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Number 486, September 28, 2008

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A Message to All Illegal Immigrants
by Sean Gangol
RGangol -+at+- sbcglobal -=dot=- net

Special to The Libertarian Enterprise

For all the immigrants who have come to this country illegally, I offer some advice. I know the majority of you have crossed the border out of desperation. I also know that your intentions in this country are to seek a better life through hard work. From the way your country is being run by corrupt socialist leaders, I can understand why many of you have come to the United States. Of course, the Free Trade Agreement sham has not helped either.

You guys may or may not have noticed the many nationalities that have come to the U.S. for a better standard of living. Through out the history of this nation, people from nations such as, Italy, Ireland, Poland, Russia, Germany, Hungary and various parts of Asia have immigrated here. I myself have a mixed ancestry of four different ethnic groups. It consists of Mexican, Hungarian, Czechoslovakian and Cherokee (Native American) blood. Immigration has been part of American life for generations. Our own culture has been influenced by the traditions that immigrants brought with them when they came to this country.

Before I give some important advice, understand that the majority of the people

who live in this great nation have no ill will towards you or anyone else from the South of the border. However, it is also important to understand that there are those who do not welcome illegal immigrants with open arms. These same people have taken it upon themselves to try to secure the border by apprehending illegal aliens. You may have heard of this group of men. They call themselves the Minute Men.

There are many Hispanic activists that would call them racist. The real reason why these men are keeping illegal immigrants out is because they feel threatened. The Minute Men organization was formed by those who were living near the border. Many of these people have had their property destroyed and their lives threatened by illegal aliens. I know it's only a tiny minority of immigrants that are responsible for these deeds. They know it too. It is still important to understand why certain people fear illegal immigrants.

There is also resentment from immigrants that come from the same region as many of you have. The difference between these immigrants and the rest of the undocumented workers is that they came to this country legally. These people had to go through all kinds of bureaucracy to come to this country and work. That is why they resent those who have snuck into this country illegally and reap the same benefits that they had to work harder to get.

Now, the next piece of advice that I am about to give is extremely important. There are those who would call me the "Ugly American" for suggesting this, but I feel it is important never the less. In case you guys haven't noticed, the native language of this country is English. That is the language that almost all Americans speak in this country. There are some that will tell you that English is the unofficial language of the United States. Don't let them fool you. English has been the official language since this nation was formed almost three hundred years ago. It is the language that we speak everyday, so you will find that learning it is vital if you want to live in the United States. It is especially vital for the future of your children. If you ever want them to succeed in something more ambitious then cleaning floors, they are going to have to learn the native language of this country.

I also recommend that you distance yourself from the Mexican nationalists that carry attitudes of entitlement. These people are made up of both illegal immigrants and Hispanic activists, who believe that respect is a form of entitlement. I was raised to believe that respect was something you had to earn. These people want to be treated like Americans, but they walk down Main Street waving Mexican flags, while chanting "Viva Mexico!" That is not how you get treated like an American. This is not the way to go about getting respect.

These protests also send mixed signals to those they are trying to reach. To Mr. and Mrs. America, the protesters look more like foreign invaders than Americans. These Mexican flag raving protests only strengthen the resolve of those who oppose illegal immigration.

I offer this advice because I don't think there are many who will say what needs to be said. Due to the fear of political correctness many are afraid of being known as the "Ugly American", which is someone who is intolerant of other people's cultures. Regardless, I feel my advice is important. You could take my advice or simply ignore it. It's all up to you. I will give one last piece of advice before I end this article. If you want people to treat you like an American, then you need to show your love for this country. Instead of waving Mexican flags at your next protest, wave American flags. I can't guarantee that you will be treated any differently, but people are more inclined to sympathize with those who show love for this nation.


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