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Number 419, May 27, 2007

"What is ad hoc government?"


Gun Control = The Final Solution = Back to the Bronze Age
by Andrew G. Eggleston Sr.

Attribute to The Libertarian Enterprise

I am so tired of hearing that there need to be stricter gun control laws, that the "hug-a-thug" Democrats actually believe that an evil person can be stopped with still another flimsy piece of paper, and that we will all be safer for it.

Gun control worked for Nazi Germany; there were literally millions of (Jewish) people willing to obey the laws of their government, only to finally present the Nazi Regime with the gift of complete submission by their populace. Even Nazi party members were not allowed to own guns unless they had demonstrated a specific need for them. It was this same "legislation" that prevented pockets of resistance such as the Warsaw ghetto from mounting a successful campaign against those soldiers in their area, only to leave the survivors to finally be processed through the Final Solution -- the execution of enemies of the state. Primarily Jewish peoples were worked to death or simply tortured to their expiration, but what is little known to many who have enjoyed the 8 X 10 color glossy version of history presented in America's schools is that many people of various walks of life were privileged to walk the same path as the Holocaust Jews. The list merely includes; Political "Dissidents" (The Red Triangle) such as Social Democrats (yes the very same people who support gun control laws in America today!), Anarchists (as libertarians are sometimes called), Freemasons, and other "enemies of the state", Armed Services personnel wore their red triangle point up, Homosexual or Bi-sexual (male) "Deviants" (The Pink Triangle), Jehovah's Witnesses (The Purple Triangle), Criminals (The Green Triangle), "Gypsies" (The Brown Triangle), the Yellow Triangle could be added behind any of these to designate a Jew (e.g. Green Triangle over Yellow for a Jewish Criminal, and finally Miscellaneous (The Black Triangle) which included such dangerous radicals as the mentally retarded, Alcoholics, Vagrants, some Anarchists, and women who threatened the social order by using birth control, were of lesbian orientation, or were prostitutes (unless sanctioned by the Wehrmacht). Due process in Nazi Germany was concise, arrest, file of charges, and execution of sentencing. But enough of the history lesson; how does all this compare to modern day America?

Felons (The Green Triangle) are restricted from owning firearms; "Dangerous Radicals" (The Black Triangle) have their gun rights infringed upon -- though they may need guns to defend themselves more than any of us. Just because our government hasn't actually initiated a triangle designation system for every person to see does not mean that one does not exist. Remember, Hitler said; "the bigger the lie, the more it is accepted by the uninformed public", and he was right. Today in America hundreds of thousands stand with blinders on, believing what they are told by the major news media, what is sad is that people with common sense enough to get out of jury duty don't have the sense to question their own government! No one is made uncomfortable by watching Tom Cruise, Clint Eastwood, or some other Hollywood action star kill or wound dozens of people in the course of a movie -- the higher the body-count the greater the numbers at the box-office. But when an incident of real people doing the same thing comes on the boob-tube people are suddenly shocked, how could someone do something like that?

Consider this; these people (usually males) have been conditioned not to respect the lethal power of equalizing metal, with movies, video games, television programs, and the nightly news. Their parents fail to teach the actual ramifications of achieving a high score on a first-person-shooter video game. All of their heroes use guns and do so with impunity, never having to face consequences for breaking the law or killing without provocation. Add to all that, how many of these "incidents" take place in small rural communities? Very few, why, because children who hunt and are brought up to protect their property from predators, take a hunter safety course and appreciate the lethality of the weapon they hold. But they still like video games they just don't imitate them.

Gun control laws are akin to welcoming us all to the Bronze Age of survival, where the biggest, strongest, and most aggressive, take control and keep control. Without Sam Colt's equalizer women again become property, men again have to carry large swords and knives to protect themselves. Sweat and blood-soaked battles like occurred inside the Roman Coliseum would become the only means of protecting ourselves, and would eventually encompass our children. Communities would be forced again to form militia to protect themselves from roving bands of looters. All of this would of course be in vain because the criminals who outnumber the finger-men (police) more than ten-to-one would be just as well or better armed than the "peacekeepers". Only the private citizen suffers under such legislation, becoming disarmed victims. Once that happens the only thing left to the citizen, is to choose a side, police or criminal, to protect and defend their persons and chattels. But that discussion is a whole 'nother subject, we call it "Civil War".

Consider the lessons of history when you vote.


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