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Number 517, May 3, 2009

"What a maroon...."

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Caught in the Middle
by A.X. Perez

Attribute to The Libertarian Enterprise

I am a practicing Catholic, God willing I may even get it right some day. Yup, what some people call a Papist, or less politely a Pape.

This puts me in an interesting position. On the one hand Catholics meet the DHS definition of Right Wing Extremists because of our disapproval of abortion except to save the mother's life. On the other hand their is a certain amount of antiCatholic bigotry, caused by, among other things, the Church's disapproval of artificial birth control methods (please don't send me a list of how the Church has successfully pissed off both left and right or a diatribe explaining how Papes got it coming.). In other words that makes Catholics (including me) a target of RWE terrorism. terrorism at least partially incited by left wing criticism of the Church of Rome.

I also happen to be an American of Mexican descent and a supporter of libertarian ideals. As a Chicano (spic, beaner) I am now a target of racist RWE hate groups. On the other hand, my belief in libertarian ideals makes me a RWE according to the DHS and an ally of the hate groups that would cheerfully pummel and murder me.

I daresay millions of Americans are in similar circumstances. Yup, the Janet Napolitano sponsored report has left us isolated and alone, right wing extremists at potentially at war with the USG and at the same time potential victims of RWE's.

Congratulations DHS. With a mere one publication you have turned a (semi)free nation into a hotbed of racial, religious and ideological warfare the likes of which the World has never seen. You have turned us into the Disunited States of America, at least in your sick little minds.

Unfortunately your report will be inevitably used as a pretext to restrict First, Second, Fourth, Sixth and Ninth Amendment Rights down the line. Otherwise its absurdity would be good for a laugh and most of us dearly love to laugh. I wonder what kind of extremist this makes us?

[A Laugh-Wing extremist?—Editor]


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