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Number 396, December 3, 2006

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A Post-Election Political Rant
by Francis A Ney, Jr.

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I'm surrounded by idiots.

And most of the idiots either work for the government or may as well be working for the government, given their propensity for getting in the face of everyone, needed or not, or ignoring truths inconvenient to the nanny state.

For starters, Kip Hawley is an idiot. But don't say that at an airport. According to one of the TSA body-cavity inspectors he controls, your first amendment rights end at the door of any airport in the USA. Even if the policies enacted due to a so-called bomb plot that wouldn't pass the laugh test in a Hollywood executive suite are themselves stupid. The same bunch of overpriced security guards tried to make lots of money on eBay by attempting to steal the handwritten manuscript of Harry Potter Book Seven from J.K. Rowling at JFK Airport.

Oh, and how about getting taken off an airplane in handcuffs for praying? Or for "illicit sex" which turns out to be the side-effects of chemotherapy combined with a conspiracy to lie among the flight crew to prevent well-deserved disciplinary action on the ground? Or another flight attendant that gave a nursing mother hell for feeding her kid on board an aircraft? How about an entire group of airlines that have declared all men pedophiles?

Thank you, USAPATRIOT Act, for turning the once-friendly skies into even more of a Kafkaesque gulag. No wonder AMTRAK is seeing more riders and more money. How long will it be before we see AIRTRAK, the government-run airline?

Now let's turn from the unarmed fascists to the armed variety. In New York City, take a simple possibly DUI accident, add some mystery person who yells "gun" in a city where gun=criminal, plus a whole lot of unused testosterone and a touch of alcohol on the part of the street gang in blue, and you end up with 50 shots fired at three unarmed men in a car. (According to NYPD policy cops are not supposed to shoot at cars. However, you are allowed to get drunk and open fire at wallets, cell phones, video cameras and other 'threats'.) It is quite apparent that NYPD still does not acknowledge the concept of 'fire discipline' despite their increasing militarization. One man died, a man was to be married the next day. His two companions are in critical care handcuffed to their beds. Don't expect anything to come of it. As we learned in the Diallo case, any criminal charges true-billed to the officers will be granted a change of venue to a court in Albany where there hasn't been a cop convicted in all recorded history. The '4th man with a gun' theory doesn't pass the smell test, either.

In Atlanta, the same bunch of winners who tried to prosecute a woman for an anti-Bush bumper sticker now find their entire Narcotics unit suspended after they killed an old lady on a no-knock warrant. Her only 'crime' was attempting to defend herself from three unidentified men who were trying to break into her home. I wish she had been a better shot. It now turns out that not only did the cops lie about buying crack at her house, they tried to get a 'confidential informant' to lie for them. This incident should do for the "War" on drugs what Rosa Parks did for the Civil Rights movement. It's just too bad that the descendants of that movement aren't picking up the ball, choosing to start a race war instead of demanding the end of the drugged war. And while I'm on the subject, why were these yahoos suspended with pay?

Next, we have a college kid in California who appears to have been specifically targeted for an ID check for the 'crime' of looking like a Muslim terrorist, who objects to the targeting, then gets Tazered repeatedly by campus cops even though he was peacefully departing the scene. Apparently the 'biggest dick' demonstration didn't turn out the way they planned.

Remember that lawyer in Portland who was falsely arrested for the Madrid bombing because the FBI couldn't properly process a fingerprint? He just got $2 million of our stolen tax money in an out-of-court settlement. Not one FBI agent or employee is being held accountable for this debacle. Apparently it is just fine to make a major error and ruin the life of an innocent man and his family. No harm, no foul: Pardon me while I puke. I guess it's to be expected since the FBI sniper that made sure few people would escape the government-initiated arson at Waco is now in Witness Protection.

Someone explain to me again why law enforcement should be trusted with anything more deadly than a rolled-up newspaper? Or why their uniform shouldn't be blaze-orange jumpsuits with their badge number stenciled in black twelve-inch letters front-and-back with no armor? Or why web-cameras shouldn't be surgically implanted for 24/7 review of their activities?

I wouldn't go as far to say that the entire staff at CNN are idiots, but there are a few I would like to single out for special attention. "We Were Warned" is a scaremongering program broadcast recently where a 'doomsday' scenario of $7/gal fuel is interspersed with 'alternative fuel' infomercials. Conspicuous by its absence is Honda's Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) vehicle, the Civic GX. Yes, there's no infrastructure. Who needs infrastructure when you can fill your tank in your garage or driveway from your own gas heat lines for about a dollar per gallon equivalent? Using an engine that is not only more powerful than the equivalent gasoline engine (a racing engine is used) but burns so clean that the oil is fresh-from-the-bottle clean after 20,000 miles? And it's even Made In America. Never mind that we have more gas underground than we do oil. Never mind that most of the gas produced at the refineries is burned off. Never mind that every pig, beef and dairy farmer can make a profit with a methane digester and get the EPA off their back at the same time. A natural gas vehicle for sale right now here in the USA, made in the USA, is not considered by CNN to be appropriate information for the general public.

Inquiries to CNN about this omission have gone unanswered at press time.

It is possible that one of the reasons for the omission may be the idiots that are suing the EPA, a case that is now being heard by the Supreme Court. Apparently the ecological fascists have declared carbon dioxide a 'greenhouse gas' that must come under control and restriction of some government agency. This and water are the sole products coming out of the tailpipe of the aforementioned Honda Civic GX. Why do I get the feeling that before this is all over, we're going to be required by law to wear gas masks with lithium hydroxide canisters attached, due to all the carbon dioxide we exhale on a regular basis without a government license to breathe?

ATTENTION ECO-DICTATOR WANNABES: If you're worried about cee-oh-two, plant a frigging tree! You see, there's this magical process that the government-run concentration camps all you touchy-feelies attended didn't teach in science class. It's called photosynthesis. It occurs in any green leaf. There's this molecule called chlorophyll that takes carbon dioxide, water and sunlight and turns it into sugar and oxygen. It's so great that there ought to be a law against it. And there probably will be one of these days. After all, it is quite clear that this isn't about a clean environment; it is about increasing government control to your benefit and everyone else's detriment. Do us all a favor and go back to torching SUV's in the dealer lots. You'll do a lot less damage that way.

Aren't we past 'Claire Wolfe Time' yet?


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