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Letter from Scott Bieser

April 24, 2006



Big Head Press has released preview pages for the three new web-comics stories to premier on its re-vamped website, which will launch on May 1.


THE HOOK, by Mike Baron and Gabe Eltaeb (with Mark Stegbauer), is a space-opera in which music has been banned from "civilized" space and musicians have fled to a faraway world where they battle the harsh elements, one another, and black marketers. Hans Shazam fights desperately to protect his village and the values of Poptopia as "Granite Planet" falls into chaos and suffers missile attacks from interplanetary interlopers. The story will be 110 pages long when completed.

THE ARCHITECT, also by Baron, and Andie Tong, is a horror story of betrayal and revenge based loosely on the life and work of architect Frank Lloyd Wright. Gil Hopper, adopted as a baby, discovers he is the heir to the famous architectural genius Roark Dexter Smith, and inherits Bluff House, a secluded mansion where a mysterious fire killed Smith, his wife, and Smith's assistant.

But there are dark secrets involving Gil's heritage, which may prove fatal to him and his friends as they work to restore the half-ruined Smith masterpiece. Colors are provided by Mike Kilgore, and letters by Scott Bieser. The story will run 70 pages when completed.

ROSWELL, TEXAS, by L. Neil Smith and Scott Bieser, is an alternative-history tale describing what might happen if David Crockett survived the Alamo, and as a result Texas never joined the United States. A bit more than a century later, in 1947, a flying saucer crash-lands in the far western Texas town of Roswell. President Charles A. Lindbergh's best friend "Wild" Bill Bear leads a trio of Texas Rangers in a race against foreign agents from Mexico, California, the United States and the Third Reich to recover the crashed machine and learn its secrets.

Many famous historical figures appear in this story, often assuming quite different and unexpected roles. Colors are provided by Jen Zach, with lettering by Zeke Bieser, and this story will run a whopping 288 pages when completed. The graphic story is adapted from an unpublished prose novel by L. Neil Smith and Rex F. May.

The stories will be serialized as web-comics on the new site, and later published in print form, following a model pioneered by such indie-comics luminaries as Phil Foglio, Batton Lash and Carla Speed McNeil.

All three stories will premier with 10 to 12 pages' worth of material each on May 1. Thereafter, The Hook will update on Mondays, The Architect on Wednesdays, and Roswell, Texas on Fridays.

The re-vamped Big Head Press website will feature not only the three stories, but a forum section, links to blogs by many of the creators, and a "company" store where merchandise featuring images from the stories may be purchased, as well as printed books when those become available.

Scott Bieser
General Director
BigHead Press

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