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Number 422, June 17, 2007

"Aim at zero!"


by N. Karlen

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Its popular today in the United States to say that the Electoral College is antiquated. Its a relic of the horse and buggy era and needs to be abolished.

The Electoral College was designed, as with the Congress, for each State to select two members to the Electoral College regardless of the State's population similar to the Ambassadors to Washington who protected the State governments in the Senate. Of course with popular election of Senators in 1913, the State governments lost all representation in DC. As with the House of Representatives, each State selects additional members of the Electoral College based on their population. The House of Representatives was designed to grow and include one representative for each 30,000 or so voters but is limited in size today. As the number of representatives has been limited and as population has grown, the size of a State's population has decreased as a factor in the Electoral College.

In Nebraska, we have 3 representatives and thus have 5 Electoral College votes.

In the effort to create fairness today, a need arises to 'redistribute' Electoral votes on a graduated scale. If a State has over 30 electoral votes, for example, the Internal—Service Use Commission (I-SUC) redistributes 50% of that State's electoral votes to those States with lesser populations. If a State has over 20 electoral votes, ISUC redistributes 25% of the electoral votes. Some votes will of course be consumed by the I-SUC staff themselves as overhead.

If a State has less than 10 electoral votes, the State qualifies for an Earned Electors Optional Credit (EEOC) from I-SUC. For example, I-SUC takes (er, rather, -redistributes) 50% or 26 of California's 54 electoral votes in the pursuit of fairness to provide for those States in need. Nebraska has 5 electoral votes and therefore qualifies for a credit of 4 or 5 votes depending on the Certified Vote Accountants (CVAs) abilities to file "our papers" or "grant requests" properly. Since I-SUC administrators determine need, popular CVAs who play golf with I-SUC administrators are highly valued and highly paid (with tax dollars of course).

With a constantly changing number of electoral votes per State, and a moving target of Electoral votes, all Presidential candidates will need to visit all States during their campaign and need to buddy up with the I-SUC staff for their pilfered votes.

Doesn't my solution make the whole Electoral College process more "FAIR"? If not, how can you possibly support the Income Tax?


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