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Number 383, September 3, 2006

"It's the end of the 8000-year Age of Authority."


Control-Freak News
for the week of 006-08-28
by E.J. Totty

Credit The Libertarian Enterprise I'm feeling really comfortable with all the control exhibited by 'my government.' In fact, I'm feeling so comfortable, that I've gone out of my way to discover all that additional control exerted by the other governments of this world! Please help me feel good!

Gun Control Items

CHRONWATCH (US): Gun Control: Did COPS Help?
"In a recent article, we debunked Professor Fox's allegation that the Bush administration is unsupportive of law enforcement. We also sounded a cautionary note regarding the Clinton administration's increasing of law enforcement while at the same time banning civilian firearms.[1] This paper examines a similar op-ed, comparing it to statistical reality, and then highlights an underlying dangerous idea that, through continued implementation, would destroy liberty, especially our right to arms."

Burlington Free Press (US): Readers Respond
"In any case, no gun control law in the world could prevent someone from borrowing or stealing someone else's firearm."

Business Day (ZA): Gun dealers 'driven out of business'
"While the gun control lobby called for the act to be strengthened, the pro-gun groupings argued that the laws were in conflict with the constitutional protection of property and the right to compensation if firearms were forfeited as a result of the act. It was common cause that the South African Police Service (SAPS) was not coping with the relicensing process as prescribed by the law.
It required about 600000 legal gun owners to reapply between last year and 2008."

No man-made law has ever stopped anything from happening.
Do take note of how the law-abiding are subject to laws invoked by the meddling fools of government.
I am wont to remark that virtually all laws are the result of the kind of thinking which leads to killing the patient, in order to save him.

The Boston Globe (US): The Sting
"New York has devised an ingenious approach to stopping the flow of guns into the city. Could it work for Boston?"

Now, think about this for a moment: The butt-cracks in-charge want to play stupid games with neighboring states. According to the article, Menino is credited with 'reducing gun violence.'
But, wait: His so-called achievements happened at the same time as crime was falling everywhere else anyway. So, how does he presume to take credit for what was already happening?
Well, if what happened then was as a result of the so-called 'Boston Miracle', then why is not the same 'miracle' working now?
And then there is that rather stupid assessment regarding firearms from other states.
Back during the stupid days of the Eighteenth Amendment, the Canadians, Mexicans, Scots, Irish, English, and French—among others, supplied the erstwhile American populace with all the alcoholic beverages they could sneak past whatever border. . . This was back before those respective countries had a complaint against firearms being in the hands of the average citizen.
What comes around, goes around. . .
But anyway, you must remember—then as now: NO MAN-MADE LAW HAS EVER STOPPED ANYTHING FROM HAPPENING. (US): What Gun Control People Do When They Can't Get Our Guns
"They sue the gun owners.
"Here's a summary of what's going on.
"The City of New York hires a bunch of private investigators to go into gun stores in pairs to buy guns. While in the store one investigator does all the talking—asking questions about the gun, etc.—while the other one fills out the paperwork for the required background check. The gun shop owner then runs the background check and sells a weapon to the man who filled out the paperwork, not the man who was asking all the questions."


Thought/Mind Control and Thought Crime Items

WIVB.COM (US): Police Step Up Patrols after Violent Crime Wave in University Heights
"It's ridiculous. I thought I moved into a safe neighborhood, ya know? It's right across the street from South Campus."

Yeah. Safe, protected and infected with non-existent cops, eh?

IOL Medical (ZA): Teen breast implants 'out of control'
"Sydney—Shocked by an apparent rise in the number of teens seeking breast implants, Botox injections and nose jobs, the leader of Australia's most populous state has said new laws are needed to make it harder for young to go under the knife." (US): Technological 'mind control' could be 'double-edged sword'
"With computer-guidance systems, bodily-inserted nanobyte technology and electrode implants all being very real possibilities, could such technology be used by criminals, private militias, or even, terrorists?"

What, no mention of government!??

TransWorld News (UK): Use of LSD On Drug Addicts Called Experimental And Inhumane
In the late 1950s, psychiatrists at the New Westminster-based Hollywood Hospital catered to a mixed clientele of American celebrities and Canadian politicians who were given LSD to treat alcoholism, drug addiction and psychological burn-out. For almost a decade after LSD was criminalized in North America in the late 1960s, Hollywood Hospital served up therapeutic LSD before the provincial government pulled funding in 1975 and the hospital closed.

Viva Le Canada (CA): Mind Control : America's Secret War
"U.S. intelligence agencies spent millions on top-secret mind control projects with a goal of creating totally dependable, programmable human robots. The projects involved brutal, often terminal experiments on thousands of unwitting citizens in direct defiance of law, all ethical codes, and the most basic human rights."

A bag of rock salt not withstanding, one needs to carefully evaluate all of the comments made in the above article.

The Australian (AU): Control orders a weapon in war: PM
"When President Bush and I had a meeting, our first ever meeting on the 10th of September 2001 at the White House, we did not discuss terrorism, because it wasn't on the radar screen, and the next morning, bang, the world changed forever."

There are some very interesting 'inconsistencies' here. You be the judge as to who was where and when—when what happened.

CKNW (CA): Vancouver Police Departments Annual Report
"Vancouver's Police Chief is calling for more resources after the release of the department's annual report revealed an increase in violent crime.
The newly released annual report points to a 7.5 percent overall drop in crime—mostly due to a reduction in property crime.
But violent crime is on the rise, with a nearly 6 per-cent increase in assaults leading the way."

Take note that the VPD Chief calls for more cops in order to defeat crime.
Now, if you're a thinking person, you'll ask: JUST HOW MANY cops does it take to completely defeat crime?
Ask yourself this: If every citizen acted as a cop, then where would crime be?
You wouldn't need 'cops,' as everyone would be one.
Yup! Just like when there were never any cops!
But of course, the VPD chief would have all of believe that a cop for every citizen would solve the crime problem. Yeah, just like 1930's Germany, eh?

Renew America (US): The thought police of Minneapolis
"If you're a Christian working for the City of Minneapolis, watch your step—your job may already be in jeopardy. In what may be one of the most blatant acts of anti-Christian bigotry and discrimination by an American government agency to date, the Minneapolis Police Department has suspended a Police Psychologist, Dr. Michael Campion of Campion, Barrow & Associates, at the behest of pro-homosexual activists."

I doesn't make any difference who—or what, you profess to be, or what your beliefs are. Only that you are different.

It behooves every man who values liberty of conscience for himself, to resist invasions of it in the case of others: or their case may, by change of circumstances, become his own.
—Thomas Jefferson
I would rather be exposed to the inconveniences attending too much liberty than those attending too small a degree of it.
—Thomas Jefferson

The American Daily (US): Let Me Show You How Stupid Kalifornia Is
"What a disgrace. Who puts the K in Kalifornia? It's not the Governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger because of his Austrian heritage, but the hostile tactics of the State Legislators who have been putting the K in Kalifornia years before anyone even heard of Governor Arnold's running for Governor. Here is yet another example of those stupid, unAmerican tactics—Assembly Bill 352, the requirement for a semi-automatic handgun to stamp the serial number on the casing of the cartridge. If it doesn't, the gun is deemed to be unsafe."

Coloradoan.Com (US): Police silence worries neighbors
"Residents of a south Fort Collins neighborhood say they would have appreciated more timely police information about a weekend robbery.
Information about the robbery wasn't released until Wednesday, after neighbors called the Coloradoan to find out what had happened. Earlier this summer, police waited several weeks before making public a burglary involving several guns at a sporting goods store; this week, they waited four days before notifying the public about a burglary and attempted burglary in the same neighborhood, and they waited a day before telling the public about a rape."

We'll tell you only what WE CONSIDER you need to know—because only the cops need to know!

TIMES ONLINE (UK): Offended by hardcore laws
"Sir, While the murder of Jane Longhurst by Graham Coutts was a tragedy, it is with regret that I note that this Government is going ahead with its plans to create a "thought crime" by making possession of "violent porn" a criminal offence."

Knife Control Items

The People (UK): Voice of the People (ZA)
"Knife crime is now the scourge of modern Britain with nearly 33,000 stab victims last year alone."

A classic lesson for the entire world: When you deny any ability for self-defence to your own people, then the children will come to understand that it is through that denial that they shall become victims of the state's inability to do anything of substance for them, i.e., protection from attacks upon their persons, and will thenceforth seek to arm themselves—even in a fashionable way, as a display to ward off any who would think of attacking them.

What all of this proves quite succinctly is this: An armed society, is a polite society.

Sunshine Coast Daily (AU): What's behind the terrifying new trend finding its way onto Sunshine Coast streets
"MORE Australians are murdered from knife attacks than gun shot wounds and the trend is beginning to show itself on the streets of the Sunshine Coast."

First they got rid of the firearms. . .

And now, for something completely different!!
Time warp issues. . .

Witchcraft and Sorcery Control Items

Kuwait Times (KW): Witch and sorcery ring busted by Capital police
"KUWAIT: Sadly the Harry Potter series wasn't enough to satiate a group of Asian women's interest in magic."

Heaven help us!!


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