habits. They do not know their limits. They rave incoherently, pick a fight and forget what they did the next day. What is worse is that nowadays with technology they have become far more dangerous. They insist upon driving a war machine, jumping on the gas and end up hitting innocent people who get in their way. Its time to take away the keys, at least.

Like all addicts involved in anti-social behavior family, friends and their victims must work together. Confront the addict, preferably all at once. Tell them in no uncertain terms that violence, lies and excuses will no longer be tolerated. They will then retort by blaming the victim. They'll try to manipulate you and make you an enabler. The addicts will guilt trip you and say that you have always been holding back the support they need. They'll say that one day they'll stop but not today. These addicts are criminals and must be made aware about their self-centered, psychotic and destructive behaviors and the consequences.

The addicts should be given a program to treat their problem. Their first step is their acceptance of the fact that they are powerless when it comes to dealing with power over others. They should realize that their drive for dominance is a disease and a cause for unhappiness. They should find spiritual help and be open to the fact that they are not God. Rather than acting like God they need to understand that humility is necessary to understand what they do not know. They need to know that openness and acceptance of criticism is part of healthy relationships. They should then avoid rather than seek situations that involve the use of force. They should apologize and make amends to all their victims. That could take the rest of their lives but they should make the attempt. They should admit their wrongs to themselves, to their Higher Power and to a human being.

If they won't accept this diagnosis for this great problem honest people should shun them in every way until they accept responsibility for their atrocious behavior. This could be difficult for many since their villainy is often made possible through much charm. And when so many have done wrong shunning can be difficult. Still healthy, non-addicted, non-criminal behavior codes must be maintained and honored.

Since the disease attacks nerve centers and parts of the brain dealing with decision-making it's very dangerous. After all if that's affected then it's difficult for many to find the way to health. Laughter and honest discussion in groups helps the healing process. Peace and calm are essential for a healthy frame of mind. It is also necessary to build natural healing rather than invasive procedures.

To make sure that this doesn't happen again build alternative circulation and decision-making systems. This is the best treatment to affect the humors of the body politic. Have a varied diet with much fiber. Include spices, these have antibiotic properties and take in everything with a few grains of salt. Also ingest more naturally healthy fiber like the Onion.


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