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"Barack Obama Has Become George Bush"
by James Glaser

Special to the Libertarian Enterprise

That quote above comes from one of the dyed-in-the-wool Barack Obama supporters who rent art studios near mine. I think it is so cool, because this guy, and a couple of other guys I work near, are all starting to see that Barack Obama is doing the same things George Bush did. For a couple of years I have been telling them that Democrats are not much different than Republicans, and that corporations are the ones who really call the shots in America. Their answer was always that Barack Obama would be different.

This whole post election time period has been hard on these guys, because they really thought Obama was telling the truth about doing things differently when he got to Washington. All of these Obama backers have watched in disbelief as our new President started spending the way George did.

Then they had to watch as President Obama started talking about his own military surge in Afghanistan, and how that the troops were not going to be coming home from Iraq like he said in the campaign. These guys were all anti-war voters, and in their eyes, Barack Hussein Obama was the anti-war candidate.

On top of that, the Obama administration started defending the Bush administration's wire tapping of Americans, and the Patriot Act is still the law of the land. These guys bought right into the "change" thing, and really believed that Barack Obama thought the way they did.

This morning was about the last straw. Barack is going to withhold the torture pictures. It was just two weeks ago that their new president said he was going to release those pictures. The White House said President Obama had talked to the generals, and they didn't want those pictures out. That was a cover-up excuse right out of George Bush's playbook. Really, these guys and much of the Democrat Party can't understand what happened to this new President in whom they put their trust.

Barack Obama thinks if he releases those pictures it will hurt America's reputation. Well, the Obama voters down where I work know that America couldn't have a much worse reputation than we have now, and they were thinking Barack Obama would be the guy to make our country look good again.

They see, and as they know, the whole world sees, that Barack Obama has morphed into George Bush in both word and deed. They now know they wasted their vote again. For the first time in the three years I have been down here in Tallahassee, I am hearing Democrats talking about our only hope... getting rid of both major parties and going back to believing in our Constitution.

If Barack Obama can get Americans thinking about our Constitution, then his getting elected can bring us some hope and change. I just hope it isn't too late.

Reprinted from James Glaser's Web Site


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