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Number 389, October 15, 2006

Genuine libertarianism is the opposite of an ideology.
It's the absence of ideology.

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Letter from Bo Fredricsson

Letter from Claire Wolfe

Maybe slogans would be more effective with people than other methods to get libertarian ideas across. Here are two TRULY libertarian slogans:

No decent country should have a standing military.

My second one is:


I would like to see slogans discussed at this website.

Bo Fredricsson

Hey Ken,

Especially good issue this week. Thank you for including my piece among the offerings.

I see that I made one big goof, though. I'll correct it on my blog and hope you'll do so on TLE, as well. I referred to a movie After the Fall. Ooops. That should have been Before the Fall (a film about Nazi brutality & groupthink and some young men who stand against it).

Sorry 'bout that!!!

Claire Wolfe

[Oops! Thanks for the heads-up—Editor]

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