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Number 447, December 9, 2007

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Why I'll Never Vote For Hillary
by Daniel G. Jennings

Attribute to The Libertarian Enterprise

I'll never vote for Hillary because I remember a young boy named Elian Gonzalez.

You remember Elian—back in 1999 he and his mother tried to escape the Communist hell known as Fidel Castro's Cuba on a leaky boat. The boat sank on the way to Miami and Elian's mother died. Elian reached US soil and was released to his relatives in Miami took him in. Almost immediately a man claiming to be Elian's father, Juan Migueal (note Elian's paternity was never established) demanded he be returned to Castro's Cuba.

Naturally the liberal media in the USA sided with Fidel's brand of tyranny, and Fidel. Juan Miguel and two women claiming to be Elian's grandmothers even came to the US and demanded custody. Notice they never established a legal claim no blood test was ever done. The sorry thing was that President of the United States Bill Clinton sided with Fidel Castro and the New York Times editorial board (Bill Clinton's true masters) against Elian.

On April 22, 2000, agents of the Federal border dressed up like storm troopers from some grade b science fiction movie burst into a working class home of Cuban immigrants (the kind of average folk Bill Clinton was supposed to represent) and took Elian away. A reporter even snapped a shot of one of the Federal thugs pointing a submachine gun at a young woman carrying young Elian. A few hours Elian was reunited with the man claiming to be his father (note paternity was never established). Elian is now back in Cuba talking about his wonderful Uncle Fidel. He's even given interviews to American news media (no doubt gazing across the room at a couple of vicious KBG trained thugs with pistol sized bulges under their jackets).

Clinton—leader of the world's greatest super power—caved in to the pathetic comic opera leader of a sorry little nation with no military. He did it only so he would be allowed into the cocktail parties of New York's liberal elite and no other reason. Bill Clinton cares nothing for Fidel Castro. I imagine if Castro showed up at Slick Willy's door, Bill would tell him to get lost or I'll sick the dog on you. Slick Willy and his wife don't give a fucking damn about Castro, they care only about the rich elitists who think Fidel is wonderful. They're sorry excuses for human beings and I'm ashamed I ever voted for Bill Clinton, I did twice. He fooled a lot of people but he'll never fool me again.

Bill Clinton, if I ever see you dying of a heart attack on a street corner and ask for CPR, I'll walk up to you and say remember Elian and walk away. Before you Republicans get holier than thou I have a few questions for you and your man George W.: Elian is still in Cuba why? Nor did Bush or the so called Republican Congress make any effort to hold the thugs who terrorized the Gonzalez family responsible for their crimes. No Federal Grand Jury was convened, if one had been it would have undoubtedly pressed charges against those high school drop outs whose qualification for service in the Border Patrol was probably winning the good conduct medal during their army service (that means they did a good job of washing the tanks because the sergeant was afraid to let them near a loaded gun) Notice Bush did nothing of the kind—he let Castro's sorry little show go on. The Border Patrol agents who terrorized young Elian and his family are retired probably enjoying the big bass boats they bought with the bribe money from drug traffickers. So I have little respect for him. Bush still has time to correct these errors but I'm not holding my breath for him to do so.

So Hillary I won't vote for you, anybody who would turn a little boy over to Fidel Castro is no better than somebody who would turn Anne Frank into the SS. Actually you are far worse than that collaborator in Nazi occupied Holland, he might not have had a choice whereas you did. You, Hillary, are pathetic. If you had a shred of human dignity in your body you would have packed your bags on April 22, 2000, moved out of the White House and never looked back. Elian Gonzalez that was a crime against all this country stands for and human decency.

Hopefully someday, in a just world, Elian will grow up and come to this country after he and his friends watch as Fidel and his worthless brother Raul are hung from street lamps then tossed into a garbage dump filled with copies of the Communist manifesto. When he does Elian, will make his way to New York, take a train out to a certain suburb knock on the door of a large house and ask for President Clinton's autograph. Bill Clinton arrogantly full of himself after giving a interview to the New York Times (now an internet blog maintained by a former employee of that august publication who had plenty of extra time in his high paying new job as greeter at the local Wal Mart) lamenting the fate of Fidel Castro will want to meet the first admirer he's seen in years. The door bill will ring, the butler will call Slick Willy away from his internet porn, and Slick Willy will shuffle down to the door. The young Latin looking man will say "Hi I'm Elian Gonzalez. Remember me?" and slug Bill Clinton in the face as hard he can. The worried security guards will tell Bill to call the police but he'll say no and ask Elian how big a check he wants to keep his mouth shut. . . .


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