L. Neil Smith's
Number 325, June 26, 2005

"We're All Indians, Now"

Full Disclosure
by Abe Clark

Exclusive to TLE

Many of those who view government as a beneficial entity contend that it should not only protect our rights to life, liberty, and property, but should also protect us from the evil and greedy corporations it charters. One of the more innocuous requirements the government imposes is the inclusion of disclosure statements in various contracts, in order to protect the stupid and gullible among us from slick marketers, or from our own lack of discernment. While opinions vary on the necessity or the proper role of government, a little up-front disclosure is probably a good idea before entering into any agreement. In fact, why shouldn't a government extend the same courtesy to its taxpayers, and disclose what they are signing up for when they support it? Here are a few ideas for a potential government disclosure statement, should the government decide to use one:

Disclosure Statements to Agreement between Taxpayer (hereafter referred to as "Citizen") and The Government (hereafter referred to as "The Government".)

Please initial each section to indicate you have read it and agree to be bound by it, then sign and date the entire Agreement at the bottom.

1. Citizen has received and read a copy of The United States Constitution, including all Amendments.

2. Citizen has been made aware that The United States Code is searchable online at http://www.gpoaccess.gov/uscode/, and agrees to be bound by it.

3. Citizen understands the receiving and reading a paper copy of The United States Code is impractical, and is referred to the above-mentioned website for any questions.

4. Any discrepancies between The United States Constitution, as Amended, and The United States Code, shall be resolved in the appropriate court of The Government, as determined by The Government.

5. Citizen agrees that he/she shall be represented in Congress by a duly elected Congressperson who resides in the same geographic district as Citizen, except when said Congressperson is in the District of Columbia conducting the business of The Government.

6. Citizen understands that he/she shall still be considered as represented in Congress even if the candidate voted for by Citizen fails to win election.

7. Citizen understands that any and all income earned by Citizen by any activity is subject to taxation, at a rate to be determined by Congress, with no upper limit, and such rate may increase if Citizen earns more, or from time to time as determined by Congress.

8. Citizen understands that contributions to The Government's retirement plan (hereafter referred to as "Social Security") are mandatory, at rates to be determined from time to time by The Government.

9. Citizen understands that such factors as the amount of Social Security payments to Citizen upon retirement, the age of retirement, eligibility for retirement payments, and taxes on benefits, if any, will be determined at the sole discretion of The Government, and may not match those applicable to current retirees.

10. Citizen understands that funds from current Social Security contributions are used to pay benefits to current retirees, and are not available for early withdrawal for any reason, nor are said funds considered the personal property of Citizen, and may not be willed to Citizen's heirs in the event of Citizen's death.

11. Citizen agrees that he/she and his/her children may be conscripted into the service of The Government as necessary in time of War, at the discretion of The Government, in Wars as declared or announced by The Government or The News Media, any Amendment to The United States Constitution prohibiting involuntary servitude notwithstanding.

12. Citizen understands that any State in which he/she resides is subordinate to The Government, and any disputes in legal interpretation or authority between said State and The Government will be determined in The Supreme Court of The Government.

13. Citizen understands that The Supreme Court of The Government now recommends that if any Policy of The Government restricts the liberty or happiness of Citizen beyond those limits Citizen may interpret as being set forth in The United States Constitution, as Amended, Citizen is free to organize political opposition and elect sufficient Congresspersons in sufficient Districts to overturn said Policy, provided such political opposition is organized according to the rules set forth by The Government.

14. Citizen understands that his/her acceptance of this Agreement is binding and may not be withdrawn at any time for any reason.

15. Citizen understands that this Agreement may be suspended if Citizen emigrates to a foreign Country, subject to the terms and conditions set forth by The Government, including but not limited to the taxation of Citizen's income for a period of time after emigration as determined by The Government.

16. Any disputes between Citizen and The Government will be resolved by an impartial court of The Government.

17. Any appeals to such resolution will be resolved by an impartial appeals court of The Government.

18. Citizen understands that The Government will enforce this Agreement in its entirety, whether or not it is signed or otherwise agreed to by Citizen.


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