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Western Raiding Parties offer to "Help" by Raiding Government
by Robert Jackman

Attribute to The Libertarian Enterprise

I started a conversation one day on Reddit concerning a story about a form of "Government" that was not "The Government" based on an article about the mystery known as Somalia.

Nerox3 said:
Very interesting article thanks for posting it. I would like to have found out how this form of law operated side by side with the central government. Did the government law try to supplant it or incorporate it.

My reply:

First off, The Somali system had their form of Central government hidden inside each person. Once a Central government was imposed by Illegitimate Western power outside interests, the Old ways were forced to stand down.

I see from history, government in the Western form does not allow for any other power to coexist. Since the Somali keeps his government within his heart, via his clan, that would be a cause for actors running a centralized, top down, Western style State to get Very Jealous.

It is clear to me that over time, every special interest gets to add to written law to benefit themselves. Eventually the concept of Law, whose purpose is to enable Civilization is inverted and Civilization withers.

In the West, communication suffers as things deteriorate. For example: Is The proposed SPP a huge road building and public works project to benefit a select few like a Brown and Root?

Or, is it perhaps an expanded infrastructure that will also allow an expansion of the Bill of Rights Culture to all within the proposed Region? See ( I will write on what They leave out in a future article.)

Since it is clear that the Proposers of the SPP have no intention of offering a Bill of Rights to all, Eric Blair would be Heavily Taxed to come up with a more inverted catch phrase than "The Security and Prosperity Partnership of the Americas".

The intent of the Founders was to have a working Bill of Rights that lived in everyone's heart. Dueling allowed for a limit to just how far the Bill Of Rights could be perverted by Law, by halting the worst proposers before they could make law. When Dueling was outlawed, and things broke down farther from the baseline of Law laid down in the late 18th century, this paved the way for war, civil and external as crooks like Clay and Lincoln looted the framework after Washington's bad example set the tempo of things to come with The Whiskey Rebellion.

I do not know of a society of clans like Somalia that has embroiled themselves in external wars of conquest. Oral traditions have more stability than written ones subject to change by special interests. Oral Traditions are by definition, stored in one's Heart and Mind. Buttressed between clan and family, those traditions of Law are very stable by comparison to our ever shifting basis for what pretends to be Law in the West.

Consider this: In Western civilization, Lawyers hired by Special Interests have become the Apache raiding parties of the night, 50 times over. All because the blizzard of crafted words on paper is too much for a man to keep watch over, and in the process, Responsibility and Accountability is neutralized, the individual castrated, and Civilization is lost. If anything, I underestimate the damage the Western Raiding Parties can do to Civilization.

As can be seen by a careful reading of Nerox3, it seems that the concept of Government without "The Government" is a tad bit foggy today.

What have we lost as a Bill of Rights Culture, that we have forgotten Government is only alive within ourselves, and what operates external to ourselves is at best a servant to us? Servants are Individuals with names and addresses who are 100% to 200% Liable for any act that is not allowed under Common Law for an Individual to do?

Has anyone else thought along these lines?

I am guilty of the points listed below:

We have been sidelined for too long, cursing "The Government"

We have Imagined "The Government" into Existence, creating a God Other out of our creation.

We have believed in the Lie accidentally or intently planted by George Washington, that "Government is Force" a Lie so transparently thin as to equal the Lie of a War on Terrorism.

One can't have a War on a tactic. One can make war on an individual or group of same, or a fiction called The State.

"Government is an Inside Job" Nothing more, nothing less.

"The Government" is another kettle of fish.

Anarchists and other men of good intent under The Common Law have, in their frustration, fed the machine by cursing the very thing that lives and breathes inside each of us, while externalizing the concept and giving the enemy of good government aid and comfort by creating a God Other called The Government, or The State. I submit Jefferson could shackle "The State" with the Chains of The Constitution by knowing what "Government" is and What "The State" is, more importantly, what individuals who are employed as agents of the State can do.

Since the initiating documents of Our Unique American Culture spelled out our Pedigree that "Governments are created by Men" It is clear to me that anything created by a man cannot have more power than any single man. Cultures that are thought of as Healthy tend to give any agent of a man less, not more power.

It stands to reason that since, no man may steal, then neither can any State or appendage of the State who comprise agents (Individuals who are 100% to 200% Liable for their actions) of Government (That's us.) and must answer to us.

There are laws on the books to contain those who misbehave, despite beliefs to the contrary, You can fight City Hall by taking Individuals to task when they break the Law.

I invite You to observe Men at work using sources and methods that are having good success at restraining those who would pervert Government into a mechanism that grows unchecked.

I regret being two centuries late... Scroll down to "The Rule of Law"


To sum up. Government is within each of us. Government is Superior to agents like "The Government" or "The State"

The Somalis are in control of "The State" by retaining "Government" weather or not they bother to fund an external agent.

Visualize "The State" or "The Government" operating unhindered. That is what we experience daily.

Visualize "Government" using it's superior power, once realized, to limit those actors or Raiders who would attempt to overthrow Government and impose "The Government". Those Illegal actors can and one day should be charged with Treason and lesser Crimes for Raiding Civilization by attempting to Overthrow Government for their self centered, unwholesome desires.

The Law is on our side.

Any questions?


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