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"Down With Tolerance!"

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Letter from Jay P Hailey

Letter from Alan F. Miller

Letter from Matt Bortz

Letter from Michael T. Bradshaw

Reply to "Letter from Name Withheld Upon Request" http://www.ncc-1776.org/tle2006/tle350-20060115-01.html#letter3

Dear Mister Ed—

I read Mister "NWUR"'s letter, and felt moved to reply—forgive me if I retreat old ground here.

NWUR says "How does America end the coup d'etat?"

Then NWUR goes on to list things that won't work. The Executive Branch (evil), the legislative branch (evil), the courts (evil), the media (sad and evil) or the people themselves (too weak and incompetent to take it back for themselves)

NWUR's problem here is conceptual. He's like a two year old banging on his high chair because he can't get exactly the result he wants.

This is a process called life. Ideal results are very rare.

The trick isn't to make the world conform to an ideal—but to make yourself conform to the ideal and hope the real world catches up at some later point.

In short if you want freedom—then do like the poor children do and make some for yourself. Make yourself a free person. Do freedom—be freedom and express freedom.

We live in an imperfect world so you'll have to pick your battles and decide whether to spit on city hall or just play along while the Man's watching for yourself.

But they haven't installed surveilance cameras in our souls yet.

Maybe the American Experiment will go down in history as "nice try". But we all know that Empires, too, die.

If the Constitution is a dead letter (and maybe it wasn't all that great, to begin with) and the Bill of Rights just a dream—then at some point we or our descendants will be standing in the ruins of the Great American Empire

And maybe then cranky old bastards chasing everyone down the Street yelling "Liberty!" will have their day—or at least some influence on what happens next.

In any case, that's future tripping. I am not in charge of tomorrow. I am in charge of Jay. Jay's attitude, Jay's actions and what Jay says.

So maybe the world isn't where I'd like it to be.

I can either whine and cry because things aren't going my way, or I can make it reality inside my own heart.

The fundamentals are the Zero Aggression Principle—the idea that every person owns himself, his mind and the fruits of his own labor absolutely and I think the covenant of unanimous consent is pretty cool too.

So what do we do with these? try to put 'em into action and tell our friends and neighbors about 'em.

If enough people do this—and this is totally dreaming here—but if enough of us do this, then maybe it's become a fad.

If it's a big enough fad, maybe it'll become what "everyone knows"

If it spreads far enough it might just start to talk to how we interact with each other

And if that goes far enough—it'll cut the foundations out from under tyranny of any form.

So—let's get off our asses and start spreading some freedom. Throw a few of the right books, articles and audio files around. Talk about Liberty until your friends groan when politics comes up because you always go "That reminds me!"

Let's put it into action.

After all, what's left to loose?

Jay P Hailey

Re: "Fool Me Twice", by L. Neil Smith http://www.ncc-1776.org/tle2006/tle350-20060115-02.html

Jerry Pournelle has a 2 axis chart of the political spectrum that seems to be more like reality that the simple left-right axis.

The chart can be found here http://www.baen.com/chapters/axes.htm

Alan F. Miller

I think I may have found a way to put a damper on the gun control movement. I do not know if you all have seen Barrett's recent advertisements but they refuse to sell or service any rifles from any state agency in the California since their products are banned for sale to the public there.

What if there was public pressure from gun rights groups and gun owners in general for the rest of the gun companies to pledge not to do business with any agency that supports any gun control law or enforces them. After all they all claim to support the constitution, let them put their money where their mouth is. It is so crazy it just might work. If I "do not need" a certain kind of gun than neither does the government.

Also I have noticed that some companies are putting locking mechanisims in their guns probably thanks to some lawers. I personally find this to be offensive. They are assuming that I am to stupid or irresponsible to properly store my guns that they need to idiot proof them. Or am I beeing to thin skinned?

Thanks again for your great articals keep up the good work.

Matt Bortz

Dear Ed, (Why are all editors named "Edward"? Hmmm... {I always wanted to say that in print! Cackle, cackle, snort!})

In TLE 350 "Name Withheld Upon Request", writing about the socialist takeover of the United States government (the "coup d'etat") said, in pertinent part:

"However, I will ask you all the question that I regularly ask writers who post at LRC: (they do not have an answer, perhaps you do)

What is to be done about it?

How does America end the coup d'etat?"

My answer to your question is to apply the strategies and tactics of Fifth-Generation War (5-GW) to the goal of eliminating all states, everywhere, permanently.

You can read more about Fifth-Generation War in my articles in TLE. The latest one on this list, "Teaching the ZAP to the 4-GW Crowd" contains hyper-links to the others; so you might want to read that one first.

"Election and Revolution" in issue 295 (the primary intro to 5-GW)
"Fixing the Tiger" in issue 298 (why the State is not "fixable")
"The Solipsist Fallacy? Wazzat?" in issue 299 (on why it is so hard to understand how politicians think)
"Cold Shutdown and Don't Re-Start!" in issue 336 (similar to "Fixing the Tiger")
"Teaching the ZAP to the 4-GW Crowd" in issue 345 (an attempt to salvage those who would commit the worst of crimes with the "best" of intent)

"I believe that the coup is not over yet, but America is over. I do not believe that there will ever again be a constitutional republic form of government in North America."

The "coup", as you describe it (or natural evolution of a republican state, as I would describe it) is, indeed, not over yet. However, America is not over, by any means. Your phrase "constitutional republic form of government" denotes a state, not a country.

We need to understand the differences between states and countries.

Perhaps these memes will help:

"America" is a bunch of things:
It is a country. It is a geographic area between the northern halves of the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. It is the people who live there. It is the culture of those people (the Ethnic-Americans); derived from the Enlightenment—and does not include the Soviet-American (D) or Prussian-American (R) cultures (not that there is much difference between the last two...). It is an idea. It is a philosophy (libertarianism). It is a "go to hell!", "can do!", selfish, generous, irreverent and enthusiastic attitude toward life. It is Capitalism. It is Anarchy.

It is NOT a government!

"The Unites States":
Started as a confederacy of states (governments—hint, hint!) and degenerated from the Federalist coup of 1789 into an empire of evil before you or I were born. It is a criminal enterprise. It is a government first, last and always. It was partially constrained by its Constitution until Lincoln maimed, and Roosevelt II finally killed that constitution completely. It is NOT and never has been a country—or ANY of the other things America is.

Reading between the lines (always a dangerous thing to do!) I sense that you may be a minarchist. I, on the other hand, am an anarchist. I would urge you to study our history and the philosophy of Zero Aggression with a view to understanding the differences between those positions.

If you also study Fifth-Generation War theory, perhaps you will be drawn, as I was, to the latter. After all, phase two of 5-GW solves the problem of the after-revolution power vacuum. And that was my last barrier to becoming an anarchist.

By the way, signing your work shows confidence and lends credence; and hiding behind anonymity shows only cowardice. And the latter kills trust.

All the Best,

Michael T. Bradshaw, SB
speaker [AT] usrepeals.org

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