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"Refuge in the Junkyard"

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Dear Ken—

My friend Tom Olson sent me the following link regarding (gasp!) American Confederate flags being flown aboard that galloping hunk of junk the International Space Station and afterward being (gasp!) sold for a (gasp!) profit—by a Russian!


I sent them the following comment:

    Keith Cowing's article reflecting the horror of the politically correct, over Confederate flags being brought aboard the International Space Station and then sold online with certificates of authenticity, neatly sums up everything that's wrong with the efforts of the United States in that particular field of endeavor.

    As long as this government sets standards that are essentially Marxist in spirit—commerce in and from space is a no-no (unless it's being done by some gigantic corporation)—this country's "space program" will continue to be as lame as it has always been.

    What we need desperately is something like the First Amendment, formally separating Science (especially medicine) and State that will get the Vogons out of the way and let the real innovators, explorers, and capitalists get on with their work.

    If that means Confederate flags in space, propellor beanies with Space Cadet patches, or little pink Britney Spears doilies, so be it. Let the market decide, not the Mrs. Grundys of the world.

L. Neil Smith

Well, now we have the newest gooferment ploy to indoctrinate us and our children into the police state. In the newest Marvel Comics issue of Civil War, the gooferment requires all superheroes to register and reveal their secret identities. Obviously not giving a tinker's damn about the safety of those who associate with those superheroes, not caring that outing them will make their friends and family targets for evil-doers, the gooferment's only goal is control.

Since Marvel Comics is willingly going along with this, all Marvel comics are now totally forbidden in my home. In addition, I intend to take a look at any companies associated with Marvel Comics, and boycott them as well. If I can find any other companies that are owned by the owners of Marvel Comics, those too will be boycotted. I call on all freedom loving people to do the same!

Article at Yahoo News

Ron Beatty

Please take a peek at "A Matter of Definition", an article about "right wing socialism" on my blog at


L. Neil Smith

As an afterthought to last week's letter, I have sent along a couple of updates I designed for the wonderful old Gadsden flag. I hope they get the point across that the time for rattling is past.

New Gadsden Flag No. 1

New Gadsden Flag No. 2


Kent McManigal

[You can buy yourself a traditional Gadsden flag from UltimateFlags.com via this link—Editor]

Yippee!!! The latest episode of our full-color alternate history science fiction western novel, Roswell, Texas—a free web comic being serialized in its entirety by Big Head Press and destined to make history of some kind or another—has just been posted. Evil doings are being plotted in Covert, PA by none other than Elliot Ness and T.E. Lawrence, otherwise known as "Lawrence of Albania"!


For those who haven't begun the epic adventure, yet, produced by the same folks who gave you (well, sold you at a reasonable price) The Probability Broach: the Graphic Novel, you owe it to yourself and your posterity to start now. We're out to save individual liberty, one panel at a time!


While you're there, at www.BigHeadPress.com order yourself an "Arm-a-Dillo" t-shirt, or possibly something with the official seal of the Federated States of Texas, depicting the beloved symbols of the armadillo and scorpion, or, if you prefer, a couple of different Roswell, Texas logos.


And don't forget our free 42-page sample of the Prometheus Award-winning The Probability Broach: the Graphic Novel. There are also handy links to order whole print graphic novel.


There's lots of other swell stuff to see and do at www.BigHeadPress.com, including stories buy Mike Baron, an interesting contest, and provocative blogs written by a lot of BigHead folks. Here's mine:


Drop in and take a look!

L. Neil Smith

The June 2006 issue of the FSP News is now online:


Free State Project

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