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Number 382, August 27, 2006

"Government is not the way to get things done."


Control-Freak News Week of 006-08-18
by E.J. Totty

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Please take note, that the URL/web references are now embedded in the story line of each item. Simply click on that to go to the original story. My comments—if any, also follow instead of precede.


Redefining the Truth in Order to Control the Population (requires log in)

Reid, who probably knew the raids were coming, called international terrorism the gravest threat to Britain since World War II and attacked civil libertarians as people who "just don't get it." He highlighted a speech that Blair had made little more than a week earlier. Global terrorism, Blair said then, "means traditional civil liberty arguments are not so much wrong as just made for another age.

Yeah, another age. I will suppose that rape and murder will become a passé non-crime real soon in that place referred to as the British Isles?
Maybe Winston Smith was right? [1]

When anyone in public office, dares to presume that civil liberties protected in an earlier age will become not much more than a passing interest?
Well, then, who am I to suggest that the man is clearly without a moral compass, and is without a doubt more corrupt than any two-bit petty criminal?
I might suggest that Tony Blair is a rapist of rights, and not be very far off the mark—if at all. Shall we talk about George the younger—and his daddy? There's nothing worse than an equivocating politician!

[1] George Orwell


Redefining what it means to be 'American'. . .

"Proud to be an American" it read. I paused for a moment, reflecting upon this. For some reason it just didn't set well, like a lunch eaten too fast.

Pavlov's dogs. . .

Gun Control Items (ZA): Gun dealers 'driven out of business'

CAPE TOWN—Ninety percent of SA's gun dealers have been driven out of business and lost their livelihoods after the implementation of the Firearms Control Act, Parliament's safety and security committee heard yesterday.


City keeps its ban on concealed weapons

COLUMBUS—The Public Property, Safety and Works Committee voted to keep an ordinance banning concealed weapons within city limits during its meeting Monday.
The committee also discussed the state's new Concealed Handgun Permit Act, but voted to hold the issue in committee.

That little weasel site changed its message pointer several times during the week.


Not your daddy's gun controller. . .

Getting at the source of the problem

Students hear a father's story
When Darrell Scott's daughter Rachel was killed in the Columbine High School massacre on April 20, 1999, it changed his family's life forever.
[. . .]
Mr Scott said he had begun speaking about his experience after being asked to address US politicians on the issue of gun control, shortly after the tragedy.
"I told them when they called me that they probably had the wrong person because I didn't feel gun control was the answer," Mr Scott said.


THIS story speaks for itself!:

Another Liberal Jew Just Doesn't "Get It"

Think about this: Liberals are 'gunned-down' by their own polity daily, if only that they cannot perceive of the origins of the lie they desire to propagate. If your first nature is gullibility, then your second nature must be one of denial. And that follows with acts of contrivance, accompanied with deception and perfidy in order to convince everyone that you are right.


And then there is the equivocator. . .

DO take note of the faulty statistical evaluation:

"In fact, the U.S. non-gun homicide rate (3.6 non-gun homicides per 100,000 residents) is double the overall homicide rate in virtually all our kindred nations, including Great Britain (sic), Canada and Australia."

Understand the faulted reasoning: The population of the US is so very much greater—and much more varied than that of the UK, Canada, or Australia. The dynamics of race, ethnicity, religion and culture are also largely different, and therefore the US must be evaluated against itself only.
Ergo, it will of necessity follow that you cannot make any kind of direct and valid comparisons to any other nation.


The Concealed Carry Trojan Horse

It pays to understand the entire argument being used to corner the law-abiding.
The NRA tried pushing the idea of a 'national concealed carry license' back in the late 1990's. It was =the= reason I departed that organization, simply because the people I spoke with at the headquarters were pushing to make it mandatory for Vermont residents to carry a piece of paper in order to exercise their rights in their own state—which has no such requirements.


Panama Presents Gun Control Bill

Please DO take note of the equivocation, eh?
On the one hand he says:

"It is necessary to regulate the sale of light arms, which affect the security of all countries of the world, where over 1,700 people die daily at the hands of criminals who use them, legislator Juan Hernandez said."

But then remarks:

"Hernandez said further that in less than two years some 75,000 light arms have been bought in Panama."

Well, I would guess that Panama can't be too bloody dangerous!!


Gun Control: Rebuttal to James Alan Fox

A good read, and a darned good analysis!

Knife/Weapons Control Items

Men knifed to death weeks after amnesty

THE shadow of knife culture returned to South London this week as two men were stabbed to death within 24 hours.
Mark Murphy, 38, was found dead at a house in Streatham in the early hours of Tuesday.

Please forgive me for asking, but if there were an increase in female rape in the UK, would it be reported as a corresponding increase in penis crime in the UK mass media—if those committing the assault were males? And if not, why not? If crime committed with any particular mechanical device is reported in the mass media as being the fault of that device, then why not with any OTHER physical object?

Mind/Thought Control Items

Kanter to sue Mtn. Lakes for $22M

Emblazoned on the side of the vehicle are the words, "Thought Police," with "Mountain Flakes" printed below. The rear of the car sports a sticker that says "Mind Control Division," and a side detailing reads "To Serve and Protest."


Fresno Video Surveillance Project Gets Final Approval from City Council

I would guess that public kissing will be monitored too?


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